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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 13fx0301.txt
Netanyahu Condemns Erdogan's Statements on Zionism
Resolution Would Promise US Aid if Israel Forced to Hit Iran
PA TV Glorifies Terrorists Responsible for Maalot Massacre
Tattoo-Based Holocaust Education Tool Causes Stir
Ethiopian New Immigrant Crowned Miss Israel 2013 newsletter: 13fx0304.txt
Barak: When We Say All Options Are on the Table, We Mean It
Assad Accuses UK of Bullying, Vows to Hit Back at Israel
One of World's Oldest Synagogues Bombed in Damascus
New Study Reveals 42,500 Nazi Sites Operated Across Europe
Plague of Locusts Hits Egypt newsletter: 13fx0305.txt
Netanyahu to AIPAC: Diplomacy with Iran has Fallen Short
Israeli Prison Source: Zygier Meant Well but Messed Up
Netanyahu Tells Pollard's Wife He'll Ask for Jailed Spy's Release
Locusts Spill Over into Israel from Egypt newsletter: 13fx0306.txt
Russia and Israel Each Warn Trouble Building on Golan Border
In Poland, a `Breakthrough' on Holocaust Compensation
Israeli Bus Line for Palestinians Causes Stir
'The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising had Two Leaders'
It's Good to be a Knesset Member newsletter: 13fx0307.txt
Washington: Hizbullah Has Obtained Chemical Weapons
`If Iran Reaches Critical Point in Nuke Drive, Israel will Attack'
Insistent Husband Jumps to Freedom from Rabbinate Window
Lapid Demands Civil Marriage in Israel
Swarms of Locusts Descend on Negev newsletter: 13fx0308.txt
Israel Issues Terror Warnings for Travelers over Passover
US to Build Second Secret Facility in Israel
Report: Five Million Dutch have a Satanic View of Israel newsletter: 13fx0311.txt
Obama's Israel Visit to Sweeten Pill of a Nuclear Iran
Der Spiegel: Americans Training Syrian Rebels in Jordan
For $18,000 You Can fly Next to a Hasidic Rebbe
The First Time Hollywood Exposed the Holocaust newsletter: 13fx0312.txt
Hundreds of UN Syrian Golan UN observers Scramble to Safety in Israel
Hamas Attacks Islamic Tourism to Jerusalem
Huckabee: Israelis Have Made Many Sacrifices for Peace
600 `Lucky' Students to Hear Obama Speak in Jerusalem newsletter: 13fx0313.txt
Al Qaeda Forms Volatile 1,000-km Chain from Baghdad to Damascus
World Jews on High Alert Ahead of Pesach
Barbra Streisand to Perform in Israel to Honor Peres newsletter: 13fx0314.txt
New Pope has History of Good Relations with Jewish Community
Al Qaeda's Nusra Fights to Seize Syrian Golan in Time for Obama's Visit
New Muslim Vision for Temple Mount newsletter: 13fx0315.txt
US Drone Escapes Attack over Hormuz. Syria Threatens to Bomb Lebanon
Obama Intimates US to Strike Iran in a Year if Diplomacy Fails
Israel vs. The Locusts - Pests to Plague Jews for Passover? newsletter: 13fx0318.txt
Israel will Seek US Air Strikes to Thwart Hizbullah Missile Transfer
Ex-Mossad Chief: Iran is `Dead Scared of Israel'
New Israel Housing Minister Pledges More Settlement Building
Thousands of Police to Protect Obama, Instead of Citizens
Protocols Reveal Bitter Begin-Carter Clashes over Egypt Peace newsletter: 13fx0319.txt
Bethlehem: Swastikas on Obama Billboard
Hamas Ready to Implement Reconciliation 'Word for Word'
Lawyer Sues Mubarak for Failing to `Reclaim' Eilat
Sex Offender Becomes Rebbe
1.6 Million Israelis Struggle with Hebrew
Saudi Arabia's Lack of Swordsmen Kills Ancient Execution Method newsletter: 13fx0320.txt
Witnesses Report Onset of Chemical Warfare in Syria
Peres: I Believe Obama, But Iran May be 'Bluffing'
Pope Francis Honors Jews in First Speech
Israeli Causes Widespread Panic at Newark Airport with 'Bomb' Scare newsletter: 13fx0321.txt
Obama, Netanyahu Agree: No Israeli Strike on Iran Without US Assent
Having ordered a thorough inquiry into the reported chemical attack, he said: "If true, it would be a game changer and there will be consequences," adding: "When you let that genie out of the bottle - a weapon that can cause mass devastation and death - you have to act on the information. I would be deeply skeptical of any claim that the Syrian opposition used chemical weapons."
Turkish PM: Zionism Comments Misinterpreted
PA's Welcome to Obama: Americans Behind 9/11 Attacks
Obama's Entourage, Armed to the Teeth and Ready for Anything
Obama's Plant Placed in Quarantine newsletter: 13fx0322.txt
Gaza Rockets Hit Southern Israel During Obama Visit
From Obama, An Embrace and a Push in Jerusalem Speech
In Ramallah, An Anti-Obama Demonstration Turns Anti-Abbas
Neturei Karta: Obama, Save Us from Zionists
Khamenei: Iran will Destroy Tel Aviv, Haifa If Attacked newsletter: 13fx0325.txt
IDF Fires Missile into Syria after More Cross-Border Shooting
The Unmentioned Factor Behind Turkey's Turn Toward Israel
Passover Bits and Bytes newsletter: 13fx0327.txt
Al Qaeda Brigade Captures Syrian-Israeli-Jordanian Border Junction
Arab League Approves $1b Plan to Protect 'Islamic and Arab Character' of East Jerusalem
Here We Go Again
Obama Hosts Passover Seder newsletter: 13fx0328.txt
'Hacktivists' Vow to 'Erase Israel from Internet'
Israeli Expert: Internet Slowdown Could Take Months to Fix
Stone Age Phallus Found at Israel Excavation Site
Bible comes to life as locusts swarm Israel
Football Crosses Over To Israel: First-Ever US Broadcast Of A Football Game From Israel newsletter: 13fx0329.txt
`Gaza's Ark' to Break Blockade from Within
Nationwide Flag Ceremony to Commemorate Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
The FBI's Shameful Recruitment of Nazi War Criminals
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