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Abbas to Press for UN Action on Independent Palestine
Israel's Foreign Minister: Pay Israeli Arabs to Move to Palestinian State
PA Jihadi Imam to Speak at Ben Gurion University
Pollard's Handler: I Ordered to Turn Him to Away from the Embassy
Turkish Minister: Muslims Discovered the Earth is Round
Becoming an IDF Combat Soldier in 90 Seconds newsletter: 14fx1202.txt
US Military Warned of Possible Islamic State Attacks at Home
Israeli-Canadian Woman Believed Captured by Islamic State 'Is Safe'
Photos of Israeli Ministers in Nazi Uniforms Spark Police Probe
UNESCO Seeks to Save Jewish Sites from Islamic State's Claws
Rabbi Seeks to Bring Back Cave Burial newsletter: 14fx1203.txt
Netanyahu Calls for Early Elections
Report: Hizbullah Intends Maritime Siege in Next War
Report: Saudi Arabia Mulls Oil Trade Relations with Israel
Hebrew University Students' 'Lives Are in Danger'
Deadly Attacks Spur New Wave of Online Palestinian Incitement
More Young Palestinians Try to Flee from Gaza to Israel newsletter: 14fx1204.txt
France: Jewish Couple Assaulted in Suspected Anti-Semitic Attack
Terror Victim Directed Medics Treating Him after Stabbing Attack
Burqa-Clad Attacker Murders American Teacher in UAE
CDC: Male Circumcision Benefits Outweigh Risks
Not All Fun and Games in Hizbullah Children's Magazine newsletter: 14fx1205.txt
U.S. Anti-Semites Attend Syrian 'Counterterrorism' Conference
PA Mufti Demands Bodies of Synagogue Massacre Terrorists
Hamas Shoots Seven Test Rockets in Two Days
Khamenei: America's Problems Caused by Israel's 'Domination'
Oil Spill Said to be Worst in Israel's History
Religious School Shut for Refusing to Admit Sephardi Students newsletter: 14fx1208.txt
59 By Arutz Sheva Staff
Syriaairstrike by TaboolaSponsored LinksYou May Like
15 By Gil Ronen
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150 By Ari Yashar
EgyptAbdel Fattah al-SisiShaul ShayIsrael Defense by TaboolaSponsored LinksYou May Like newsletter: 14fx1209.txt
Knesset Officially Dissolves in Unanimous Vote
Kerry: Israeli, Palestinian Status Quo Unsustainable
Syria, Iran Condemn Airstrikes Near Damascus
800 Leftist Israelis Call on European Lawmakers to Recognize 'Palestine'
Michael Oren: The Israeli Left 'Has Crashed'
What Happens When a PLO Flag is Flown in Meah Shearim? newsletter: 14fx1210.txt
US Christian Man Arrested in Israel for Plot to Blow Up Muslim Holy Sites
Israeli Man Stabbed at Chabad Headquarters in New York
Israeli Inmate Beaten by New Jersey Police Before Death
Egypt's Largest Military Maneuver 'Meant for Israel'
Court Rules Against Gender Segregation at Funerals
Amnesty: Israel Committed War Crimes in Gaza Bombings newsletter: 14fx1211.txt
0 By Kobi Finkler
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AlmagorZiad Abu Ein by TaboolaSponsored LinksYou May Like
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4 By Tova Dvorin newsletter: 14fx1212.txt
Israeli, Palestinian Officials Dispute Autopsy on Dead PA Official
Secret IDF Video Documentation of Zikim Attack – Leaked
Israeli Boys Try to Rob Bank with Toy Guns
`Israeli-Palestinian Study Finds Regional Flowers Help Combat Viruses
Palestinian Terrorists Have Gone Online newsletter: 14fx1215.txt
Netanyahu: Israel Will Rebuff UN Moves Towards Palestinian State
Hamas: Second Video 'Taken from IDF Computers'
Suspected Islamist Attack on Cafe in Australia
Four Year-Old Buys Nazi Ring in Vending Machine newsletter: 14fx1216.txt
Australia Café Siege Leaves Gunman, 3 Hostages Dead
Palestinian Statehood Is Focus of Kerry-Netanyahu Meeting
Is Obama Ready for an About-Face to Recognize Assad? Will Syria Provide the Strike Force Against ISIS?
Massive Suicide Bombing in Tel Aviv Thwarted
Postcard Shows Orphans Marking CChanukah in Nazi Germany newsletter: 14fx1217.txt
Report: Mossad Agent Infiltrated Hizbullah's Upper Echelons
Palestinian Shot Dead After Hurling Bomb at IDF Troops
Israeli Discovery May Help Early Detection of Uterine and Colon cancers
Israeli and Palestinian Children Recreate 1914 Truce Soccer Match
Jewish Group Funds Israeli Honeymoons newsletter: 14fx1218.txt
Syrian Rebel Yarmouk Brigades Ditch US and Israel Allies, Defect to ISIS
Alan Gross Released: US-Cuban Relations Normalized After 54 years
EU Court Removes Hamas from Terror Blacklist
'Mossad Operative Was In Charge of Nasrallah's Personal Security in Hizbullah'
Iconic Six-Day War Photo Recreated at Western Wall newsletter: 14fx1219.txt
US Finally Says it Opposes Unilateral PA UN Bid
'Mossad Spy' Headed Hizbullah's Foreign Operations
Jews Afraid to Bury Kin at Mount of Olives
The Zohar's Secrets of Sexuality
'Harry Potter had Jewish classmates', Says Author JK Rowling newsletter: 14fx1222.txt
Israel: Gaza Airstrike Is Warning to Hamas
Syria Claims It Shot Down an Israeli Drone
Young Boy Calls Jews 'Barbaric Apes' on Hamas TV
Medics: Beware 'Killer' Jelly Donuts
Lead Dreidels Discovered Buried Underneath Vilna Ghetto
New Dreidel Record Set in Tel Aviv newsletter: 14fx1223.txt
Netanyahu Receives Hefty Donations from US Patrons
Israel's Bank Leumi to Pay $400 Million for U.S. Tax Settlement
Leaked File Reveals How CIA Instructed Agents on Methods to Keep Their Cover at Ben Gurion Airport newsletter: 14fx1224.txt
$20 Million Coca-Cola Factory to be Built in Terrorist Hamas-Governed Gaza
Anger in Israel After 'Homeland' Compares Begin to Terrorist
BBC TV Chief 'Deeply Troubled' by UK Anti-Semitism
Hundreds Witness 'Chanukah Miracle' in Jerusalem newsletter: 14fx1225.txt
Breaking News: Israel is Secretly Killing Millions....
Thousands of Young Jews Arrive in Israel for Winter Birthright Trip
Israel Halts Production of Gas Masks newsletter: 14fx1226.txt
Shots Fired at Kosher Restaurant in Paris
Iron Dome Installed in Be'er Sheva, Netivot, Israel Buys 4 Missile Corvettes from Germany to Defend Gas Fields
IS Militants Use Sex to Lure Recruits
Netanyahu: The Fire of Radical Islam is Lapping at Our Borders
Know Your Enemy: Foreign Ministry Workers to Learn Persian
Op-Ed: Hitler Used A PR Firm In the 30's – Today Terrorists Do newsletter: 14fx1229.txt
Hamas' Khaled Meshaal Heads for New Exile
Iranian Soldiers Photographed on Lebanon-Israel Border
PA: Security Council to Vote Monday on 'End to Occupation'
Argentinian President Adopts Jew to Counter Werewolf Curse
Stunning Pictures of Israel from Space Posted by NASA Astronaut
Spiritual Leader of Israel's African Hebrews Dies
Apartment Rental Prices in Israel See 60% Rise in Past Decade
Conservative Judaism Youth Group Relaxes Inter-Dating Rules newsletter: 14fx1230.txt
PA Toughens Language in Unilateral UN Resolution
PA Minister: Killing Babies is Part of 'Resistance' Against Israel
PA Co-opts Jesus as the 'Palestinian Messiah and Martyr'
Hamas Bars Gaza Children from Making Conciliatory Trip to Israel
Russian Immigrants in Israel Targeted by Extortion Fraud
Al-Qaida Urges 'Lone Wolf' Attacks Against Western Airlines
Picture Grim for Young Israeli Couples Wishing to Buy Homes
Last Jew in Pakistan Fights for Jewish Cemetery newsletter: 14fx1231.txt
PA's Statehood Resolution Defeated at Security Council
Drill at Negev Back-up Airport for Hamas Rockets
PA Buries Har Nof Massacre Terrorists as 'Heaven-bound Martyrs'
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