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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 14fx0203.txt
Kerry Takes Tough Position as Sparring with Netanyahu Continues
Assad Reportedly Hoarding Chemical Weapons
Warsaw Ghetto Laborers to Receive Compensation
US Army Permits Kippah and Beard for Soldiers
A Father to Orphans
Orbach: Beware of Mizrahi Jews' Compensation Deal
Iran: 'We Won't Leave Zionists with Air to Breathe'
Chief Palestinian Negotiator: We Were Here Before the Jews newsletter: 14fx0204.txt
Jordan Invokes 1994 Peace Treaty with Israel for a Say in Kerry's Jordan Valley Security and Jerusalem Plans
Iranian Commander: We Have Targets Within America
SodaStream CEO: We're Fighting Israel's Boycott War
Minister Slams `Assisted Suicide': Doctors Should Heal, Not Kill newsletter: 14fx0205.txt
Israel Shoots Down US-Led NATO Force for Palestinian State
State Department Issues Travel Warnings for Israel
PA's Erekat: World Should Punish `Racist' Israel
The Top 14 Facts They Forget to Tell You About Immigrating to Israel newsletter: 14fx0206.txt
Kerry on Israeli Critics: I've Been Threatened by Real Bullets
Fatah Facebook Page Tells Parents to Raise Children for Terror
Four Palestinians `Planned Shooting Attack at Wedding'
Knesset Produces Film Defending Circumcision newsletter: 14fx0207.txt
Muslim Scholar: 'Allah Gave Israel to The Jews, There's No Palestine'
Third Rocket Fired from Gaza in 24 Hours
Thousands of Ultra-Orthodox Riot After Arrest of Hareidi Draft Dodger
Israeli Start-Up Claims It May Be Able to Stop All Computer Viruses
Kosher Meals, Torah Classes Await at 2014 Winter Games newsletter: 14fx0210.txt
First Iranian Warships Head for U.S. Atlantic Borders
Iranian TV Airs Simulated Bombing of Tel Aviv, US Aircraft Carrier
Former CIA Chief: Anti-Semitism Likely in Pollard Case
Only 2% of Israeli Jews Speak Yiddish As Mother Tongue
Spain Grants Right of Dual Nationality to Sephardi Jews
Hummus is a Laughing Matter newsletter: 14fx0211.txt
PA Minister: Western Wall Must Be Under Our Rule
'Even the Koran Claims Israel Belongs to the Jews'
Report: Iran Successfully Tests Two Missiles
Senior Rabbis Forbid Taking Spanish Citizenship as Reparations newsletter: 14fx0212.txt
Obama & Kerry ask Netanyahu to Hold Back from Responding to Iranian Threats
Hamas Can Hit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem with Dozens of Rockets
Presbyterian Church Group: Zionism is the Problem newsletter: 14fx0213.txt
Abbas' New Red Line: Israeli Withdrawal Within 4 Years
Referendum Basic Law Ready for Final Knesset Vote
Sid Caesar, Comic Genius of 1950s Television, Dies at 91
Attorney General: Rabbinical Court Cannot Force Circumcision
Disney Fires Arabic Donald Duck For Jew Hatred newsletter: 14fx0214.txt
Author Claims CIA Techniques Were Developed by Ex-Nazis
Online Soapbox Aims to Foster Stronger Diaspora Ties newsletter: 14fx0217.txt
Sinai Tourist Bus Blast Killing at Least 5 People Points Up Egyptian-Israeli Inadequacy Against al Qaeda
Nazi Collaborator or Hero? newsletter: 14fx0218.txt
Bomb That Blew Up South Korean Bus in Sinai was Rigged to Detonate in Eilat
Netanyahu: Nuke Deal Only Set Iran Back a Month
JNF Plans to Invest NIS 1 billion in Negev, Galilee
Protest for Pollard - At Home and in the Czech Republic newsletter: 14fx0219.txt
Netanyahu: Iran Remains `Brutal' and `Aggressive'
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Chief Warns Attack is 'Imminent'
Former CIA Director: Only the IDF Can Stop Iran
Report: Syrian Girl Stoned to Death for Using Facebook
Kerry-Mocking Site Now Jeers in English
A Rental Contract for the End of Days newsletter: 14fx0220.txt
Top PLO Official: U.S. Framework Draft is Too Vague
Identity, Not Immigration, Takes Center Stage in Online Initiative
Ten-Year Plan to Raise Jewish Population in Israel Above 10 Million
Jordan-Born Yitzhak Rabin to Join IDF newsletter: 14fx0221.txt
Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Living on Mars
Newfound Jewish Roots Reportedly Giving Kerry a `Deep' Bond with Israel
Rouhani: Iran Hopes for 'Liberation' of Jerusalem
King David's Tomb to Remain in Israel's Hands
Police: Oregon Teens Torture Classmate, Cut Swastika Into His Head
Immigrant Founder's Past a Major Part of WhatsApp's DNA newsletter: 14fx0224.txt
Israel's Army of Facebook Addicts Battles to Keep Secrets
Netanyahu: 'Iran is Getting Everything, While Giving Up Almost Nothing'
'Israel as Jewish State' Bill Initiative Underway
New Book Claims `Prisoner X' Leaked Secrets to Iranian
Oldest Known Holocaust Survivor Passes Away
Netanyahu's Residence Worker Claims He Was Exploited
Largest Tourism Project in West Bank Gets Underway
New Law Allows Children Age 10 and Up to Change Names newsletter: 14fx0225.txt
Emergency Jewish Agency Assistance for Ukraine's Community
Israeli Jets Reportedly Strike Hezbollah Strongholds in Bekaa Valley
15 suspects, all from the same village near highway 443, arrested on charges ranging from stone-throwing to plotting a roadside bombing newsletter: 14fx0226.txt
Western Sources: Israel Air Force Hits SS-21 Batteries, First Attack in Syrian War on Nuclear-Capable Missiles
Israel Urged to Send Forces to Guard Ukrainian Jews
IDF Troops Barred from Using Waze in Judea and Samaria
New Pre-Purim Clip Celebrates Miracles newsletter: 14fx0227.txt
Hizbullah Breaks Silence on Israeli Air Strike, Vows Revenge
Report: Kerry Offered Beit Hanina Neighborhood as Palestinian Capital
Jordan PM Warns Israel over Temple Mount Authority
Israeli Missile-Defense System for Passenger Planes Passes Live-Fire Test
If BDS Wins, the Jews are Next newsletter: 14fx0228.txt
Israel's Home Front Unprepared for Enemy Attack
Gas Mask Distribution Centers Close
`Nasrallah Preps Hizbullah for Possible War with Israel'
Poll: 76% of Israeli Jews Would Accept Peace Deal
Police to Restrict Friday Prayers on Temple Mount
Google Ordered to Take Down Anti-Islam Movie
The Muslim Brotherhood in America
Egypt's Military Has Cured AIDS?
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