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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 15fx0302.txt
Netanyahu Lands in US Ahead of Congress Speech
Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike
Beheader 'Jihadi John' was 'Nazi Sympathizer, Hated Jews'
Haredi Seminary Test: Woman's Job is to Cook for Her Husband newsletter: 15fx0303.txt
Ya'alon: As a Last Resort, Attack on Iran Remains an Option
Rabbi Boteach: Jews Must Rise as a Lion
Jihadi John's Former Jewish Teacher Saw No Signs of Radicalization newsletter: 15fx0304.txt
Scenario That Netanyahu Hasn't Spelled Out: One Iranian Nuke Could Obliterate Israel's Heartland
IDF SWomen Soldiers Create Own Music Video newsletter: 15fx0305.txt
First Polls Since Netanyahu's Congress Address
Purim Begins in Israel
Britain Bans Ad Saying Jerusalem's Old City is Part of Israel
Price of Netanyahu's Washington flight: $1.57 million
Fanta Ad Pulled in Germany After Nazi Gaffe
IDF Women Soldiers Create Own Music Video
The Story Behind the Marble Moses in Netanyahu's Speech newsletter: 15fx0306.txt
Another Purim Miracle: Iranian Dictator Khamenei Hospitalized in Critical Condition
Netanyahu: Unlike Megillah Days, Jews Can Defend Themselves Now
PLO Decides to End Security Cooperation with Israel
'Last Jew in Pakistan' Beaten by Muslim Mob - Then Arrested newsletter: 15fx0309.txt
US, Israeli Intelligence at Sharp Odds on Iran's Breakout Time to a Bomb
Iran's New Missile Puts Israel 'in Range'
Netanyahu: Bar Ilan Speech is Dead
Prayer Shawl-Wearing Driver Fined for Endangering Lives newsletter: 15fx0310.txt
Iranian Presidential Adviser: 'All of the Middle East is Iranian'
Report: Saudi Arabia Eyeing Its Own Nuclear Program
Herzog, Labor Trying to Cancel Major Jewish Identity Program
Votes from Abroad: Israeli Expats Visit for Elections
New Israeli App Brings Live Video to Twitter newsletter: 15fx0311.txt
Palestinian Forces Thwarting Coup and Abbas Assassination Plot Detain 500 Hamas West Bankers
ISIS Executes Israeli Arab from Jerusalem as a 'Mossad spy'
Islam Wants to Convert Rome
From Sicily to Naples, Italian Crypto-Jews are Returning newsletter: 15fx0312.txt
Iran Claims It Can Defeat the US in 'Any Scenario'
Palestinians See Bleak Prospects in Israeli Election
Saudi Columnist: America's Policy Towards Iran Bringing "Disaster" to Mideast
Israel Court to Hear Battle Over Schindler Papers newsletter: 15fx0313.txt
IDF on Alert for Coordinated ISIS Assault on Eilat or Vicinity
Report Shows Associated Press Violated 'Journalism 101' When Covering Gaza War
Netanyahu's Main Challenger Widens Lead in Israeli Pre-Election Polls newsletter: 15fx0316.txt
US Senate Committee Probes Alleged State Meddling in Israel's Ballot
Mass Demo in Tel Aviv Closes Right-Wing Election Campaign
New Form of Terror – Toy Drones – Has No Counter Measures newsletter: 15fx0317.txt
If Tel AvivBurns: What a Nuclear Attack Would Look Like
Israeli Poll Seen as Referendum on Netanyahu
French Experts Say Arafat Died of Natural Causes newsletter: 15fx0318.txt
Netanyahu Wins Fourth Term: Sorry if This Headline is Another 'Dewey Beats Truman'
ISIS Uses Broadcast App to Spread Militant Message
China to Commemorate Shanghai Ghetto Liberation newsletter: 15fx0319.txt
Netanyahu Launches Coalition Talks with 5 Parties
US: Netanyahu Win to Have No Impact on Nuclear Talks
American Israelis Embraced Likud newsletter: 15fx0320.txt
Leaked Draft of Iran Nuke Deal Vindicates Netanyahu's Claims on U.S. Concessions
Netanyahu: US has No Greater Ally than Israel
According to the Left, Rightists are Superstitious Neanderthals newsletter: 15fx0323.txt
Obama Continues to Blast Netanyahu, Reassesses Options
Is the US Embracing Iran at Israel's Expense?
Gang of 20 Men Attack Historic London Synagogue
Funeral Begins for Seven Children Killed in Flatbush Fire
Israeli Magician 'Floats in Air' newsletter: 15fx0324.txt
Obama's White House Warns Netanyahu: 'Occupation Must End'
McCain to Obama: Get Over Your Temper Tantrum
Hamas: Gaza 'Still Occupied' By Israel
PA Preacher: When Fish Fight – Jews Are to Blame
Report: Secret Nazi Lair Found in Argentine Jungle
Travel Warnings Issued for Israelis, Jews over Passover
Facebook 'Phone' App Leaks in Israel newsletter: 15fx0326.txt
Netanyahu Pledges to be Prime Minister of All Citizens
Obama: Hard to Envision Two-State Solution in Middle East
US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel's Nuclear Program
Saudi Arabia Could Buy the Bomb
Fallen Soldier's Sperm at Center of Battle Between Parents and Widow newsletter: 15fx0327.txt
Israel Seeks to Cut Losses on Iran Nuclear Deal
To Stop Iran's Bomb, Bomb Iran
Yemen's Jews Seek Way to Escape Quickly Deteriorating Conflict
'Notes to God' Cleared Out from Western Wall Ahead of Passover
Arabs on School Field Trip Beat Jewish Guide
Child Reveals PA School Play Teaches 'To Kill Jews' newsletter: 15fx0330.txt
A Sneak Peak at Israel's Secret Submarine Fleet
US Surrender on Breakout Time to A-Bomb Leads to Breakthrough on a Nuclear Deal
Britain: Deal Must Put the Bomb Beyond Iran's Reach
Anonymous Vows 'Electronic Holocaust' Against Israel
Israeli Doctors Save Life of Iraqi Toddler with Heart Defect
Saudi Blogger Calls Survival After 50 Lashes 'Miracle' newsletter: 15fx0331.txt
State Department: 50-50 Chance of Deal with Iran
Topol Awarded Israel Prize
Madonna: I'm Not Jewish, I'm an Israelite
`Jerusalem's Most Expensive Apartment Gets Swiss Jewish Buyer
Fetus Clapping Video Was 'Lip-Synced'
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