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Kerry: Israel and Hamas Agree to a 72-Hour Cease-Fire
Israelis Know Hamas Leaders Hiding in Shifa Hospital Because They Built the Bunkers
Tunnels for Tunnels: Key Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway Tunnel Completed
The Latest Threat from Hamas: Paragliding Terrorists
Jewish Groups React to Possible Jewish Defense League Ban
Israeli Hasbara (Public Relations) Animation: Welcome to Gaza Heights newsletter: 14fx0804.txt
Israel Announces a Unilateral 7-Hour Humanitarian Ceasefire
Finnish Reporter in Gaza Confirms Rockets Fired from Hospital
Jewish Agency's Masa Program Sees Number of Applicants Jump
Could Artificial Island Solve Gaza Problem? newsletter: 14fx0805.txt
Two Terrorist Attacks in Jerusalem. An Israeli Killed, a Soldier Injured
Israel, Hamas Agree to 72-Hour Truce
Israelis Living Near Gaza Scared to Go Home
Jews Join Together for Tisha B'Av
Hamas Scare Clip Becomes Israel's Summer Hit newsletter: 14fx0806.txt
Israel-Hamas Talks to Open in Cairo After 72-Hour Cease-Fire
Captured Hamas Urban Warfare Manual Encourages Human Shields
Hamas Leader in West Bank Confesses to Kidnapping Three Teens
Google Pulls 'Bomb Gaza' Game from App Store newsletter: 14fx0807.txt
Israel Accepts Extension of the 72-Hour Gaza Truce But Hamas Refuses to Extend the Cease-Fire
For Cairo Deal, Israel Calls for Ban in Gaza on All but Light Arms, Free Hand Against Tunnels, Rocket Plants
Hamas Encourages Suicide Bombers to Dress as Orthodox Jews
Carter Urges West to Recognize Hamas as Legitimate 'Political Actor'
Netanyahu, Defense Minister Vow to Protect Residents of Southern Israel newsletter: 14fx0808.txt
Hamas Issues Ultimatum: Failing a Gaza Seaport, the War Goes On & Thousands of Israelis Will Die
Netanyahu: We're Fighting for the West, Not Just for Us
New York Times Photographer Confirms that Hamas Fires from "Neighborhoods… Cemeteries… Parking Lots"
New Wave of Olim Inspired by Fallen Lone Soldiers newsletter: 14fx0811.txt
For New Cease-Fire, Israel Agrees to Shrink Gaza Buffer Zone, for Hamas Demilitarization, a Seaport
Kurdish Activists Stand with Israel Against Hamas
American Aliyah: Joining Judaism and Israel Under Fire newsletter: 14fx0812.txt
Israelis, Palestinians Begin New Truce
IDF 'Tunnel Shield' May Be Deployed by 2015
Al Qaeda-Sinai Targets U.S. Negev Military Facilities
Anti-Semitism in Europe at its 'Worst Since Nazi Era'
Abbas' Fatah Claims Murdering 11,000 Israelis
In Honor of Tu B'Av: Love in Numbers newsletter: 14fx0818.txt
Netanyahu-Sisi-Abbas Tell Hamas: Accept an Extra Month's Truce - or Ramallah Will
Hundreds Protest Mixed Wedding, Say It's 'Worse Than Hamas'
Ramadan: A Holy Month of Peace?
Islamic Scholar Explains How 'Jews Control America' newsletter: 14fx0819.txt
Hamas Network in Ramallah is Exposed Plotting Major Attacks on Israel
Israel, Palestinians Again Extend Gaza Cease-Fire
Teddy Roosevelt and Palestine - 'Bully for You!' newsletter: 14fx0820.txt
IDF Hits Gaza Targets After Rockets Strike Near Be'er Sheva, Ending Cease-fire
Israel Leaders' Stubborn Belief in Hamas' Desire for War's End Led the Country Back to War
Christian Zionists Worldwide Tell Israel: 'You're Not Alone' newsletter: 14fx0821.txt
Israeli Airstrikes Kill Wife, Child of Hamas Military Leader
From Manipur to Kfar Hassidim: A Lost Tribe Makes Aliyah
Scrabble Now Includes Fun Yiddish Words newsletter: 14fx0822.txt
Close to 90 Rockets Fired from Gaza Thursday
Hammering Hamas Chiefs with Pinpointed Intelligence is Israel's New War Focus
9,000 Israelis Living Abroad Move Back in 2013
Thank God for the Republican Gentiles newsletter: 14fx0825.txt
Heavy Rocket Barrage Targets Southern Israel, Palestinian Mortars Injure 5 Israelis Ferrying Gaza Wounded to Israel
Death of Israeli Toddler Triggers Large-Scale Evacuation
An American Comedian Turns Serious newsletter: 14fx0826.txt
Israelis Flee in Droves from Hamas Fire
IAF Air Strikes Reduce Gazan High-Rise Towers to Dust
IDF Reveals the Real Gaza That the UN is Hiding
Palestinians Rescue Settlers After West Bank Attack newsletter: 14fx0827.txt
Heavy Last Minute Palestinian Barrage Kills Two Israelis
Gaza Cease-fire: What Did Israel Agree to?
Hamas Official: We'll Build Our Seaport without Permission
Iran Warns: We Will Arm Palestinians in West Bank
New York Jewish Couple Assaulted by Gang Waving PLO Flags
How Naïve or Ignorant Israelis Can Be newsletter: 14fx0828.txt
The Israeli-Made Hermes 450 Drone Downed by Iran Over Natanz Took Off From Azerbaijan
Uneasy Calm Settles Over Israel, Gaza Strip
Nearly All Palestinians Favor Gaza Rockets Against Israel
Rocket of Syrian M302 Class Injured 71 in Ashkelon
Former Knesset Member Slams Netanyahu for 'Negotiating with ISIS'
Spanish Muslim Cleric: 'Allah Destroy the Jews, Spare None of Them' newsletter: 14fx0829.txt
IDF Caught Up in Al Qaeda's Complex Toils in Both Golan and Gaza
Netanyahu: Israel Dealt Hamas Worst Blow Since It Was Founded
Confirmed: Body of Missing Yeshiva Student Found
Zara Withdraws T-shirt Likened to Concentration Camp Uniform
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