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Obama's 2015 Gift for Israel and Mid East: Funding for a New Iraqi Army – Dominated by Iran's Rev Guards

By DEBKAfile

President Barack Obama's New Year gift to Israel and the Middle East is a multibillion fund for establishing an Iraqi army as a division of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). Wednesday, the last day of 2014, two defense ministers, Iran's Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqani and Iraq's Khallid al-Obeidi, signed a pact whereby Iran i.e. the Revolutionary Guards, will "continue to train new Iraqi military units" for replacing the army that crumbled under the onslaught launched by the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant since last June. "We do not see any other option than cooperation and being on the same side as Iran to uproot the terrorists," said the Iraqi general.

But he carefully avoided mentioning the 1,850 US soldiers posted to Baghdad, Kurdistan's Irbil and the Al Asad air base in the western province of Anbar, or the 1,300 addition American combat troops, including paratroops of the elite 82nd Airborne Division's 3rd Brigade Combat Team. The 3,150 US troops currently serving in Iraq are therefore sharing the task of rebuilding Iraqi military units with Iran's Revolutionary Guards!

Two other key points glossed over by the two defense ministers are revealed here by DEBKAfile's exclusive military and intelligence sources: The sources of financing and recruits.

On the quiet, President Obama has promised Tehran and Baghdad to put up the funding for the new Iraqi army. It is to come out of the US budgetary allocation for the war on terror – a truly ironic gesture considering the missions of the Revolutionary Guards Corps's pro-active arm, its Al Qods Brigades, which are primarily to orchestrate external terrorism.

The source of the new manpower was disclosed by Deputy Commander of the IRGC Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami, when he announced this week that Iran was assembling a mighty army from the various Shiite militias fighting in Syria and Iraq. "This force will be larger even than the Lebanese Hizbullah," he boasted.

All those militias are under the direct command of the Guards. Therefore, the Obama administration has committed the United States to forging a strong military bond with Tehran and providing military and financial assistance for the creation of a strong regional Shiite armed force that will elevate Iran to the standing of leading military power in the Middle East.

US-Iranian cooperation in the war on ISIS is already in full swing in Iraq between the US officers and troops posted there and the headquarters of Iranian Al Qods Brigades Commander, Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Iraq's Shiite Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi provides liaison. So closely are the two forces aligned, that no Iraqi Shiite operation goes forward without first being cleared with the US command.

Netanyahu Re-elected as Head of Israel's Likud Party

By VOA News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been re-elected as head of his conservative Likud party as he gets ready for early elections in March.

Netanyahu trounced his sole challenger, far-right politician Danny Danon.

The prime minister called for new elections two years early after his shaky coalition Cabinet fell apart last month.

Netanyahu is looking for a third consecutive term as Israeli prime minister.

The latest polls show his Likud party in a tight race with a joint liberal ticket made up of the Labor and Hatnuah parties. Recent opinion polls also show rising support for the far-right nationalist Jewish Home party. The general election is set for March 17.

Nazi Diary Reveals Brutal Tactics Employed Against Lodz Jews


Seventy years after the liquidation of the Lodz ghetto during World War II, a diary containing meticulous documentation of day-to-day life within its walls, as depicted by Nazi officers, was recently uncovered, it was reported Thursday.

Using laundered language, the Germans describe their treatment of the local Jews, including how they punished them over thoughts of escape, and their use of brutal methods to extract information from the "smart alecks" among them.

During World War II, Lodz was home to the second largest Jewish ghetto. Over 200,000 Jews are said to have passed through the ghetto, many later going to the notorious Auschwitz death camp. Only 10,000 are said to have survived.

The Shem Olam Institute for Education, Documentation and Research on Faith and the Holocaust recently managed to get hold of the rare find which the Nazis attempted to hide, and has now revealed it, on the occasion of Yom Hakaddish Haklali, the memorial day for victims of the Holocaust whose dates of death are unknown.

The difficult text shows another aspect of the violent and brutal regime directed against the locals, which showed no patience to those who failed to obey cruel orders.

The diary, the majority of which has not yet been translated into Hebrew, features descriptions of the use of torture in interrogations of Jews who are termed as "smart alecks", arrests of Jews suspected of possessing "prohibited items", and an account of contacts with the Judenrat, a Jewish governing council, from which the officers extracted incriminating inside information against Jews who did not adhere to the strict rules.

"The Jew Goldberg Meyer was caught after we received information that he was pretending to be a Pole, and trading textile products that he had acquired in the past," the German officers wrote in one of the diary's pages.

The description is followed by many general reports about detainees and hunts for Jews: "Shtayer, David, born October 21, year of birth unknown, from Turek, about 160 centimeters tall, thin, black hair, brown eyes, also called by the name of Anthony Brodziak."

Another section read: "The mischling ("crossbreed" in German) Oscar Steiner, born February 26 1901, from Melsdorf, lives in Oberau within Garmisch district, fled, after which a hunt for him was conducted by the Munich police under an arrest warrant, according to regulations."

Another entry described the brutal harassment of a family that tried to hide a Jewish boy in their home: "The boy Haimovich Hanek had been staying at Foulkes Deutsche (a Polish of German descent). Following a quarrel between neighbors, we received information that the Yaeger family had taken in a Jewish boy – his family gave them a great amount of money to take care of him. The Yaeger couple was caught after a manhunt, and the boy claimed he was their son. His name was revealed later on. In the morning, a unit will head out to confiscate the property in their home."

Rabbi Dr. Avraham Krieger, director of the Shem Olam institute, said: "The diary, which was revealed for the first time, displays another characteristic of the extent of German evil. The Ghetto officers used any possible means to create a regime of terror and fear among the Jews of the ghetto, and used the cruelest, most despicable tools to serve the Nazi destruction machine. This diary reveals precisely what they Germans wanted with all their might to hide – but they didn't manage to do so.

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