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Iranian General Calls Israel's Destruction 'Nonnegotiable'
Pro-Iranians Control Red Sea Bab el-Mandeb Straits
Study Reveals That Anne Frank Died Earlier Than Was Thought
It Pays to be a Knesset Member in Israel newsletter: 15fx0402.txt
David's Sling Defense System Ready to Face Hizbullah's Missiles
Poll: US Public Support for Palestinian State Hits 20-year Low
'Shocking' Number of Americans Believe Jews are 'Not Loyal'
US Citizens Suing Hamas for Rocket Fire on Ben-Gurion Airport newsletter: 15fx0403.txt
0 By Elad Benari
7 By Hezki Ezra, Ari Yashar
9 By Cynthia Blank newsletter: 15fx0406.txt
Hizbullah: Obama capitulates to Khamenei; Netanyahu Continues to Press US for Better Deal on Iran
Defense Minister: Iran Deal 'a Historic Mistake'
Report: 'Iran Funding the Rebuilding of Hamas Tunnels in Gaza'
Lay the Holocaust to Rest
Immigration Ministry to Outsource Hebrew Studies for New Immigrants
'There's a Spy in the Sky and He's a Jew' newsletter: 15fx0407.txt
Obama Advisor: Iran Will Not Be Able to Manufacture Nuclear Bomb
Israel Faces Impending Cyber Attack
Hermann Goering's Suit to Be Auctioned in the UK newsletter: 15fx0408.txt
Netanyahu Asks Why Iran Deal Ignores Nuclear Missile Program
Fear Looms Concerning Young Israeli Arabs Lured to Jihad
Iran Holds 2nd Holocaust Cartoon Contest; More than 800 Submissions Have Been received
Withholding a Get is Un-Jewish and Evil
Why Dangerous Sinkholes Keep Appearing Along the Dead Sea
7-Year-Old Syrian Boy Tries Matzo - and Loves It newsletter: 15fx0409.txt
Netanyahu: 'Iran's Breakout Time from Start of Deal will be Near Zero'
New Alliance?: Assad Sics ISIS Against Palestinians Trapped in Yarmouk Camp
PA Terrorist Murdered Two Israelis, Completes Master's Degree in Prison
Most Israelis Believe the Holocaust Could Be Forgotten
Supreme Court: Quadriplegic Woman Cannot Raise Child
Bennett Cites Passover Haggadah on CNN Against Iran newsletter: 15fx0410.txt
Khamenei Says Framework Deal 'No Guarantee'; US are 'Deceivers'
|Former US Secretaries of State Slam Framework Iran Deal
'Anne Frank was Betrayed by Relative of Her Protectors'
Did a Leading Saudi Cleric Permit Men to Eat Their Wives? newsletter: 15fx0413.txt
Obama Believes in Nuclear Deal, Iran is skittish - Even Against a Military Option
Poll: US Public Does Not Trust Iran to Adhere to Nuclear Deal
US Admits N. Korea, Maybe Iran, Can Now Target it with EMP-Nukes
Woman Born After Holocaust Recognized as Survivor
70 Years Later: Survivors, Veterans Recall Buchenwald Horrors
Israeli Scientists Find Answer to Mystery Behind Moon's Creation newsletter: 15fx0414.txt
ISIS Threatens America with 9/11 Repeat
Iran: S-300 Supply Will Help Regional Stability
Germany Approves Fifth 'Special' Submarine for Israel
Meet the 1.5 Million Jewish Children Murdered by the Nazis
'I Pretended to be German to Survive the Holocaust' newsletter: 15fx0415.txt
Sniper Fire from Gaza is Part of Hamas' Massive Buildup for Next War
Israel: Iran May Share S-300 Missiles with Hizbullah and Syria
Palestinian Hamas Purim Plot Foiled
Child Soldiers: Hamas Unveils its Youngest 'Terror Tot'
IDF soldier Reveals Nazi Family Secret
Israeli Scientists Make Revolutionary Discovery, Regenerate Heart Cells newsletter: 15fx0416.txt
Netanyahu Phones Putin to Discuss S-300s for Iran
Ya'alon: 70 Years Later, We Now Face Iran
A Survivor Recounts: Defying Death in the Holocaust for a Sister
Germany: Teacher Forced High School Class to March to Nazi Song
Jewish Boxing Champ Killed at Auschwitz newsletter: 15fx0417.txt
Hamas Threatens: 'We'll Choose When to Start the Next War'
The Holocaust Averted: a Bittersweet Scenario
Police Detain 82 Year Old for 12 Hours - Over a Parking Ticket
Israel Museum Gifted World's Tiniest Bible newsletter: 15fx0420.txt
Iran Readies for War, Raises Security Level
Putin Warns Israel: Selling Arms to Ukraine Would Also Provoke Russian S-300 Sales to Syria
PA: Only 1-2 Million Jews Died During the Holocaust
New Video Shows Mass Beheadings of Ethiopian Christians
They Speak Hebrew And Keep Kosher: The Left-Behind Ethiopian Jews
`Parents, Groups Support Teacher Who 'Made' Kids Wear Yellow Star
Researchers: Israeli Military Networks Breached by Hackers newsletter: 15fx0421.txt
Hizbullah Copycats Hamas' Terror Tunnels for Lebanese-Galilee Border
Israel's Fallen are Remembered
Rivlin Refuses to Meet with Jimmy Carter Over Anti-Israel Views
Revealed: Spy Eli Cohen Had Help from CIA, Syrian Agents newsletter: 15fx0422.txt
U.S. Looking to Give Iran $50 Billion in Relief for Signing Nuke Deal
Netanyahu: In the Middle East, We Must Fight for Our Survival
Samaritans Play it Cool with their Jewish Neighbors
Singapore, a Tiny Heaven for Jews newsletter: 15fx0423.txt
Police Flout Court Ruling on Jewish Temple Mount Prayer
Former-Mossad Head Halevy Warns Iran Against Attacking Israel
Obama Officials Tell Armenians He Won't Recognize Genocide
New York Judge Rules Buses Must Carry 'Killing Jews' Ad
At 67, Israel's Population Stands at 8,345,000
Poll: Israel the Least Religious Country in the Middle East newsletter: 15fx0424.txt
IDF Strikes in Gaza Following Rocket Attack
Rivlin: Israel Should Not Stand Alone against Islamist Threat
Ban Ki-Moon Tries Shakshouka for Independence Day
U.S. Kills Adam Gadahn - An American US Rocker Turned Al Qaeda Mouthpiece newsletter: 15fx0427.txt
Netanyahu Commends IDF for Foiling Terror Attack in North
Report: Hizbullah Builds Airstrip for Drones in Lebanon
Israeli Rescue Teams Make Way to Nepal After Devastating Quake
Anti-Semitism on Campus newsletter: 15fx0428.txt
Hizbullah Terror Attack on Golan Stokes Face-off Between Israel and the Syrian-Hizbullah Alliance
Israel Opens Bidding for 77 Settler Homes
First IDF Aircraft Lands in Nepal
Iran Demands Israel Renounce Nuclear Weapons
Report: French Woman Recruit Escapes ISIS in Syria newsletter: 15fx0429.txt
Two Rockets Fired from Syria Strike Golan Heights
IDF Sets Up Main Field Hospital in Nepal
Red Cross 'Lost its Moral Compass' During the Holocaust
It's Official: Obama 'The Worst US President for Israel' newsletter: 15fx0430.txt
Hizbullah Officers Land in Tehran with Syrian Defense Chief as Iran OKs Anti-Israel Strategy
Nepal Chabad House: We're Running Out of Cash
Vanunu Detained after 'Contacting Foreigners'
Jews in the Service of Israel's Enemies
Samsung Joins Forces with Israeli Startup to Create Smart Homes for Elderly
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