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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 13fx0801.txt
Report: Syria Moved Missiles Before Israeli Airstrike
'The Israeli Government Has Surrendered the Temple Mount'
Girl, 11, Who Escaped Forced Marriage, Confronts Family
Futuristic Transport Pods Coming to Tel Aviv
Dr. Oz at Yad Vashem: We Can Never Forget newsletter: 13fx0802.txt
Obama Speaks to Netanyahu and Abbas About Peace
American Embassies to Shut Down Sunday Due to Terror Threat
Member of Anti-Zionist Haredi Sect Accused of Spying for Iran
Islam Brainwashing U.S. Grade-School Students
Be'er Sheva's New 'Beach' newsletter: 13fx0805.txt
Bill Would Move U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
Erekat: Israel will Free 26 Palestinian Prisoners on August 13
Soldier's Weekend Break Turns Out to be Very Profitable
Senior Rabbis: Lau Cheated on 1993 Ordination Exam
Spy Suspect Denounced in Mea Shearim
Two of a Kind Conversation Pieces newsletter: 13fx0806.txt
Not Hired for Having Sephardi Surname, Man Wins Discrimination Suit
Canada: 'Al Quds Day' Speaker Calls for Israelis to be Killed
Palestinian TV Awards Contestants for Denying Israel's Existence
Egyptian "Donald Duck" Tweets Hate
Massive Crusader Hospital Uncovered in Old City
Haredi Groom Gets Cold Feet, Flees Wedding newsletter: 13fx0807.txt
Israel May Forgo Millions in US Missile Defense Budget Aid
Al Qaeda's Chechen, Caucasian Fighters Win N. Syrian Air Base, Execute Captive Troops
Kenyan Lawyer Looks to Sue Israel Over Jesus' Death
Massive Crusader Hospital Uncovered in Old City newsletter: 13fx0808.txt
Netanyahu: Only Increased Pressure will Stop Iran
Poll: 63% of Israeli Jews Oppose Major West Bank Pullout
Police: Beheaded Romanian Woman Killed by Her Turkish Lover
Will Israel Tax Chemical Warfare Protection Kits? newsletter: 13fx0809.txt
Report: Iran has Built New Missile Launching Site and Not for Satellites as Claimed by Tehran
Steinitz: Iran's Nuclear Program Can be Destroyed with a Few Hours of Airstrikes
Netanyahu: Negev will Become the Israeli Silicon Valley
Want to Lose Weight? Make Breakfast Your Big Meal
'Nazi' Ronald McDonald a Curious and Uncomfortable Sight newsletter: 13fx0812.txt
Ministers Approve Release of 26 Terrorists
Likud MK Urges Police to Allow High Holiday Prayer at Temple Mount
Is a Free Kurdistan, and a New Israeli Ally, Upon Us?
New Deal to Connect Israel to European Electric Grid
Israel Among Leading Arms Exporters In 2012 newsletter: 13fx0813.txt
Iron Dome Intercepts Rockets Bound for Eilat
Palestinian Authority Denies Jewish Right to Western Wall
Scenes Emerge from Lost Jerry Lewis Holocaust Film
France Thanks Sephardic Jews for Chocolate, 500 Years Too Late newsletter: 13fx0814.txt
Abbas Welcomes Freed Palestinian Terrorist Prisoners in Ramallah
Who's There? NokNok Offers Free Cellphone Calls Worldwide
`History's Garbage Dump in Apollonia? newsletter: 13fx0815.txt
Egyptian Army Enters Cairo;. Death Toll From Clashes Reaches 278
Recognize Muslim Brotherhood for the Hate Group it is
'Bedouin or Jewish, I am Proud to Serve my Country'
Jewish Yemenite Parents, Children Reunited in Israel
One in four Israeli Children Ages 6-8 has a Cell Phone
Students Get Paid to Defend Israel on Social Networks newsletter: 13fx0816.txt
Israel Keeps to Sidelines as Mideast Deteriorates into Bloodshed
Pollard Breaks His Silence newsletter: 13fx0819.txt
New Centcom Underground War Room in Amman for US Intervention in Syria
Egyptian Movement Seeks to Reverse Peace Deal with Israel
U.S. Giving PA $148M
Spaniards to Play Jewish Slaves in Upcoming Film 'Exodus'
`Israel's Latest Invention: Free Hi-Res Aerial Photos For All
Drones over DC newsletter: 13fx0820.txt
Terrorists `Aim to Hit Israeli, Jewish Targets Worldwide' in Coming Weeks
US Immigrant Collapses During IDF Training
PA Radio: One Day Israel 'Will be Palestine Again'
Resurrecting the Dead Sea
Muslim American Group Plans Provocation on 9/11
The Idiot's Guide to Israeli Weddings
Haredi Chef Revolutionizing Kosher Food newsletter: 13fx0821.txt
Polio Spreads to Northern Israel
Salt of the (Lowest Place on) Earth
`Rabbi Ariel: 'Banks are the Last Place to Borrow Money From' newsletter: 13fx0822.txt
Steinitz: `Iran Would Barely Retaliate if its Nuclear Program were Attacked'
Soldier Sentenced to Jail After Being Caught Hitchhiking
Israel's `Green' House Cleans Up in World Contest: Produces More Energy Than It Consumes newsletter: 13fx0823.txt
Jihad Islami Aimed Four Rockets at Israel from S. Lebanon. Two Caused Damage
Abbas: We'll Renounce Claims to Jaffa, Haifa for Peace
Ronsky: 'They Don't Care About Syria, They Won't Care About Us'
Sarin Gas, Developed by Nazi Scientists as a Potent Insecticide
Child Rapist Claims He and Teen Victim Had Jewish Wedding newsletter: 13fx0826.txt
Iran Warns US Against Crossing "Red Line" on Syria
Only 60% of Israelis Have Gas Masks
Fatah Stresses: We're Not Giving Up 'Right of Return'
Nixon in '73: Jews Must Realize They're Americans First
Israeli `Web Prophet' Maps the Past to Predict the Future newsletter: 13fx0827.txt
Syria: If U.S. Attacks Us, We'll Attack Israel
New Oil Field Could Yield Rich Returns for Israel
Jews DO Control the Media
Student Film shows German Car Targeting Hitler
Olim Move Home First, Assets and Bank Accounts Only Later newsletter: 13fx0828.txt
Assad May Hit Back at Israel for US Strike
Top Syrian Official: Tel Aviv will be Hit if Damascus Attacked
Israel Readies Homefront for Possible Syrian Attack
Israeli Designer Creates 'Bomb-Proof' Backpack for Kids
Israel Ranks 4th Globally in Health Care
Revealed: In 1950s Mossad Spies Married Arabs to Conceal Identity newsletter: 13fx0829.txt
Partial Israeli Reserves Call-Up; Syria Moves Units Into Sheltered Sites
Iran Army Chief Warns `Zionists will Burn' if US Attacks Syria
Ron Paul To Keynote Anti-Semitic Conference
Study: Cannabis Beneficial to Cancer Patients newsletter: 13fx0830.txt
US Poised to Attack Syria Alone After UK Commons Defeat
`Post 9/11, US Spied on Israel as a Priority Target'
'Breaking Bad' Star to Play Role of Joshua in 'Exodus' Blockbuster
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