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US State Dept. Anti-Terrorism Report Focuses on 'Price Tagging'
State Dept. on Defensive After Kerry Walks Back Comments
Hamas Official: 'Palestinian Unity Deal Will Not Make Hamas Recognize Israel'
Western Wall Officials: Pope's Visit will Disrupt Prayers
New Israeli Startup will Make Sure You Never Lose Your Phone Again newsletter: 14fx0502.txt
Jihadists Crucify Syrian Opponents
'David the Nahal Soldier' Goes Viral
Netanyahu: 'You Are All Slaves To Your Cameras' newsletter: 14fx0505.txt
Hamas Will Join PLO, Gets to Keep Arms
High-Ranking Iranian Cleric Confirms Biblical Version of Jewish Homeland
Israel Bows its Head in Remembrance
In Hate-Filled Weekend, 'Price-Tag' Attacks Crop Up Across Israel
Aliyah from Ukraine Spikes
Israeli Company Literally Reinvented the wheel
Iran Bans Whatsapp, Calling Zuckerberg a 'Zionist' newsletter: 14fx0506.txt
Am Yisrael Chai: On Israel's 66th, Public Figures Stress Unity and Diversity
Putin Outlaws Denial of Nazi Crimes in Russia
Ex-NYPD Cop Arrested for Anti-Semitic Graffiti newsletter: 14fx0507.txt
Immense Explosion in Iran May Have Nuclear Origins
PA Issues Haj Warning as Saudi MERS Virus Reaches U.S., UK
Report: Pakistan Planned to Bomb Israeli Consulate in India
Israeli Officials: Spying Allegations 'Smell of Anti-Semitism'
Auschwitz Museum Hit By Theft, Vandalism newsletter: 14fx0508.txt
Report: Turkey Considered Naval Invasion of Israeli Waters
Poll: 68% of Israeli Jews Support End to Peace Talks
Crimea's Karaites Back the Russians
Israeli Security Company To Protect Key World Cup Venue
Cobblestones to Remember Murdered Jews Multiply in Berlin newsletter: 14fx0509.txt
Palestinian TV Show Encourages Children to Kill Jews
Netanyahu Tells Rice: Iran Must Not Be Allowed to Enrich Uranium
Obama Urges Americans to 'Confront the Rising Tide of anti-Semitism'
Church Fires Arab Priest Who Backed IDF Service
'Humiliate Christians Until They Convert'
Being a Proud Arab and a Proud Israeli
Birthright to Set New Record This Summer
Ukraine Aliyah Up 142% in 2014 Due to Unrest
'Tehran Children' Holocaust Survivors Finally Win Compensation newsletter: 14fx0512.txt
Khamenei Orders Rev Guards to Mass-Produce Missiles
Israeli Sub 'Leviathan' Gets Extreme Makeover
Netanyahu Promises To Help Nigeria With Hostages
Israel Angrily Rejects Newsweek Fabrication of Israeli Spying on US
Amos Oz Slammed for Comparing Hilltop Youth to Neo-Nazis
60 Students Rescued After Being Trapped in Wake of Heavy Rains
Chief Rabbi Helps Sick Boy Fulfill Dream to Meet the Pope newsletter: 14fx0513.txt
Shin Bet Foils Palestinian Plot to Kidnap IDF Soldiers
Japanese-Israel Defense Accords Cover Cyber Security Cooperation Against China, North Korea and Iran
Tel Aviv Woman Caught Smuggling Arab Illegals in Trunk
Iran Unveils Copy of 'Obama Gift' Drone
Hitler's Jewish Neighbor's New Book Looks Back in Horror newsletter: 14fx0514.txt
ADL: One in Four Adults Worldwide 'Infected with anti-Semitism'
Former Prime Minister Olmert Sentenced to 6 Years Imprisonment
Russia Imposes Sanctions on the US
Author Who Made Up Holocaust Memoir to Repay Publisher
Iranian Commander Reveals Assad is 'Our Deputy'
Experts Trash Newsweek Spy Claims, Question Source's Motives
Pope's Scheduled Visit to Western Wall Postponed by One Hour newsletter: 14fx0515.txt
Khamenei: Israel the 'Most Wicked Terrorists' in the World
Israel Offers to Help Turkey After Mining Explosion Kills at Least 245
US Congressmen Latest Victims of Temple Mount Discrimination
United Palestinian Government May Provide New Opportunities for Peace
Mark Twain's Lessons for the Ages newsletter: 14fx0516.txt
USA Today: Nuclear Deal in Works Would Let Iran Keep Ability to Make Bomb
Yaalon Says 'All Means' Must be Used to Block Iran Threat
Netanyahu: 'Jewish Nation-State Bill' is Israel's Answer to 'Nakba'
Israel to Seek UN Recognition of Yom Kippur as Holiday
Pope Plans to Drive Unprotected in PA Areas newsletter: 14fx0519.txt
Deep Resentment in Jerusalem: US Accepts Shahab-3s in Iran's Missile Arsenal
IDF, US Rehearse for Iran Missile Attack
Iran Recruiting Afghans to Fight in Syria
Report: Hizbullah in Money Trouble, Seeks Cash in U.S.
NYC Cab Driver Suspended for Wearing Nazi Armband
Maccabi Tel Aviv Wins Euroleague Championship newsletter: 14fx0520.txt
Hamas Video Raises Concerns of Possible Train Attack
Israel Intelligence Agencies Run Two Cyber Systems Against Iran
Poll: More Israeli Arabs Dump Palestinian Identity, Accept Jewish State
Study: Israeli Men Have 4th Highest Life Expectancy in World
Knesset Re-launches English-Language Website
Mikveh Baths to Use Solar Power
Lesser-Known Attacks newsletter: 14fx0521.txt
IDF Chief: Reservists Won't Train This Year
Robbed by the Nazis, 51 Survivors Finally Have Their Bar Mitzvahs
Inflammatory Bus Ads Link Muslim Anti-Semitism to Hitler
'My Nazi Grandfather? I Would Have Shot Him'
Egyptian TV Claims: Jewish Lobbies are Behind The Simpsons newsletter: 14fx0522.txt
Senior Israeli Defense Ministry Official: Iran Nuclear Threat "Storm on Horizon"
US Assigns 13,000 GIs to First Ever Combined US-Jordan-Israeli Exercise. Hizbullah Heads for Golan
Pope Francis to Visit Holy Land
Iranian 'Happy' Dancers Released from Jail newsletter: 14fx0523.txt
Hamas Chief: We Will "Not Make Any Compromises" on Destruction of Israel
Animated Video Spells Out Iranian Path to a Bomb
Chinese Firm Buys Controlling Stake in Israeli Food Giant Tnuva
PA To Show Pope Art of Jesus as a 'Suffering Palestinian' newsletter: 14fx0526.txt
TI Papal Invitation to Leaders Puts Spotlight on Hamas Terror
Israeli Leaders Condemn Brussels Attack, Stressing Link Between Anti-Israel & Anti-Semitic Motives
Spain's 'Kill Jews' Villagers Vote to Change Name to 'Hill of Jews'
Rabbis: Medical Marijuana Kosher on Shmita Year newsletter: 14fx0527.txt
Nasrallah's Latest War Speech is Taken Literally by Israeli Military Chiefs
Neo-Nazi Victories in EU Elections Divide Jewish Community
Pope Makes Unscheduled Visit to Terror Victims Memorial
Iranian Actress Apologizes after Threatened with Flogging for Kiss at Cannes
Petition Filed in US Over Definition of 'Hummus' newsletter: 14fx0528.txt
Netanyahu: Jerusalem is Our Heart - We Won't Divide Our Heart
Israel Rescues Ukrainian Jews Stranded by Fighting
Audi Reveals Nazi Past
Israeli Study: Gay Dads' Brains Show Activity Akin to Both Parents' Brains newsletter: 14fx0529.txt
Claim: Vatican Hoarding Second Temple Vessels
Netanyahu Promises 'Jerusalem Will Never Be Divided'
Preparations Underway for Landing Torah on the Moon
Assad Destroys 400-Year-Old Synagogue
Hamas Launches West Bank Rallies Amid Reconciliation Push with Iran
Rabbis: No Reason for Haredi Women Not to Serve in IDF
Iran to Zuckerberg: Explain your Status in Court newsletter: 14fx0530.txt
Iran's Supreme Leader Calls U.S. & Allies the "Satanic Front"
Iranian Hackers Use Facebook Accounts to Spy on Israel, US
Israeli, Palestinian Presidents to Pray with Pope at Vatican June 8
92% of Israel's Youth are Proud to be Israeli
Yeshiva University Web Site Leading in Online Torah Study
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