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Netanyahu, in Speech to Rome's Jews, Insists He `Won't Be Silent' on Iran
Netanyahu Orders Mossad to Expose Iranian Breaches of Interim Deal
International Relations 101: Reading the Message. Looking at Facts.
Al-Qaeda-Linked Group: We've Entered 'West Bank'
Former Intelligence Agent Discovers Jews in Mass `Christian' Graves newsletter: 13fx1203.txt
Former CIA Chief: Iranians Too Close to a Nuclear Weapon
Is Islam Suppressing Free Speech?
French Firm to Change Name of Detergent Reminiscent of Zyklon B
Report: 25% of Israeli Women are Overweight newsletter: 13fx1204.txt
NSA Tracks Porn Use, Other Embarrassing Online Behaviors of Muslim Extremists
Iran Claims That Mossad and Saudi Intelligence are Designing Super-Stuxnet to Destroy Iran's Nuclear Program
'Trying to Speak to Roosevelt Behind Closed Doors Didn't Help the Jews of Europe'
White House Denies Reports that Obama will Visit Iran in 2014
French Experts: Arafat Wasn't Poisoned newsletter: 13fx1205.txt
Former Palestinian Official Dahlan: Israel Agreed to Absorb 200,000 Refugees
Report: Golda Meir Doubted Motive Behind JFK Assassination
US Holocaust Museum Plans for a Future Without Survivors
Rehovot School Accuses Chabad of 'Religious Coercion'
Father Rushes into Palestinian Village to Rescue Carjacked Baby
Israeli is Hollywood's new Wonder Woman
Man Hurt by Chanukah Doughnut newsletter: 13fx1206.txt
Foreign Minister Javad Zarif Accuses Iranian Media of Quoting US Fact Sheet and DEBKAfile Instead of Himself
Mandela Had Jewish Friends But Was Resolutely Loyal to Palestinians
Mossad's Supermen, Wonder Women Receive Honors
Land of Israel in 19th Century, in Color newsletter: 13fx1209.txt
Netanyahu: Iran with Nuclear Arms Would Change History
Burg Panned for Breaking `Nuclear Ambiguity'
Citing Cost, Netanyahu Nixes Trip to Mandela's Memorial
Iran Report: Saudi Intelligence Chief Met Israeli Officials in Geneva
Germany Selling Israel Two Guided Missile Destroyers
easyJet Announces TA-Gatwick Route
New Meta-Study: `Foreskin Doesn't Increase Pleasure newsletter: 13fx1210.txt
Netanyahu: Any Peace Agreement will be Brought to Referendum
Iranian Newspaper Fears `Trap' for Rouhani at Mandela Funeral
Knesset Minister Shalom: Dead Sea 'Water Agreement Fulfills Herzl's Vision'
TripAdvisor: Jerusalem 4th Destination On Rise newsletter: 13fx1211.txt
Amid Military Buildup in Hormuz, Iran Pushes for Saudi Isolation in the Gulf
Israel, Russia to Launch Talks on Free Trade Zone
How South Africa's Apartheid Regime Saved Israel's Defense Industry
Guide Dogs will be Allowed at the Western Wall
PLO Asks NBC to Call Off Production of New TV Show
Murdoch is Evil: Message Hidden in a Children's Puzzle in One of His Newspapers newsletter: 13fx1212.txt
Report: Saudi Military Delegation in Israel This Week
Saudis' Choice: Iran or Israel
Uproar as Ethiopia-Born Knesset Member is Denied Chance to Give Blood
From Africa with Love: IDF Gets First Female Nigerian Officer
Romanian Television Station Airs Anti-Semitic Christmas Carol
PLO Complaints Against NBC Program Called Ill-FoundedI\ newsletter: 13fx1213.txt
Jerusalem Palestinian Thugs Throw Snow-packed Rocks at Israelis
Hamas: Israel Engineering an Earthquake Attack on Al-Aqsa
Muslim Countries Top List of State-Persecution of Atheists
Haredim Find Love on Reality TV Show newsletter: 13fx1216.txt
High IDF Alert After a Lebanese Soldier Fired on an Israeli Patrol, One Israeli Killed
The Jewish Priest Who Repented
U.S.-Israeli Ariel Resident Orit Arfa Turns Cyrus's `We Can't Stop' Into `Jews Can't Stop newsletter: 13fx1217.txt
Israel Troops Shot Two Lebanese Soldiers After IDF Soldier Killed
282 Illegal Infiltrators Escape Detention Center
US Military Chiefs Advised Against Judea-Samaria Pullout in '67
U.S. Scholars Endorse Boycott of Israel
Mohel Asks Dads to Help with Circumcision newsletter: 13fx1218.txt
Hizbullah's Nasrallah's Secret Trip to Tehran
Israel prepares for short, intense war to deliver `knock-out blow' to Hizbullah
Italian Leader Justifies Hitler With Jewish Conspiracy
Father in Yemen Asks for Million Facebook Likes' as Dowry
From Alaska to Israel, Keeping Soldiers Warm newsletter: 13fx1219.txt
Hamas Falsely Claims Israel Flooded Gaza, by Opening Dams That Don't Exist
Palestinian Killed, 7 Injured, After Firefight with IDF in Jenin
The Israeli Intelligence Officer Who Really Knows What the Iranians are Talking About
JFK's Deeply Revealing Harvard Application Essay newsletter: 13fx1220.txt
Iran Foreign Minister: We Can Resume 20% Enrichment Within a Day
'Israel May Attack Iran's Heavy-Water Reactor'
`Palestinian Group Carried Out Lockerbie Bombing'
Christian Parliamentarian Calls for Knesset Christmas Tree newsletter: 13fx1223.txt
Palestinians Revert to Bus Bomb Attacks
A music video puts to rest the nefarious claim. by Ari Lesser and Here is Israel
Officials Demand Pollard Release in Light of US Spying
Michael Oren to Congress: Boycott the Boycotters
Former World Jewish Congress President Edgar Bronfman Dies at 84
Eight More Teens Arrested in Horrendous Tween Gang Rape Incident
Court Sentences Man to 20 Years for Killing His Rapist
Knesset Speaker Nixes On-Site Christmas Tree
No Chance at Oscar This Year for Israel newsletter: 13fx1224.txt
US Spies Rent Jerusalem Hotel Suite to Watch a Secret Israeli Site
Israel Redoubling Bid for Pollard's Release, But US Firm on Refusal
PLO Video Claims Jesus was 'Palestinian'
Israel to Abbas: No, Jesus was Not a Palestinian
US Consultant Shezanne Cassim Sentenced to Year in UAE Jail for Posting Satirical Video
No Bacon for You if Your Clerk is Jewish
Ayatollah Tops Jewish Slur List newsletter: 13fx1225.txt
US Citizens in Israel Warned Not to Use Public Transport
Magen David Adom Tells Straight Man He Can't Give Blood Because He's Gay
161,000 Christians Live in Israel newsletter: 13fx1226.txt
Kerry's Revisions for US Troops on Jordan Valley Border Include a Gaza-Hebron Express Train Link
Arab Knesset Members Join Calls for Pollard's Release
Temple Mount Activist: Only the People Can Stop Desecration
French JDL Members Arrested For Beating Up Neo-Nazis
Abbas Adopts Jesus as a Palestinian newsletter: 13fx1227.txt
After Two Rocket Attacks, IAF Strikes Targets in Gaza
New Palestinian Terror Weapon: the Austrian Steyr .50 Assassin's Rifle from Hizbullah
Shin Bet is Looking for Chinese Speakers to Become `Field Coordinators' newsletter: 13fx1230.txt
USA's Newest Ally? Joins with Iran's in a Joint Military Venture Against al Qaeda in Iraq
White House Furious with Netanyahu over Jordan Valley Vote
Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found in Be'er Sheva
Neo-Nazi Symbol Spreads in Europe
`Who is the Most Popular Biblical Figure?
God Created Me Gay: Religious Teenager's Op-Ed newsletter: 13fx1231.txt
Palestinian Prisoners Transferred to Ramallah, Gaza for Festive Welcome
Report: US Deal will Trade Off `Jewish' Israel for 1967 Lines
Oren: Israel Must Recognize All Forms of Judaism or Risk Alienating US Jews
PA TV Pushes Arafat Poisoning Libel on Kids Show
Israeli Population Surpasses 8 Million
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