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Report: Iranian Mini-Subs, Irregular Tactics, Threaten Gulf States
Kerry Document: Israel Frees 450 Prisoners. Talks Extended
Report: Pollard to Go Free on Pesach?
Islamic Enclaves in America
Gaza: New Hamas Law Mandates Lashes, Amputations
Unwelcome Surprise in Bathtub - A Lethal Viper
A Selfie from the Skies Over Tel Aviv
Egyptian Wants to Sue Israel over the Biblical Plagues newsletter: 14fx0402.txt
Abbas Dumps Another US-Led Peace Effort, Kerry Gives Up on Shuttle, Pollard Release Recedes
Pollard Waives Parole Hearing To Oppose Deal
Iron Dome Accidentally Launches Interceptors Over Eilat
Israel Issues Passover Travel Warning for Sinai, Malaysia and Turkey
Holocaust-Era Children's Opera Staged in Israel
New Israeli App Helps People Avoid Unwanted Encounters newsletter: 14fx0403.txt
Dempsey: Israel Satisfied US will Use Military Option Against Iran, but Israel Doesn't Say This
Foreign Ministry Workers End Strike That Closed Embassies
Massive 3,800-Year-Old Fortress Uncovered in the City of David
Ahead of Passover, Netanyahu Visits Matzah Bakery newsletter: 14fx0404.txt
Analysis: Hizbullah's Aggression Dictated Entirely by Iran
Israel Sanctions PA Following Unilateral Move
Imprisoned in Iran: 'They Knew I Was Jewish'
Israeli Researcher Accidently Discovers Alzheimer's Drug
Israel-US Recipes: Passover Muffins, a Macaroon-Like Muffin That is Light and Delicious.
Chinese Jew's Heartfelt Passover Song newsletter: 14fx0407.txt
Options for Mid East Talks: Carrying On, Interim Deal, Or a Turn to the Saudi-UAE-Egyptian Bloc
UK Documentary: Hitler's Wife had Jewish Ancestry
Deal Reached as Israeli Breakthrough ALS Treatment Goes to Clinical Trial in U.S. newsletter: 14fx0408.txt
US Arms Syrian Rebels with First Heavy Weapons, Anti-Tank BGM-71 TOW Missiles
Report: Another Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria?
Five Killed in Faction Fighting at Palestinian Refugee Camp
Following Student Protest TAU Cancels Lecture by Terror Operative
Polish Men Party in Concentration Camp
Ancient Chinese Jewish Community to Hold First Pesach Seder newsletter: 14fx0409.txt
Chief Palestinian Negotiator: Hamas is Not a Terrorist Organization
Anti-Semitic Party Finishes 3rd in Hungary Elections
Congressman 'Shocked' by Anti-Jewish Measures on Temple Mount
Israeli Breakthrough Recharges Cell Phones In 30 Seconds
Ex-PMO Employee: Netanyahus Forced Me to Bid Them Goodnight newsletter: 14fx0410.txt
#If Today's Media Told the Story of Passover
Israel Air Force's New Super-Hercules Can Reach Any Point in Iran
Syrian-Hizbullah-Iraqi Force to Recover Forward Golan Position Opposite Israel
First Resettlement Agreement Reached Between Israel and Bedouins
Former Israeli Naval Chief: Iran is Leading Weapons Smuggler in Middle East
Anne Frank's Tree Sapling Set for Planting at US Capitol Grounds
Ancient Egyptian Soldier's Letter Deciphered After 1,800 Years newsletter: 14fx0411.txt
Israeli Minister Urges Netanyahu to Annex Settlements
SpaceIL Receives $16.4 Million Donation from Adelson Family Foundation
Jerusalem Conference: No Need to Reconcile Torah and Science
Israeli Bus Driver Calls Holocaust Survivor a Nazi
Nepal's Chabad House Relies on Hikers for Seder Supplies newsletter: 14fx0414.txt
Three Killed in Multiple Shootings at Two Jewish Centers in Kansas City Suburbs
Organs of Tourist Who Died From Tahini Save Four Lives
Western Wall cleaned for Passover
Immigration to Israel Jumps 14% in 2014's First Quarter newsletter: 14fx0416.txt
Bethlehem Becomes a Hotspot for American Anti-Israel Activism
Carter: Israel has Stockpile of 300+ Nuclear Bombs
Overbooked, Underfed El Al Passengers Finally Take Off
Temple Mount: Jews Arrested Attempting to Bring Pesach Sacrifice
Israel a Favorite Among Chinese Tourists
White Supremacist Charged with Murder in Kansas Shootings newsletter: 14fx0417.txt
Putin Discusses Ukraine with Netanyahu
Donetsk Leaflet: Jews Must Register or Face Deportation
Amid Hamas Rampage, Jerusalem Police Bar Jews from Temple Mount
UK: Outrage as 'Neo-Nazi' Store Opens in Jewish Neighborhood newsletter: 14fx0418.txt
Abbas' Office Scrambles to Deny Reports He Condemned Passover Terror Attack
Hamas' Role in Temple Mount Unrest Suggests Greater West Bank Influence
Jordanian Air Strike Destroyed Al Qaeda Raider Force Heading for US Military Base
Kerry Slams 'Grotesque' Ukrainian Anti-Semitism
Anti-Semitism Labeled Apartheid
Historic Seder Held in Kaifeng
Obama's Seder Spiced Up by Israeli Chef newsletter: 14fx0421.txt
Two Jerusalem Policemen Injured in More Palestinian Disturbances
U.S. Implies Israeli Tourists May be Spies as Espionage Concerns are Raised in Visa Debate
Alarm over Reported Deal with Vatican for King David's Tomb
Israeli Scientists Make Genetic Code Breakthrough newsletter: 14fx0422.txt
US to Revoke Aid to PA Over Threats to Dismantle?
Israeli Air Force Strikes Gaza in Two Waves After 10 Palestinian Rockets Hit Israel
Ukrainian Synagogue Firebombed in Apparent Anti-Semitic Attack
Kansas Shooter Also Threatened Ukraine Jews
U.S. Supreme Court to Review Jerusalem Birthplace Law newsletter: 14fx0423.txt
Thailand Reacts to Plots Targeting Israelis
Palestinians Rant That Israel Is 'Destroying' Al-Aqsa Mosque for 'Alleged' Temple
Former IDF Soldier Saves Baby From Burning Car in London
IDF ID number 90210
Swastikas on Rebbe's Brother's Ukrainian Grave
Tel Aviv Experiences 'Easter Nightmare'
Knesset Site Now Lists All Laws Ever Passed in Israel newsletter: 14fx0424.txt
Hamas, Abbas' PLO Announce Reconciliation Agreement
Suspected Organ Trafficking Ring Uncovered in Negev
Spanish Town with 'Kill Jews' in Name Mulls Change
Spoon-Bending Psychic Geller Helps Israelis Defy Disasters newsletter: 14fx0425.txt
Israel Suspends Peace Talks With Palestinians
IAF Jets, Choppers Train for UAV Threat
New Holocaust Curriculum Targets Kindergarten Students
Erdogan Offers Unexpected Condolences for Armenian Killings
Israeli Film on Jew Marrying Arab Terrorist Wins Prize newsletter: 14fx0428.txt
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Next Phase in Israeli Water Revolution Makes Drinking Water from Air by Staff | 04.27.14 12:20 pm newsletter: 14fx0429.txt
Kerry: If Talks Fail, Israel Risks Becoming an Apartheid State
Jewish Convert To Islam Convicted For Inciting Terror
Israel's National Library Reveals Hannah Szenes' Last Letter
German Guardians of Holocaust Victims' Treasures Searching for Heirs newsletter: 14fx0430.txt
Analysts: Hizbullah Push for Lebanon Off-Shore Drilling Risks War with Israel
Saudis Parade Nuclear Missilesin Defiance of US-Iranian Nuclear Accord
Israel's UN Envoy Warns the World: Your Money Will Go to Hamas
Catholics Threatened: 'Leave Israel Or Face Divine Wrath'
Suit Filed After Bus Driver Calls Ethiopian 11-Year-Old 'Monkey'
Facebook Says Site Which States Jews Practice Ritual Murder Meets Its Community Standards
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