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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 13fx0401.txt
Report: 'Israel Spies on Russian Fleet off Syrian Coast'
Natural Gas Begins to Flow from 'Tamar'
Likud Knesset Member Demands Turkish Apology for Sinking of the Struma newsletter: 13fx0402.txt
Palestinians Kick-off Jerusalem Bid by Ceding Holy Sites Custodianship to Jordan's King
Israeli Commander: Iron Dome Cannot Protect Civilians
Worst Sandstorm in Four Years Engulfs Israel newsletter: 13fx0403.txt
Israeli Planes Strike Gaza for First Time Since Pillar of Defense
Israel Braces for Massive Cyber-Offensive
Hamas Law Bans 'Zionist' Ties, Co-Education in Gaza newsletter: 13fx0404.txt
What Should the U.S. be Doing to Stop Iran?
Another Holocaust in the Making
40% of Holocaust Survivors Believe it Could Happen Again
Report: Amsterdam Fined Holocaust Survivors for Unpaid Taxes
Chinese Film to be Shot in Israel newsletter: 13fx0405.txt
Southern Israel on Alert for Multiple Al Qaeda Strike. Iron Dome Posted
15,000 Israelis Hacked on Facebook
TV series Unveils `Biblical' Faces
In Saudi Arabia, it's an Eye for an Eye, a Spine for a Spine
'Key' Challot to Make Their Appearance This Shabbat newsletter: 13fx0408.txt
Kerry Tries to Woo Abbas with Land-for-Talks Deal
Netanyahu at Shoah Ceremony: `We Won't Leave Our Fate in the Hands of Others'
Report: Anti-Semitism Worldwide is up by 30% in 2012 newsletter: 13fx0409.txt
More Jobs Available for Israeli Workers
Dr. Seuss Meets the Holocaust in Student-Made Film newsletter: 13fx0410.txt
Iran Unveils New Uranium-Processing Facilities
Classified Cables Reveal U.S. was Sure Israel Would Win Yom Kippur War
Women of the Wall Backs Egalitarian Prayer Plaza Idea
Israeli Firm Talks up Mankind's Recovery from the Tower of Babel newsletter: 13fx0411.txt
Pat Robertson Warns of 'Terrible Suffering for U.S.' if Israel Loses Jerusalem
Where was Obama when he Supposedly was in Israel?
Mysterious Stone Structure Discovered Beneath Sea of Galilee
Teacher Demonstrates Nazi Selection Process in Classroom newsletter: 13fx0412.txt
Iran: We Have a Time Machine
Wallenberg's U.S. Stay Shaped his Heroic WWII Actions
Why Israel's First Leaders Chose Not to Call the Country `Palestine' in Arabic
Man Spills Coffee, Sugar on Wife, Demands She Clean It newsletter: 13fx0415.txt
Israel Remembers Its War Dead
Ya'alon Plans to Restructure the IDF as Small, Self-Contained Armies
Deputy Foreign Minister Blasts US Jewish Leaders' Peace `Pressure' newsletter: 13fx0416.txt
Israel Lights Independence Day Torches, Segues from Sorrow to Celebration
Mitigating Distrust is Central to Peace
Man in Bag: I was Following Rabbi's Orders newsletter: 13fx0417.txt
US Senate will Back Israeli Attack on Iran
Yaalon: Our Battle for Independence Isn't Over
Saudi Terror Cell, Possibly al Qaeda, Behind Boston Marathon Bombings
Iran Says It May Need to Enrich Uranium to 50%
Poll: High Anti-Semitism Among Warsaw Teens newsletter: 13fx0418.txt
Kerry: US Aid to Israel Could be Slashed
US Troops Sent to Jordan to Counter Syrian Attack on Kingdom
Two Grad Rockets Fired at Eilat
Polish Parliament Marks Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Saudi Arabia: Deported Because of `Good Looks' newsletter: 13fx0419.txt
The Ultimate Emblem of Resistance: the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Iran Triples Installations of Centrifuges at Natanz
Iran Calls Haifa University Website a Mossad Front
Mossad Seeks New Recruits via Social Networks
Transit Directions for Israel Now Available on Google Maps newsletter: 13fx0422.txt
Despite Strike, Union Lets Two El Al Flights Take Off
`Israel Seeks Turkish Airbase to Enable Iran Strike'
Ancient Church Discovered at Site Where Ark of the Covenant Once Stood
Unhatched Locusts Lurking in Negev Prompt Panic newsletter: 13fx0423.txt
Iranian on Fake Israeli Passport Held in Nepal for Possible Terror Plot
Airlines Call End to Strike After Two-Day Stoppage
`Israeli Drones Given Leave to Fly over Jordan'
Israel Could Send Iran `Back to the Stone Age' with Electromagnetic Bomb
Czechs Hail Wartime Jewish Football (Soccer) League newsletter: 13fx0424.txt
Tehran, Damascus Slide Past US, Israeli Red Lines – Nuclear and Chemical
Iran Offers to be West's 'Partner' in Mideast in Exchange for Nuclear Leniency
Canadian Jewish News Ends Print Publication After 42 Years newsletter: 13fx0425.txt
Why Did the IDF's Top Analyst Drop his Syria WMD Bombshell?
Syria: We Would Never Use Nerve Gas, Even Against Israel
Israel Airport Guards May Ask 'Suspicious' Tourists to Open Their Email Accounts
New App Warns Drivers: Arab Mob Ahead newsletter: 13fx0426.txt
White House to Congress: Assad Has Used Chemical Weapons. Israeli Jets Down Hizbullah Drone Opposite Haifa
Bolton: Israel's Situation with Iran 'Very Perilous'
Stephen Hawking vs. God on Creation of the Universe
Clinging to Ancient Traditions, the Last Samaritans Keep the Faith
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