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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 13fx0902.txt
Obama's Climb-Down on Syria Attack Spells 'Military Nightmare' for Allies Israel, Turkey, Jordan
Ex-Iran President Accuses Syrian Regime of Gassing People
Israel Launches Communications Satellite into Orbit
Beheading By Ed Ziegler (Commentary) newsletter: 13fx0903.txt
Hizbullah Increases Threats to Israel in Absence of Obama-Netanyahu Coordination on Syria
As Egypt Blocks Access, Gazans Turn to Israel for Outlet
U.S. Health Experts: Polio Booster for Visitors to Israel newsletter: 13fx0904.txt
Israel Conducts Joint Missile Interception Test with US in Mediterranean
Palestinians in Speeding Truck Penetrate Ben Gurion Airport Security
Polygamous Messianic Rabbi Stirs up UK with Unusual Wifestyle newsletter: 13fx0906.txt
Oren: US Becoming More Isolationist, But Support for Israel Higher Than Ever
Syrian Teen Gets Prosthetic Leg in Israeli Hospital
German Report: Israeli Resident Among 30 Alleged Auschwitz Guards
Iran's President Sends Jews a Rosh Hashanah Greeting newsletter: 13fx0909.txt
Israel Deploys Iron Dome Near Jerusalem
Assad Hints He Is Weighing a Secret New US Proposal
Netanyahu Dismisses Iran's Rosh Hashanah Greetings
New IDF App for Soldiers, Soldiers-to-Be
'Spy' Stork Becomes Dinner in Egypt newsletter: 13fx0910.txt
Russian Ultimatum to Assad: Give Up Chemical Arsenal – or Face US Attack Alone
All Quiet on the Israel Front, But Country Prepares for Any Scenario
Yemen: Eight Year-Old Girl Dies on Her Wedding Night
Gold Treasure Trove Unearthed at Base of Temple Mount
Daughter of Auschwitz Commandant Downplays Holocaust Murders
Merry Tishrei: Santa Claus Blows Shofar newsletter: 13fx0911.txt
Obama Promised Putin Not to Strike Syria After Scrapping its Chemical Arsenal
Israel Suspicious of Russian Plan to Secure Syrian WMDs
PA Shops Sell Jewish, Israeli Souvenirs
Chief Rabbi: No to Bothersome Airplane Prayers
Jewish Developer to Market Holocaust Game for Smartphones
Bush Vows Punishment for U.S. Terror Attacks newsletter: 13fx0912.txt
Obama-Putin Deal: US Eases Sanctions on Nuclear Iran
Ex Mossad Chief: US is `Floundering' Over Syria
Netanyahu Dismayed with Obama, PM Says Israel Can Rely Only On Itself
Dayan: 'Destruction of the Third Temple? I Don't Accept That' newsletter: 13fx0913.txt
Assad: Israel Must First Ratify Chemical Arms Treaty
Ex-Israeli Ambassador to US: `Russia, Iran and Syria Defeated America'
Golda Meir: Tormented by Decision Not to Call Up Reserves
Pope Praises Jews for Keeping Their Faith Despite `Trials' newsletter: 13fx0916.txt
Overriding Israel's Concerns, Obama Pushes Syrian Chemical Diplomacy for a Nuclear Iran
Assad's Biological Weapons Absent from US-Russia Deal
'Israel Suspended Nuclear Weapons Production in 2004'
Obama May Meet Rouhani at UN
PA Awarding $15 Million to Convicted Terrorists newsletter: 13fx0917.txt newsletter: 13fx0918.txt
Turkish Warplanes Shoot Down Syrian Helicopter
Azerbaijan Fosters Close Ties with Israel Despite Iran
Will Israel be the World's First 'No Cash' Society?
Joe Biden to Address Leftist J Street Conference
Study: Israelis Living Long, Happy Lives
Vacation in Israel: Only for the Rich? newsletter: 13fx0919.txt
Rouhani: Iran will Never Develop a Nuclear Weapon
Obama Kowtows to Iran: Keep Components, Just Promise Not to Weaponize Them
Mubarak: `I Started the Yom Kippur War'
New Brooklyn Messianic Center Set to Missionize Hasidim newsletter: 13fx0920.txt
Netanyahu: Don't be Fooled by Rouhani
The Inside Story of Israel's Chemical and Biological Arsenal
Hotline Lets Callers Inform on Jewish-Arab Couples
UK Prime Minister Defends Tottenham Fans' Use of 'Yiddo' newsletter: 13fx0923.txt
Israeli Commando Force Joins Kenyan Military Storming Nairobi Mall Seized by Islamist Gunmen
Revealed: US Nearly Dropped Nuclear Bomb on North Carolina
Sex with 100,000 Men – Not in Jordan newsletter: 13fx0924.txt
Hizbullah Denies Receiving Chemical Weapons from Syria
Hundreds of Children Set to Visit Temple Mount
Americans Indicate Obama Could Meet Iran's Rouhani at UN
Meet the CuBox-I, Israel's $45 PC Marvel newsletter: 13fx0925.txt
Rouhani: Occupation is Form of 'Structural Violence' by Israel; Netanyahu Responds, Calls Speech 'Hypocritical'
Obama's Message to Netanyahu: Palestine for Iran
Jewish Couple, Young Child, Escape Lynch-Mob in Jerusalem
World's Largest Ark of the Covenant Donated to Israel newsletter: 13fx0926.txt
Skeptical Netanyahu Knows He's `Spoiling the Party' on Iran
Iranian Jews Hope for Change with Rouhani
Palestinians, Police Clash at Temple Mount
Death to America newsletter: 13fx0927.txt
Assad Says He Has Weapons Able to 'Blind' Israel
Rouhani Calls for Nuclear Disarmament of Israel
Chinese Exchange Student Finds Meaning, Connection in Israel by Qi Li
Why Catholic Priests Can't Marry (at Least for Now) newsletter: 13fx0930.txt
`Netanyahu to Tell Obama Iran has Enough Uranium for a Bomb'
Iranian Suspected of Spying for Revolutionary Guards Arrested in Israel
Palestinians Launch Online Radio Network
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