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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 14fx1103.txt
US Supreme Court to Decide 'Jerusalem, Israel' Passport Case
Netanyahu: People of All Faiths Can Worship at Temple Mount
Netanyahu: It's Time That the World Condemn Abbas
Nov. 2, 1917: The Balfour Declaration
'Committed to Your Spiritual Safety': El Al Safety Video Parody newsletter: 14fx1104.txt
Jordan's King Vows to 'Thwart Unilateral Israeli Action' in Jerusalem
US: Kerry Won't Unveil Peace Plan in Talks with Palestinians
US Army Buys Its First Iron Dome from Israel
New IDF Tablet Sends Real-Time Footage From the Field
`Moving Up: Israel Now 38th Best Country to Live in for 2014 newsletter: 14fx1105.txt
Washington Reiterates its Objection to PA's UN Resolution
France Moves to Vote on 'Palestine' Recognition
Abbas Warns Jews Against Visiting Temple Mount
Chief Rabbi: Stop Allowing Non-Jews to Make Aliyah
Muslim Mom Denied Entry to Pool Because of Her Modest Swimming Attire
Israel to Allow Coke into Gaza newsletter: 14fx1106.txt
Palestinian Driver Hits Soldiers in Gush Etzion, Car Hits Crowd of Pedestrians in Jerusalem
'If Hizbullah Attacks, Israel will Raze Lebanon to the Ground'
In Europe, Nobody Criticizes Islam Anymore
PA Website Cartoon Portrays Jew 'Raping' Al Aqsa newsletter: 14fx1107.txt
Police to Restrict Muslim Entry to Temple Mount
PLO Urges Journalists: Don't Use the Term 'Temple Mount'
ICC Declines to Prosecute Israel Over Turkey Flotilla Raid
Jerusalem Bomber on Trial in US for Immigration Fraud
Turkish Hair Removal Ad Features 9/11 Mastermind
Join ISIS, Marry a Jihadist newsletter: 14fx1110.txt
Romney to Israeli Expats: Obama is Distancing US from its Allies
Iran's Khamenei: How, Why to Destroy Israel
Netanyahu: Iran Crisis at Critical Moment newsletter: 14fx1111.txt
Red Sea Archaeologists Discover Remains of Egyptian Army from the Biblical Exodus. (Or Did Hollywood Pay Off the Egyptians So As To Promote December's Opening of 'Exodus?')
Terror Attack in Tel Aviv: Israeli Soldier Dies After Being Stabbed
Israeli Man Escapes Lynching as Tensions Flare in Arab Sector
Abbas: Arafat's 'Shrine' Will Move to Jerusalem
'No One Listened to Hitler, and No One is Listening to Iran'
'Jewish Harassment' on the Streets of NYC newsletter: 14FX1112.txt
Netanyahu Warns US Jews of Iranian Nuclear Threat
Iran Unveils its Latest 'Long-Range Radar System'
Palestinian Rift Reopens as Abbas Blames Hamas for Bombings
Poll: 40% of Jewish Israelis Want Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount
Canadian-Israeli Joins Fight Against Islamic State
Hackers Threaten to Shut Down Israeli Internet Friday newsletter: 14fx1113.txt
Report: Hizbullah Recruiting Christians, Druze, Sunnis for Next War with Israel
Widow: 'Only Arafat Could Have Brought Peace'
Turkish Mob Attacks US Sailors, Place Bags on Their Heads
Al Jazeera Investigates the USS Liberty Attack in `The Day Israel Attacked America' newsletter: 14fx1114.txt
Report: Hizbullah Recruiting Christians, Druze, Sunnis for Next War with Israel
Widow: 'Only Arafat Could Have Brought Peace'
Turkish Mob Attacks US Sailors, Place Bags on Their Heads
Al Jazeera Investigates the USS Liberty Attack in `The Day Israel Attacked America' newsletter: 14fx1117.txt
Hamas Leader: We Plan to Carry Out Terror from Judea and Samaria
Iranian Cleric Threatens to 'Raze Tel Aviv, Haifa to the Ground'
Arab Knesset Member There Was No Jewish Temple on Temple Mount
Israel Sees Sharp Rise in Tourists from Arab States
Israeli Repeats Circumcision at Age 92 newsletter: 14fx1118.txt
CIA Blunder? Kurdish Leader Says ISIS Has '200,000 Fighters'
Poll: French Muslims More Likely to Hold Anti-Semitic Views
Draft-Dodgers Ineligible for State Scholarships
Israel Buys More on Ali Express Than Any Other Country
German Village Plays Prank on Neo-Nazis
Distracted Walkers: Israel Moves to Ban Headphone Use at Crosswalks newsletter: 14fx1119.txt
Palestinians Kill 5 in Attack on Jerusalem Synagogue newsletter: 14fx1120.txt
Israel Refuses to Return Har Nof Terrorists' Bodies
US Consulate Warns Americans to Make Themselves 'Harder Targets'
Iran Threatens to Flood Gaza With 'Millions' of Iranian Fighters
Israeli Technology to Protect Germany's New Transport Planes
Erdogan: `Muslims Discovered Americas' Claim newsletter: 14fx1121.txt
Obama Administration Torpedoes Bid to Free Pollard
Israel Foils Hamas Plot to Assassinate Liberman
PA, Hamas Justify Murder of 'Rabbi Terrorists'
CBS Admits Mohammad is Israel's Most Popular Name
1939 Palestinian Flag. What does it look like? Surprised? newsletter: 14fx1124.txt
Israeli Cabinet Declares Country Nation-State of Jewish People
Iran: We Gave Hizbullah Missiles That Can Reach Southern Israel
Egypt: We'll Stabilize a Palestinian State
Newly Crowned Miss Islam Calls for 'Liberation of Palestine' newsletter: 14fx1125.txt
Venezuelan Parliamentarian: The Zionists Financed Hitler
Bus Drivers to Learn Krav Maga as Part of Security Measures
Synagogue Attack Survivor: Terrorist Told Me, 'Get Out of Here'
Al Jazeera Commentary Hails "Symbolic Importance" of Jerusalem Synagogue Attack
Iran's Open Plan for Genocide Against Israel: A Legal Assessment
Cartoonist Activist Combats Anti-Semitism newsletter: 14fx1126.txt
Report Reveals US Schools Whitewashing Hamas, PA
PA Warps Arab Terror Attacks to be 'Israeli Attacks'
Glick Credits 'Divine Supervision' After Surviving Shooting
Son of Hamas Leader Urges Israel to Wage War Against Gaza - Now
Israeli Company Aims to Recharge Cell Phones in 30 Seconds newsletter: 14fx1127.txt
Israeli Government's 8-Step Plan to End Terror
Netanyahu Presents Principles of 'Jewish Nationhood' Bill
Netanyahu: European Recognition of Palestinian State is 'Big Mistake'
US Ambassador to Israel Prays at Terrorized Jerusalem Synagogue
Wife of Synagogue Massacre Terrorist Expelled
Pope: Don't Shut Door to Dialogue with Islamic State
Chabad Rabbis Take 'World's Largest Selfie'
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