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US Reports Israeli Air Strike in Latakia. Other Foreign Sources: Israel Also Struck Target in Damascus
Report: Hizbullah Preparing for 'Battle for Damascus'
Rabbi Says Eating Soy Makes You Gay newsletter: 13fx1104.txt
Mystery Explosion at Iran's Arak Heavy Water Reactor
Khamenei: Israel, Zionists 'Illegitimate and Bastard Regime'
US Promises to Consult with Israel on any Iran Deal
Merkel: Kristallnacht is One of Our Darkest Moments
EBay Removes Holocaust Memorabilia For Sale Online
Liberman Warns South African Jews of Coming `Pogrom'
Roman Polanski is to Make a Film About the Dreyfus Affair newsletter: 13fx1105.txt
Obama Official: US is an Islamic Country
Recovered: 1,500 Works of Art Stolen by Nazis
Hanegbi: On Iran, `Nothing will Prevent Netanyahu From Doing What He Believes is Right'
New Hamas Textbooks: Torah and Talmud are 'Fabricated'
Israeli Invention May Eliminate Visit to Doctor
Paula Abdul, at Age 51, Celebrates Bat Mitzvah in Safed
New Syrian Mom: 'I Do Not Feel Like I Am In An Enemy State'
Life in Tablet Form: `She Wrote on Clay' newsletter: 13fx1106.txt
Obama: Netanyahu is 'A Pain in the Ass'
Netanyahu to Meet Putin in Moscow in Two Weeks
Israeli Company Ices Tumors, Now Aims for Lung Cancer
The Ex-Gangsta That Speaks for the IDF newsletter: 13fx1107.txt
US-Israeli Differences on Iran Remain As Wide as Ever
Israel Preps for Massive Air Drill with US, Greece, Italy
Acquitted, Lieberman to Return to Foreign Ministry
Swiss Officials Confirm Arafat 'Poisoned'
Guide to covering Israeli-Palestinian conflict is Released by International Press Institute
Downtown Jerusalem Hostel Seeks Out Broader Middle East newsletter: 13fx1108.txt
Iranian TV Airs Animated Missile Strike on Tel Aviv, Dimona
Netanyahu: Israel Rejects Proposals for Nuclear Iran in Geneva
George W. Bush to Headline Fundraiser for Texas Messianic Proselytizing Group
Should We Believe Them?
Report: Saudis Ready to Take Delivery of Nuclear Warheads from Pakistan newsletter: 13fx1111.txt
Netanyahu Hardens Tone on Nuclear Iran
Netanyahu Pleads for `a Palestinian Ben-Gurion'
Islamists Threaten: Al Aqsa is 'a Volcano'
Israeli Football's New Import is a 6'2 inch Black Jew newsletter: 13fx1112.txt
Israel Sends Disaster Relief Team to Philippines
Disappointed with the US, Saudi Arabia Eyes the Bomb
Hamas: Mossad Set Up Website to Lure People From Gaza
Don't Say It Can't Be Done
Neo-Nazis Rally in Kansas City on Kristallnacht Anniversary
Pope Describes Jews as 'Our Big Brothers' newsletter: 13fx1113.txt
Netanyahu Cancels Massive Settlement Plan
Israel in Diplomatic Blitz to Affect Outcome of 'Inevitable' Iran Deal
PA: Jews Poisoned Arafat 'Like Prophet Mohammed'
Quebec Politician Calls to Ban Circumcision
One in Five Be'er Sheva Children Display Post-Traumatic Symptoms After Missile Fire
Sabras in Danger of Extinction
Last Jew in Afghanistan Faces Ruin as Kebabs Fail to Sell newsletter: 13fx1114.txt
Thousands Attend Funeral of Soldier Killed by Palestinian Teenager
Rabbinic Treaty: Israel Chief Rabbinate Leads Jewish World
Israeli Pill to Replace Colonoscopy
Scholastic, Biggest Children's Book Publisher Erases Israel from Map
`Homeland' Writer Sells NBC Show to be Filmed in Jerusalem newsletter: 13fx1115.txt
Netanyahu: Iran Already has Wherewithal to Build Nuclear Weapons
Israeli Air Strike Against Gaza Missile Launchers
TV Ad Warns: 'Obama's March to War'
Former Proofreader: Scholastic Books `Edited by Interns' newsletter: 13fx1118.txt
Report: Israel, Saudi Arabia Plan for Possible Joint Attack on Iran
France's Hollande Lays Out Four Conditions for Iran Agreement
Obama Refuses to Speak to Netanyahu
Revealed: Israel Holding Senior Al Qaeda Operative
Esther Pollard to Peres: To You, My Husband Doesn't Exist
Netanyahu Praises UN Interpreter Criticizing Attacks on Israel
Judge Rules Hasidic NYPD Recruit Suffered Religious Discrimination Over Beard newsletter: 13fx1119.txt
Netanyahu: Iran Already Has Enough Material for Five Bombs
US Jewish leaders Feel Misled by White House Over Iran Deal
Abbas Gives Every Freed Prisoner $50,000 and a Top Job
Hamas PM's Granddaughter Admitted for Treatment in Israel
Proposed law: No Questioning Women at Mikveh newsletter: 13fx1120.txt
Dempsey: If Israel Strikes Iran, the US will Meet its Obligations
Hamas Boasted it Could Hit Tel Aviv Area While its Own PM's Granddaughter was in Hospital
IAF Strikes in Gaza in Retaliation for Negev Mortar Shells
US Study: Kosher Chicken Less Healthy newsletter: 13fx1121.txt
Khamenei: Zionists are Like Animals
Netanyahu: 'Israel Marches Toward Future, Radical Islam Marches to Dark Middle Ages'
There is No Credible US Military Option, and Nine Other Pointers from Jerusalem
Suspected Jewish Child Abuse Cult Flees Quebec Homes newsletter: 13fx1122.txt
Israel `Unpleasantly Surprised' by Mild US Reaction to Khamenei's Vicious Speech
U.S. Official: Israel's Position on Iran Could Lead to War
Experts: US 'Unprepared' for Potential Iran Attack
Iran Has All But Become Nazi newsletter: 13fx1125.txt
Obama Briefs Netanyahu on Iran Deal, Says US Committed to Israel's Security
Seven Loopholes Favoring a Nuclear Iran in Deal Signed by the World Powers
Saudi Prince to Iran: We Won't Sit Idly By
Intoxicating Discovery: 3,600-Year-Old Wine Cellar Found in Galilee newsletter: 13fx1126.txt
Jerusalem, Riyadh Stunned: Obama Makes Iran 7th World Power on Regional Issues, Including Palestinians
Israel and US Drill Air Assault on Sophisticated Enemy (Iran Not Mentioned)
TAU Analysts: No Israeli Strike on Iran for 6 Months
Angola Becomes 'First Country to Ban Islam'
'The Nuclear Deal: Netanyahu vs. Obama' newsletter: 13fx1127.txt
UK Warns Israel Against Undermining Iran Deal
Israel to Open New Industrial Park with Jordan
Dead 11 Years, Soon to Be a Father
Chanukah Miracle in Hebron Hills: Two Terror Suspects Killed, Attack Averted
A Rabbi's Guide to Thanksgivukkah newsletter: 13fx1128.txt
Chanukah Candle-lighting Ceremony At Western Wall
Washington to Stop Wrangling with Israel, Instead Offer 'Eembrace' with Benefits, Some Military
Tehran: White house is Lying About Nuclear Accord Details
Beloved Musician Arik Einstein Laid to Rest
After Fleeing Quebec, Families in Canadian Hasidic Sect to Appear in Court
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Anglo Life in Tel Aviv, Under One Umbrella newsletter: 13fx1129.txt
Joint Israeli-US War Game When Iran Deal Expires
Report: Iran Launches Largest Submarine in its Fleet
Estimate: Iran Could Produce a Nuclear Weapon Within 36 Days
Baby Seriously Injured in Muslim Rock Ambush
Dubai: American Detained For Parody Video About Youth Culture the United Arab Emirates
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