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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 13fx1001.txt
Obama Assures Netanyahu US will be ‘Clear-Eyed’ in Talks to Thwart Iran Bomb
Rouhani Unwittingly Told an Israeli Agent How to Deal with Iran newsletter: 13fx1002.txt
Netanyahu: Israel will Stop Iran By Itself If Necessary
Iran to Netanyahu: Don't Even Think About Attacking Us
Lapid Invokes Holocaust in Deploring Israeli Expatriates
Survey: US Jews Losing Their Religion
J Street Crowd Applauds Palestinian Right of Return
New 5-shekel Tel Aviv Cafe Brews Up a Storm newsletter: 13fx1003.txt
Israel, Saudi Arabia, Gulf States Coordinating Policies to Counter US Détente with Iran
Iran's Cyber Warfare Commander Found Dead newsletter: 13fx1004.txt
Netanyahu: I Would Consider Meeting with Rouhani
Likud Knesset Member: Israel No Longer Certain Obama Would Ever Use Force Against Iran
European Council Passes Anti-Circumcision Resolution
Family of 'Pianist' Loses Defamation Case
Iranian Law Would Let Fathers Marry Adopted Teen Girls newsletter: 13fx1007.txt
Saudi Report: Syria Transferred Chemical Weapons to Hizbullah
Massive Manhunt Underway for Shooter of Pesagot Child in First Palestinian 'Lone-Wolf' Attack on a Civilian
Netanyahu Details Ties Between Palestinian Leadership, Nazis
Saudi Poet: I Would Pray for Hitler's Soul
My Nazi Grandfather, Amon Goeth, Would Have Shot Me newsletter: 13fx1008.txt
Assad's Forces on Offensive to Retake Syrian Golan and Re-Control Border with Israel
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Buried in Largest Funeral in Israeli History; 850,000 Attend Last Procession for Revered Leader of Sephardi Jewry
Apple Pays $40 Million for Israeli 21-Year-Old's App
Israeli News Shorts
Odd Windfall newsletter: 13fx1009.txt
IDF Chief: Here's How Our Next Wars Could Look
IAF Drone Plunges Into the Mediterranean
Voices Soar in Hebrew in Jerusalem as Christians Affirm God's Promise to Israel
Israel Discovers New Therapy For Brain Cancer
Kuwait Proposes Test to 'Detect' Gays, Ban their Entry
Apple-Tossing Rebbe Video Goes Viral newsletter: 13fx1010.txt
Obama Forewarns Netanyahu That Sanctions Against Iran will Soon be Partially Lifted
Make Barghouti Your deputy, Fatah Leaders Urge Abbas
IDF Chief: Next War will See Missiles Fall on Tel Aviv
Iran Says It Has Developed a New Drone Capable of Reaching Israel
Paper: Ashkenazi Jews Can Be Traced to Intermarriage in Europe
Yemen: Girls Bleed to Death on Their Wedding Night
Growing Pains for a Teen-aged Taglit-Birthright newsletter: 13fx1011.txt
Israel Drills Long-Range Air Force Attack
Hizbullah Fighters Execute Injured Syrian Civilians
Cutback of US Aid to Egypt Leaves Israel Nervous
Arab MK: Patriarchs Were Muslim, Not Jewish newsletter: 13fx1014.txt
IDF Blames Hamas for `Terror Tunnel' from Gaza to Israel
NY Times Attacks Netanyahu And Jewish Ancient Texts
Argentina Refuses to Bury Nazi Priebke
Canada: Mosque Mural 'Encourages Jihad'
Miley Cyrus Takes Aim at 'Old Jews' newsletter: 13fx1015.txt
On Eve of Iran Talks, Mideast Allies Bewildered by US Policy
Netanyahu Reiterates: PA Must Recognize Israel as a Jewish State
Assad: Chemical Arms No Longer Needed Against Israel
Will Circumcisions in Europe be Performed at Israeli Embassies?
IDF Soldiers Perform National Anthem in Sign Language newsletter: 13fx1016.txt
Netanyahu: Preemptive Strike against Iran Must Not be Ruled Out as Iran Dictates Khamenei's 'Fatwa' as Basis for Nuclear Negotiations. US Fails to Update Israel on Geneva Talks
`No Obstacle' to Infiltrating Israeli Towns
New York Times: Netanyahu on 'Messianic Crusade'
DNA Testing on Your Smartphone is Just a Download Away
Israel's History in Pictures: Emory University's 'Stereographic' Photos newsletter: 13fx1017.txt
Experts Warn of Al Qaeda Biological Weapons Threat
Hizbullah Claims to Have Captured Israeli Spy-Bird
From Spy to Spy Novelist: Undercover Life Inspires Hit Thriller
Study Hebrew, fFnd Shidduch, Make Aliyah newsletter: 13fx1018.txt
Turks Furious Over Charge of Betraying Israeli Spies to Iran
Cult Leader Sentenced to 26 Years in Prison for Horrific Abuses of His Six Wives
Tractor Terror Attack Thwarted Near Jerusalem
Saudi Arabia Among Five Countries Elected to Security Council
Chinese Family Seeks Owner of Books Hidden During Holocaust newsletter: 13fx1021.txt
Netanyahu: Iran Must Fully Dismantle Nuke Program
Hamas Prime Minister Urges Palestinians to Launch New Intifada
For Syrian Refugees in Jordan, Aid from Israel Comes in a Whisper
A Birthright-Style Program for the Parents of Birthright Israel Alumni
Moving Without Packing: Guided Aliyah newsletter: 13fx1022.txt
Russia, Iran Expanding Military Cooperation and Arms Trade
Former Shin Bet Head Warns of `Palestinian Spring'
Series of Earthquakes Shake Tiberias--Home to Many Messianic Jews
PA-Linked Youth Newsletter Publishes List of 'Hitler Quotes'
Two Jewish Organizations on ADL's List of `Top 10 Anti-Israel Groups newsletter: 13fx1023.txt
Abbas Set to Slam Door on Talks with Israel, Resuscitates 'Revolving Door' for Terrorists
IDF Kills Islamic Jihad Terrorist Who Plotted Tel Aviv Bus Bombing
Peres Warns Israel's Enemies of Air Force's Hidden Abilities newsletter: 13fx1024.txt
PA's Abbas Signs Cooperation Accord with Syria's Assad
Kuwaiti Newspaper: `Israel Strikes Hizbullah-Bound Missile Shipment'
Yet Another Earthquake - This Time in Eilat
American Jews Ready for Thanksgivukkah
Two Soldiers Expelled from Conversion Course Because of Hug newsletter: 13fx1025.txt
Former IDF Intel Chief: US Could Accept Israeli Strike on Iran Soon
Sheldon Adelson Calls on US to Nuke Iranian Desert
Netanyahu to Kerry: Lifting Iran Sanctions Would be Tragic Mistake
Former Anti-Semitic Hungarian Politician Embraces his Judaism newsletter: 13fx1028.txt
Israel, Saudis, Jordan Share Urgent Need to Stem the Fast-Multiplying Peril of Al Qaeda's Thrust Toward Golan
Israel Names 26 Palestinian Prisoners to be Freed in 48 Hours
Ex-UK FM: `Unlimited' Jewish Funds Control US Policy, Block Mideast Peace
Netanyahu: 'Iran Can Enrich Uranium from 3.5% to 90% in Weeks'
Museum Tells of Ships That Took Jews to US newsletter: 13fx1029.txt
In Wake of Prisoners' Tuesday Release, Palestinians are Demanding an Israel Withdraw to 1949 Lines, Renounce East Jerusalem
`Iran Two weeks Away from Weapons-Grade Uranium'
IAF Strikes Gaza in Response to Rocket Fire on Ashkelon
Lost your faith? Waze Navigation App May Help You Find It
Paula Abdul to Celebrate Her Bat Mitzvah at Western Wall newsletter: 13fx1030.txt
`US has Spying Unit on Roof of Tel Aviv Embassy'
In Major Arms Transaction with Moscow, Cairo Bids for Brand-New Russian SS-25 Ballistic Missiles
Netanyahu: Prisoners' Release is a Necessary Evil
New Documentary Opens a Hermetically Closed World
Report: Elderly in Israel – Poorest in Western World
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No Woman, No Drive newsletter: 13fx1031.txt
'Palestinian State' Would Leave Israel 'Indefensible'
'The Jewish Cardinal'
Peres is `Sababa,' Paula Abdul Gushes 'Gratitude'
Israeli TV Formats are Hot Commodity
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