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Abbas Faces More Fiascos After the UN Rejects His Unilateral Path to a Palestinian State
China to Start Free Trade Talks with Israel in 2015
Auschwitz Anniversary is a Reminder of the Danger of Staying Silent newsletter: 15fx0102.txt
Obama's 2015 Gift for Israel and Mid East: Funding for a New Iraqi Army – Dominated by Iran's Rev Guards
Netanyahu Re-elected as Head of Israel's Likud Party
Nazi Diary Reveals Brutal Tactics Employed Against Lodz Jews newsletter: 15fx0105.txt
IDF Creates New Intelligence Dept. to Monitor ISIS
Abbas Trades Stalemate for Confrontation in ICC Move
US to Israel-Bound Travelers: Pack 'Shovel and Emergency Food'
Mike Huckabee for United States President?
The 700 Club Features Yaakov Kirschen newsletter: 15fx0106.txt
Israeli Company's Vaccine Blocks 90% of Cancer Types
Netanyahu: The Left is Weak and Wants to Surrender
Hamas Terrorist Entered Israel for Medical Treatment and Stayed
Israelis Tell Why They Renounced Citizenship
Report Reveals Majority of Israelis Cannot Get Through the Month
Introducing 'Seinfeld' in Yiddish newsletter: 15fx0107.txt
Femme Fatale Spy Who Seduced a High Hizbullah Officer into Betrayal and Secret Marriage
Terror Mastermind Behind Teens' Murders Given 3 Life Sentences
70-Year-Old Mezuzah in Perfect Condition Found in Poland
Hidden Jewish Objects Found in Thereseinstadt
Transgender Woman Denied Entry to Western Wall newsletter: 15fx0108.txt
Jewish Cartoonist Georges Wolinski Among Hebdo Victims
US Asks Poland to Extradite Roman Polanski
Isaac Bashevis Singer: The Yiddish Don Juan newsletter: 15fx0109.txt
Hundreds of Hamas Terrorists in Israel Switching to ISIS
Palestinians & Israel Combine Forces to Fight Storm
Charlie Hebdo Staff Vow to Print One Million Copies as French Media Support Grows
Egyptian TV Host Stands Up for Her Right Not to Cover Herself with a Scarf. newsletter: 15fx0112.txt
Millions March in France Against Terrorism; 40 Heads of State But No Obama
Netanyahu in Paris: Our Common Enemy is Radical Islam
French Jews Mob Paris Aliyah Fair
'Syria Building Nuclear Facility with Help from Iran, North Korea'
Video Shows Arab Stabbing Attack in Jerusalem newsletter: 15fx0113.txt
French Police: 6 Terrorists May Still be at Large
Bodies of Paris Kosher Mart Victims Arrive in Israel
Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories Surface After Paris Attacks
Number of Israelis Traveling Abroad Hits All-Time High in 2014
Saudi Religious Scholar Issues Fatwa on Snowmen newsletter: 15fx0114.txt
French Jewish Terror Victims Laid to Rest in Israel
Congressman Sorry for Saying Obama Should be More Like Hitler
Charlie Hebdo to Print Mohammad on Cover
Carter Suggests 'Palestinian Problem' Behind Paris Attacks
China's Hainan Airlines to Launch Tel Aviv-Beijing Route
'Russian Spies' Executed by Child Soldier in Shocking ISIS Video
The Only Kosher Butcher Shop in Cuba
Google Returns to the Streets of Israel
Lebanese-Born Porn Star Stirs Debate Back Home newsletter: 15fx0115.txt
New Study: Majority of British Jews Fear They Have No Future in Britain
Charlie Hebdo Prints 3 Million Copies of First Edition Since Massacre
'Shape-Shifting' Jews Blamed for Paris Attacks
Danino: Temple Mount an 'Existential Threat to Israel'
Concealing Incest: Victim is Always to Blame newsletter: 15fx0116.txt
Duke University Students to be 'Treated' to Muslim Prayer Call
IDF Forecast for 2015: Middle East 'Mess' will Continue
Oxford University Press Recommends Not Referencing 'Pigs' After Charlie Hebdo Attack.
ISIS Shows its Most Popular Execution Style is Crucifixion
Arab Suspect's Unusual Toilet Clogging - 300 Bullets
Taglit-Birthright Celebrates 15th Anniversary newsletter: 15fx0119.txt
Israeli Helicopters Targeted 6 Hizbullah and Iranian Officers as Warning: Golan is Out of Bounds
Israel: West Bank Islamic State Cell Broken Up
Syria: Suicide Bomber Talks About his Motivation
The Islamic State Online: ISIS' Many Accounts newsletter: 15fx0120.txt
Tehran Vows to Punish "Zionists" for Death of Iranian General
Prosecutor in 1994 Argentina Jewish Center Bombing Case Found Dead
US Jewish Security Arm Urges Groups to Report Threats
Egyptian Terrorists Claim Attack on Sinai Pipeline to Jordan
Israeli Selfie from Miss Universe Contest Causes Stir in Lebanon newsletter: 15fx0121.txt
Tehran: Let Israel Prepare for a Storm of Destruction
The IDF Responds to DEBKAfile's Reference to Tunnel Warfare
Rescued from Arab Villages: Six Weddings and a Brit
Interfaith --Dilemma
Warner Bros. Sues Israeli Carpet Store
Temple Mount Tourists Unwittingly Featured in Palestinian Propaganda newsletter: 15fx0122.txt
Palestinian Terrorist Injures 13 in Tel Aviv Bus Stabbing
The 'Magic Kippah': Is It the Solution for Anti-Semitism? newsletter: 15fx0123.txt
Obama & Kerry Will Not Meet With Netanyahu in Washington
Preacher Indicted for 'Slaughter Jews' Speech on Temple Mount
World to Mark 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation Next Week
Hitler's Long Shadow
Feel Like a Woman? Just Change Your ID Gender! newsletter: 15fx0126.txt
'Netanyahu's Speech is Vital to Prevent Bad Iran Nuclear Deal'
Assad: Israel is al Qaeda's Air Force
Terrorist Told: 'Smile, You %&@#'
Arabs in US Say 'American Sniper' Movie Stirs Up Hatred newsletter: 15fx0127.txt
'World More Dangerous When the Jewish People are Silent'
Iranian Website: Netanyahu's Sons are Targets for Assassination
Swedish Journalist Poses as Jew, Documents anti-Semitism
Iranian Chief Rabbi 'Pressured' Into Mohammed Cartoon Ban
84% of Palestinians Believe Israel Behind Charlie Hebdo
ISIS Urges New Attacks Against Western World newsletter: 15fx0128.txt
IDF Attacks Syrian Artillery in Retaliation for Rocket Attacks
International Holocaust Day is marked in Auschwitz and Israel
Israeli Woman Gives Birth at 56
More Shekels for Your Dollar newsletter: 15fx0129.txt
Netanyahu Vows: Hizbullah, Iran Will 'Pay a Price' for Soldiers' Deaths
Jewish Agency Plans Massive Aliyah of 120,000 French Jews to Israel
10,000 Palestinian Teenagers Graduate Hamas Terror Camp newsletter: 15fx0130.txt
Attack on IDF Jeep Might Have Been Field Test for New Iranian Missile
At Least 27 Killed in Attacks in Egypt's North Sinai
Sky News Airs Gaza War Images During Holocaust Segment
Pagan Deities Found in Ancient Synagogues
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