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Dershowitz: Obama May Become Chamberlain on Iran

By Israel Hayom

Prof. Alan Dershowitz, the renowned legal scholar from Harvard University, told Israel Hayom that Barack Obama might go down as another Neville Chamberlain if Iran gets hold of a nuclear weapon.

Dershowitz said he hopes Obama has what it takes to avoid the missteps of the late disgraced British premier, whose efforts to appease the Nazi Germany only precipitated World War II.

He noted that the president had assured him over the years that the administration would not allow Iran to develop a nuclear bomb, although he remained unconvinced. According to Dershowitz, whether Obama will actually stick to his pledge is highly questionable. Dershowitz lamented that Obama's conduct has been a source of concern for quite some time, warning that a bad deal with Iran would be worse than no deal at all.

Dershowitz supports Netanyahu's decision to address Congress next month, saying the invitation he was issued was well within the legislative branch's prerogative. Congress has the right to hear what experts or world leaders have to say, even if they do not share the president's world views, Dershowitz emphasized. That is why Congress had the right to invite Netanyahu and the prime minister had every right to accept the invitation.

Dershowitz insisted that the speech was unlikely to have an adverse effect on the bipartisan support Israel enjoys in Congress, although he conceded that some had used the controversy as a pretext to drive a wedge between the two countries. According to Dershowitz, the debate over the speech has been overblown, in part because Israel and the United States have two very distinct systems of government. U.S. lawmakers can invite anyone they want and they do not have to clear it with anyone, he explained.

Syrian `Friendly Fire' Kills Scores of Iranian, Hizbullah Soldiers on Way to Golan

By DEBKAfile

The Syrian army's 9th Division mistakenly directed artillery and missile fire on Iranian, Hizbullah and its own forces Wednesday during their push from southern Syria towards the Golan. This is reported by DEBKAfile's military and intelligence sources.

A Syrian general was also among those killed by the "friendly fire," which military experts attribute to faulty coordination among the assorted forces taking part in the drive towards Quneitra. Their operation has so far claimed an estimated 200 Syrian, Iranian and Hizbullah lives.

It was this incident which greeted Iranian Al Qods Brigades commander, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, shortly after he arrived this week at the Iranian command center west of Damascus, to take command of the South Syrian warfront with Syrian President Bashar Assad's assent.

This was the first time in the four years of the Syrian conflict that Assad has agreed to relinquish control of any of his army's war sectors and pass it in full to an Iranian commander.

This action has four ominous military and intelligence connotations for Israel: The earlier surmise that Tehran's motive in the combined push for control of the Golan was to entrench Hizbullah forces on the Golan opposite Israeli lines, has now been updated: The Iranian goal is broader and more dangerous; it is to deploy radical Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) units right up against Israel's northeastern border with Syria and face to face with the IDF.

And that is not all, The Iranians aim to drive the Syrian rebels off the Golan and occupy Quneitra as a major military outpost and the seat of their forward command. This would be the first time that an Iranian command post has reached to within sight and firing range of Israeli military forces. The large number of IRGC and Al Qods Brigades officers attached to this offensive form the future nucleus of the new Iranian command center in Quneitra.

It must be presumed that, just as Tehran has transferred forces from Iraq and other parts of the Shiite world to Syria for its Quneitra operation, it will also bring over from Iraq short-range cannon, various types of missiles and T-72 tanks that are suitable for a potential contest with the Israeli military at very close quarters. The equipment will not be consigned via Damascus or subject to Syrian military control, but transferred straight to the new Iranian base on the Golan – that is if their combined force is able to pull itself together after the friendly fire episode and capture Quneitra.

Gen. Soleimani has set the Iranian commanders their first objective. It is to wrest from Syrian rebels the loftyTel al-Hara mountain, which was formerly a Syrian fortress with tens of square kilometers of bunkers, funnels and defensive positions. Also perched there were advanced Russian radar stations, which kept track of Israel military and air force movements across the border. These stations were connected to the Middle East intelligence networks of the IRGC and kept Tehran abreast of Israeli military movements and deployments.

Should the Iranian-led Syria-Hizbullah force succeed in overwhelming the Syrian rebel defenders and capturing this strategic mountaintop, they will be able to restore these facilities and go back to spying on northern Israel.Soleimani's plan is to connect this station to the forward command center he is aiming to establish in Quenitra.

Tel al-Hara (roughly 3,500 ft alt) is the tallest peak in the Golan region, overlooking Israel's outposts including Tel Hazaka. Its fall would award Iranian forces a commanding position over IDF positions.

Supporting Israel - in the Middle of Baghdad


Rising anti-Israel sentiment and anti-Semitism has made supporting Israel a tough job for activists in places like Western Europe, particularly on university campuses where Islamist extremism and far-left sentiment are rife and students often face harassment and abuse for expressing pro-Israel views.

But have you ever tried being an Israel-advocate in Iraq? Well, one brave man has - and even uploaded the proof from a bridge over Baghdad's Tigris (Dijla) River.

Understandably for someone living in a country torn between fanatical ISIS jihadists and Iranian-backed Shia Islamist militias, he has chosen to remain anonymous, but his Iraqi passport is unmistakable. After delivering a message in Arabic, the anonymous advocate - who has even set up a pro-IDF Facebook page - then concluded in English:

"I'd like to send my greetings and love from Baghdad to the Israeli nation," he begins. "I want to say: I will always stand with Israel, with the nation and the IDF, and I will do my best to show the real Israel to people I know."

Remarkably, he then signs off in Hebrew: "My sincere greetings and love - am Yisrael chai [the nation of Israel lives - ed.]. Shalom."

Once home to hundreds of thousands of Jews - including a major community in Baghdad - since the ethnic-cleansing of Jews from Arab-majority countries in the early-to-mid twentieth century, Iraq's Jewish community has dwindled to single figures today, its rich Jewish heritage either lost or taken over by Muslims.

Expressions of support are rare in the Arab-dominated south, where Baghdad is located, and other parts of the country. However, in the Kurdish-dominated north support for Jews and the Jewish state is not uncommon.

Huckabee Dances with Israeli Singer Onstage


Former Arkansas governor and likely presidential candidate Mike Huckabee visited the Binyamin Regional Council on Wednesday, where he toured several local businesses and visited different communities.

Huckabee visited the Psagot winery, and the members of the Regional Council organized an event in his honor; he was received warmly. Among the participants were MK Yariv Levin (Likud), the Deputy Chief of the Regional Council, Yisrael Ganz, and the Rabbi of Ofra, Rabbi Avraham Geiser.

Singer Yonatan Razel also came to sing at the event, and Huckabee himself danced with him onstage as he played "Hava Negila" and a rousing hassidic tune. See Huckabee has been an adamant supporter of Israel, and particularly for its sovereignty over Judea-Samaria.

Right-Wing Satire Latma's TV Show - Now in English Online


Good news for English-speaking fans of the right-wing satire Latma, as the program's new TV show on Channel 1 has been uploaded with English subtitles to Latma's YouTube channel, meaning the show which airs every Thursday now apparently will be accessible to non-Hebrew speaking audiences. Right-wing Satire Latma's TV Show - Now in English Online See

The second episode of the show "Hakol Shafit," which Latma is translating as "We'll be the Judge," was uploaded with subtitles this week. In its prime on YouTube, Latma featured subtitles in French and German as well as English, and the new subtitling now allows the international audience to once again appreciate right-wing Israeli satire.

In debuting on TV two weeks ago, Latma broke the leftist monopoly on TV satire, although many fans complained the show had changed its original style along with most of its cast and gone more "mainstream."

That change was seen in more skits on social issues along with jokes containing sexual innuendos, and included a shift away from some of the hard-hitting right-wing comedy that had won it a loyal fan-base to begin with, with some speculating this may have been dictated by Channel 1 as a condition for being broadcasted.

However the second episode recovered some of the original spark of the series with strong opening skits of President Barack Obama and the return of Latma classic Tawil Fadiha, the Palestinian minister for matters of uncontrollable rage who represents the Palestinian Authority.

Fans remain hopeful that the show will return to more of its tried-and-true style, even while remaining in the new more "mainstream" format.

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