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Washington Post: CIA Aided by Mossad Set Up 2008 Mughniyeh Killing

By DEBKAfile

The Washington Post has revealed that the Central Intelligence Agency, aided by the Israeli Mossad, set up the assassination of Hizbullah's international terror and military chief, Imad Mughniyeh, on Feb. 18, 2008. Until now Israel alone was blamed for the assassination.

According to the WP, as Mughniyeh approached his parked SUV on a Damascus street, a bomb planted in a spare tire in the trunk exploded. He was killed instantly by flying shrapnel. The device was said to be triggered remotely by Mossad in Tel Aviv, whose agents were in communications with CIA agents on the ground in Damascus. The CIA declined to comment on the Washington Post report.

"The way it was set up, the US could object and call it off, but could not execute," a former US intelligence official told the WP. "We probably blew up 25 bombs" in tests for ensuring that the blast would not cause collateral damage, he said.

The authority to kill Mughniyeh required a presidential finding by President George W. Bush, the paper reports. He ruled in favor at a time that Hizbullah's top man was known to be running the arming and training of Shiite militias targeting US forces in Iraq. This man had a long history of killing Americans, dating back to the planning of the 1983 bombing of the US embassy in Beirut that caused the deaths of hundreds of American Marines and the 1996 bombing of Khobar Towers which housed US Air Force personnel securing Saudi oil fields. He was also known to have planned the 1992 Hizbullah attack that blew up the Israel embassy in Buenos Aires.

Is Israel Backing Down on Removing Hizbullah, Iran from Golan?

By DEBKAfile

A change of policy was indicated by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's words at the Sunday cabinet meeting in Jerusalem. "Israel is threatened from many fronts," he said. "In the past week alone we witnessed terrorists in action across our southern border in Sinai. We have long been aware of Iran's efforts to open a second front against us from the Golan in addition to southern Lebanon. We have proved that no one is immune to our resolve to thwart aggression against us. That was true in the past and will be in the future," Netanyahu said.

DEBKAfile: In all his previous remarks on the subject, Netanyahu laid stress on Israel's determination to remove the new front taking shape on the Golan. He took a different line Sunday, noting only that Israel would react to the new front - only in as far as it launched attacks.

Foreign-Backed Campaign to Unseat Netanyahu. Has Obama Launched a Political Campaign against Netanyahu?

By Israel Hayom &

Amid the ongoing campaigning ahead of the March 17 national elections, in recent weeks several non-profit organizations have launched various campaigns explicitly aimed at unseating incumbent Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and bringing about an electoral victory for the Left.

With a massive scope of activities, the funding for these campaigns is also substantial. These are not a group of amateur left-wing activists with a Facebook page and some viral videos. These groups are running organized headquarters with dozens of paid staff, hundreds of volunteers and an estimated bankroll of tens of millions of shekels.

One of these groups is named V15 -- Victory 2015. Over the weekend, the Likud Party filed a petition with the Central Elections Committee seeking an injunction against this group. V15 began making headlines last week when it emerged that it hired the same campaign advisers as U.S. President Barack Obama. But V15 is certainly not alone -- there are a large number of non-profits and organizations with a similar objective – to end Netanyahu's leadership -- working alongside them.

Friday's Israel Hayom featured an article on the V15 campaign and its apparent link to Jeremy Bird, a strategist who worked on President Barack Obama's campaigns.

In an article featured on the news website Breitbart on Friday, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, a potential presidential candidate and one of Obama's most avid critics, wrote: "Has President Obama launched a political campaign against Prime Minister Netanyahu and his allies?"

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is pursuing the deadliest weapons on the planet -- weapons that our most senior and highly respected statesmen believe will be aimed squarely at Israel. This is the real problem, not Netanyahu's next election. …" Cruz wrote. "The Obama White House should focus its grievances on the very real enemies we face, and not on our staunch allies."

Cruz and Congressman Lee Zeldin stressed that they were gravely concerned by the fact that OneVoice was ostensibly using government funding to advance political ends. They quoted two American sources as confirming that the organization received at least "two parallel U.S. government grants." Cruz and Zeldin included a number of questions in their letter, demanding a "thorough investigation by the State Department's Inspector General within the next 15 days."

Meanwhile, White House spokesman Eric Schultz declared last week that he had no knowledge of Jeremy Bird's activities in Israel. When asked whether the White House would "discourage other former administration officials from engaging in such activity," Schultz replied that "I have a lot on my plate. Taking to task what former administration officials do once they leave the White House is not something I'm going to engage in right here."

In the past, OneVoice received a direct grant from the U.S. State Department for involvement in the negotiations with the Palestinians. Since it is not clear whether the organization is even registered in Israel, it is difficult to ascertain where the money used by V15 in the current election is coming from, or from whom. But the scope of the group's activity indicates that the funding is substantial.

Neo-Nazis Plan Rally in London Jewish Neighborhood


A Neo-Nazi group has announced plans for a demonstration in a north London neighborhood that is home to Europe's largest Orthodox Jewish community. The racist group, calling itself "Liberate Stamford Hill," says the rally is to oppose the "Jewification" of the UK, and particularly to protest Stamford Hill's local "Shomrim" neighborhood watch initiative.

The protest's organizers point to an incident last year in which signs requesting men and women to stand on opposite sides of the street were left over from a Torah scroll dedication ceremony - which some residents mistook as being aimed at the general public, causing some controversy - as "proof" that Shomrim were attempting to implement "Talmudic law" in the area.

"We are demonstrating against the illegal and unlawful Shomrim Police that are enforcing Talmudic law on British streets," read an announcement on one of several Facebook pages advertising the demo. "These armed thugs are impersonating our police yet they have not been arrested in doing so, in fact, they are supported by the Metropolitan police. In Stamford Hill, Whites are openly spat at in the street and made to feel as if they are Second-Class citizens in their own country, we say ENOUGH White Man, It's time we fight back!"

Contrary to the statement, however, Shomrim are not armed at all and coordinate closely with local police - even receiving praise for their work from local police chiefs. The volunteer initiative - which exists in several other Jewish communities in the UK and US - exists solely as a response to concerns over rising crime in the area.

The event's poster claims to show a menacing-looking "Shomrim" volunteer, but is in fact a scene from Woody Allen's spoof movie "Faded Gigolo" featuring actor Liev Schreiber.

Arutz Sheva has discovered that the "Liberate Stamford Hill" group is in fact a front for the "National British Resistance," one of several small far-right splinter factions formed in recent years following the collapse of the English Defense League.

One prominent British Jewish activist told Arutz Sheva that the rally - which is expected to attract no more than a handful of anti-Semites - has already been reported to the police, and that there was talk of a "peaceful counter-demonstration" in response.

Anti-fascist groups have also warned of a response, but the rally's organizers have vowed it will go ahead even though they will likely be heavily outnumbered. "We certainly can't promise a Nuremberg rally, the budget just doesn't cover that much just yet," read one comment.

"The Jews are mobilizing an Anti-White army against us," read another. "We welcome the opposition, any chance to show how both the Left-Wing and Jews are working hand-in-hand is an opportunity to be taken advantage of."

News of the planned rally comes amid growing concern over anti-Semitism in the UK and Europe in general, primarily from Muslim extremists but also from elements of the far-left and right. In a related story. the Jewish community in Cornwall, Britain, expressed anger over the weekend after a local village agreed to reinstate a sign saying "Hitlers Walk", the BBC reported.

The sign for a park overlooking the village Mevagissey was taken down by the now-defunct Restormel Council in 2005 after complaints that it was inappropriate. Now, however, Mevagissey Parish Council has ordered a new sign, saying that is what local people call the park, according to the BBC.

The park, located on a sloping site a little smaller than a football pitch at the top of Polkirt Hill, was named in the 1930s after a dictatorial local counselor, who was nicknamed Hitler.

Harvey Kurzfield, of Kehillat Kernow, which represents the Jewish community of Cornwall, said the decision was "outrageous." Parish counselor John Daniel, who has campaigned for the sign's reinstatement, explained that locals "have known it as Hitlers Walk since the 1930s."

Daniel said it had been "political correctness gone mad" to remove the sign, which does not have an apostrophe.

"The name goes back to a time before the war when whoever was in charge of the park was a bit authoritarian," he explained.

"I am 80 and I have always known it as Hitlers Walk. All the local people have known it as Hitlers Walk and they wanted it back," said Daniel. "It's not offensive, it's just what local people call it," he stressed. Although likely unrelated, the saga comes amid a growing trend of anti-Semitism in Europe in general and in Britain in particular.

The anti-Semitism in Britain took a turn for the worse during Israel's Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last summer, with thousands taking part in anti-Israel protests. Those demonstrations have included pro-Palestinian Arab rioters vandalizing a Birmingham Tesco store out of rage over a refusal to boycott Israeli products.

In a similar incident, hundreds of demonstrators rioted outside the Kedem store in Manchester, in a series of clashes which culminated in dozens of death threats being hurled at the store's owners.

Recently, Danny Cohen, the BBC's director of television, said that he was deeply troubled by the anti-Semitism in Europe in general, and in Britain in particular, adding that "I've never felt so uncomfortable being a Jew in the UK as I've felt in the last 12 months."

A poll released last month found that almost half of British Jewish people fear they have no long-term future in Britain or Europe, and a quarter of those surveyed said they had considered leaving Britain in the past two years.

Local Council to Find a Match for Single Residents


The local council of Beit El has come up with an original way to deal with the bachelorhood issue in the community: The council has begun employing matchmakers to help single women start a family in Israel.

The initiative was launched following the rise in the number of unmarried women aged 23 to 30. The council began searching for a matchmaker to initiate meetings between single men and women and help them find potential partners. "It's a serious problem," says a community resident, adding that she believes the rise in the number of singles stems from lack of motivation to turn to matchmakers and dating websites.

Council Member Chaim Silverstein submitted a proposal on the matter following recent council meetings which revealed the increase in the number of unmarried women living in Beit El. According to the proposal, "Experience shows that the girls lack the skill of accurately describing themselves, let alone what they are looking for."

An internal discussion held by the local council revealed that some of the single women have left the community and pointed to another difficulty stemming from the level of observance. Therefore, according to the meeting's participants, the match must cover the entire religious spectrum.

Ahuva Wallach, a matchmaker from Beit El who co-initiated the program, told Ynet that "the initiative came from one of the community's resident, who was upset to see her students still single in their late 20s. Because the program requires a lot of financial resources, we decided to raise the idea in the council meeting, and then decided to work together as a group – voluntarily."

Forty matchmakers have signed up for the program so far. They have started a group on Google in which they recommend potential matches. "The project is still in its infancy and there have been no success yet," says Wallach. "We have one goal: That it will lead to a wedding. I am hoping to see results within a few months."

According to the plan, the matchmakers will help interview men and women, form a list of singles and escort couples on meetings, as well as provide tips. An official at the local council of Beit El confirmed the report, saying that "the council did establish the initial contact with the matchmakers, who are all working as volunteers without being paid."

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