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Report: Mossad Agent Infiltrated Hizbullah's Upper Echelons

By & Reuters

Hizbullah says it recently exposed a Mossad agent embedded among its "elite operations unit." in what the Iranian-backed terror group says is "the most serious [intelligence] breach in Hizbullah's history."

According to Lebanese media reports, "sources close to Hizbullah" claimed an Israeli intelligence cell - comprised of four Hizbullah members under the command of the Mossad agent - had managed to foil a number of attempts by the Shia Islamist group to carry out attacks in revenge for the assassination of its most senior military chief, Imad Mughniyeh, back in 2008.

Israel never confirmed or denied it killed Mughniyeh, who died in a massive car bomb blast in Syria, but Israeli intelligence services are widely believed to be the most likely party to have targeted the elusive terrorist kingpin.

According to the latest dramatic report, the Mossad infiltrator had managed to climb the ranks within Hizbullah to become the deputy head of the terrorist group's "foreign operations apparatus", known as Unit 910. Hizbullah sources claimed the alleged agent - a man from south Lebanon identified only by his initials, "M.Sh" - received several payments of $1 million from the Mossad.

According to Lebanon's Al-Janoubia news site, the Mossad "cell" was responsible for the "failure of Hizbullah operations in a number of countries against Israeli interests in past years." Al-Janoubia reported that Hizbullah launched an internal investigation after Unit 910 - which is responsible for carrying out terrorist attacks outside of Lebanon - saw a string of carefully-planned attacks foiled, causing "a state of frustration in the party's ranks."

Hizbullah has attempted to "avenge" Mughniyeh's assassination via a number of terrorist plots against Israeli and Jewish civilian targets, but apart from the 2012 bombing of an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria, which killed six people, all have fallen flat.

In October, Peruvian counter-terror police arrested a Lebanese man who they said was planning "major" terrorist attacks against Jewish and Israeli targets in the country's capital, Lima. The man was later identified as Hizbullah operative Mohammed Amadar; police reportedly zeroed in on him after a tip-off from Israeli intelligence and found him in possession of "traces of explosives."

In April of this year two other Hizbullah members - French-Lebanese Daoud Farhat and Lebanese-Filipino national Youssef Ayad - were arrested in Thailand. The pair are believed to have been part of a plot to attack Israelis over the Jewish festival of Passover.

That was only one of a number of apparent Hizbullah-sponsored terror plots in the Asian country, which is popular with Israeli tourists. In September 2013, Thailand jailed Swedish-Lebanese citizen Atris Hussein for possessing bomb-making equipment, as part of another suspected Hizbullah plot.

Another joint Swedish-Lebanese citizen and self-confessed Hizbullah member, Hossam Yakoub, was jailed by a Cypriot court earlier that year for "criminal activities." More serious charged were dropped, although Yakoub admitted he had been conducting reconnaissance missions on Israeli tourists and gathering information on "the Jews."

After the series of failures Hizbullah set up a secret unit to investigate the presence of double-agents in an operation closely monitored by Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corp. "After close monitoring of the most important security officials, the unit arrested five Hizbullah members including the [Unit 910 deputy chief]," Hizbullah sources claimed. The alleged spies are believed to still be in Hizbullah custody.

According to Lebanon's Elnashra news, the agent helped to "foil many attacks by Hizbullah against Israeli targets aiming to avenge the assassination of Hizbullah commander Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus" in 2008. Intriguingly, in the case of Farhat and Ayad, the Islamist duo were outed as Hizbullah agents by a mysterious website called "Stop910" - which is dedicated to exposing the activities of Hizbullah's foreign operations division.

The website describes itself as "an association of western intelligence organizations," and offers cash rewards for information exposing Hizbullah terrorist activities outside of Lebanon."We call upon you to assist in our activity, whose purpose is to end Hizbullah-perpetrated terror in Lebanon and abroad," the site says. "We ask that you send us any and all details that you have to help in this effort, especially information on the true identity of the people in the photos displayed on this site."

It also offers information on the structure of Unit 910: "Hizbullah's elite and strictly compartmented clandestine unit is commanded by Talal Hamia, and functions as the far-reaching strategic arm of Hizbullah and Iran," it claims. "The unit is composed of a small group of operatives, mainly Lebanese Shiites whose families were not born in Lebanon, some of which even hold authentic foreign identity documents allowing them to travel across the world under false identities and tourist or business cover stories."

Analysts have suggested the site is likely operated by Israeli intelligence services given the amount of high-level raw-intelligence in contains.

Palestinian Shot Dead After Hurling Bomb at IDF Troops

By Israel Hayom. Reuters &

Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian man in the Qalandiya refugee camp north of Jerusalem early Tuesday morning after he threw an improvised explosive device at them as they conducted an arrest operation. No Israeli soldiers were wounded in the incident.

The dead Palestinian man was identified as 20-year-old Mahmoud Adwan, according to Reuters. Another Palestinian man was wounded and detained by the Israel Defense Forces. In total, seven wanted Palestinian terrorist suspects were arrested by Israeli security forces overnight in Judea and Samaria.

And in a related story, as the first night of Chaukah began on Tuesday evening, a 15-year-old Arab terrorist wielding a knife was arrested at the Gush Etzion Junction in Judea and confessed in investigation to planning "to stab to death a Zionist."

Police announced that shortly after 5 p.m. a citizen contacted the police 100 emergency hotline reporting he had offered to give a hitchhiking youth a ride from Gush Etzion Junction in the direction of Hebron. The youth stood at a hitchhiking station at the junction, and something about him raised the suspicions of the citizen, leading him to phone the police.

Hebron district police officers accompanied by IDF soldiers from the Kfir Brigade's Duchifat Battalion arrived at the station and arrested the Arab youth - and discovered a knife concealed on his person. As noted, he admitted in investigation to planning "to stab to death a Zionist," and was brought in for investigation by the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet).

The plan brings to mind the statements of a female Arab terrorist who was arrested at the Kalandiya Checkpoint in northern Jerusalem two weeks ago, after approaching the checkpoint with a knife. In investigation she admitted she wanted to "murder Jews." This is not the first time the Gush Etzion Junction has been targeted. Two weeks ago a female Arab terrorist from Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party stabbed a Jew before trying to flee and being shot and seriously wounded.

Israeli Discovery May Help Early Detection of Uterine and Colon cancers


A breakthrough discovery by researchers at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem will allow early detection and possible prevention of colon and uterine cancers. According to the study, a genetic mutation related to Lynch syndrome has been shown to increase the risk of these types of cancers. The discovery of the mutation among members of certain population groups allows for a quick identification of at-risk patients.

The recent study included researchers from Hadassah, the Rabin Medical Center in Petach Tikva, and the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv. The results show that it is possible to identify genetic mutations, present in populations of different backgrounds in Israel, that alter the genetic material's ability to correct its own errors, thus significantly increasing the affected person's chances to suffer from colon or uterine cancer. Being able to detect a mutation that is characteristic of a certain population makes identifying the syndrome much simpler and more inexpensive.

The research group, led by Dr. Yael Goldberg from the Sharett Institute of Oncology at Hadassah Hospital, said the characteristic mutation exists in Jews from various backgrounds, including European, Iranian, Afghan and Georgian.

"The study is of immense importance in the prevention and early treatment of cancer. Identifying the genetic mutation allows us to find subsets of healthy people who carry that mutation, and put them on an early prevention and observation program. Early detection of cancer is one of the most important tools in healing the deadly disease," senior oncologist and acting director-general of Hadassah Hospital Prof. Tamar Peretz said.

Israeli and Palestinian Children Recreate 1914 Truce Soccer Match

By Reuters and Israel Hayom

Israeli and Palestinian children played a game of soccer on Monday in Haifa to mark the centenary of the legendary football match between German and Allied troops on the Western Front during the Christmas truce of 1914. During that war, troops from both sides laid down their arms in an unofficial Christmas truce. Legend grew that the opposing troops played football in the no-man's zone between them. It is a legend that history cannot verify -- but one which remains a powerful symbol of peace. The event in Haifa was hosted by the British diplomatic mission.

"You can see behind me, not just young kids enjoying themselves sharing football but also something very special happening, which is kids from different communities that do not normally get to talk to each other, that do not normally get to play together. Building links, building friendships through the medium of football and I can not think of a better way of commemorating the Christmas truce a hundred years ago than doing this today," said the British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould.

Israeli Arab sports anchor Zuhair Bahloul said the match was a "value activity" in times of escalation of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "Recently, we have a very dangerous gap between the both population, the Arab and the Jews, and I think if we want to look for some of the optimistic position, I think, the co-existence between the Arab and the Jewish kids, it is a value activity, and I am feeling so proud about that, of course," said Zuhair Bahloul.

The "Football Remembrance" matches marking the 100th anniversary of the First World War Christmas truce are being hosted by the British diplomats in various countries around the world including Israel, Brazil, Russia, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Cambodia and many others.

Jewish Group Funds Israeli Honeymoons

By BBC News

American honeymooners could be treated to trip to Israel, as long as one of them is Jewish, it's been reported. It's part of an initiative by a US organization, Honeymoon Israel, which wants to encourage non-Jewish partners to engage with Israel and Judaism, the Israeli Ynetnews website reported.

Couples have to pay $1,500 towards the cost of a nine-day honeymoon, but the rest - about $8,000 will be covered for them. The trip will include visits to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and couples will be guests of an Israeli family, the report said. The aim is to build a "personal connection to Israel and to Judaism," says co-founder Avi Rubel.

To benefit, at least one member of the couple has to "identify as Jewish", and one must never have been to Israel before. The program is also open to unmarried couples who live together, and lesbian and gay couples, the Honeymoon Israel website said.

"In many places in the US, 50 to 60% of Jewish couples are in mixed marriages. This is a way to bring the non-Jewish partner closer to Judaism," said Rubel. It has been compared to the Birthright Israel organization, which provides free trips to Israel for young Jewish adults around the world. Honeymooners will start arriving in 2015, with groups of couples from Los Angeles and Phoenix being the first to benefit. But the organization says it's raised enough cash to fund the trips for the next three years. "As far as we are concerned, it is the Jewish people's gift to the couple," he said.

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