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Hamas to Abbas: Transfer the Palestinian Authority to Us, not Netanyahu
83% of Israelis Believe Returning to 1967 Lines Won't Bring Peace
Israeli Doctors in Africa Treat Obama's Step-Grandmother
100-Year-Old Man Among 2012's New Immigrants newsletter: 13fx0102.txt
IDF and Syrian Rebel Officers Meet Clandestinely in Jordan
In a Revolutionary Ruling, Rabbis Allow Gender Selection
Study: Space Travel May Accelerate Alzheimer's Disease
Some Israelis Rebelling Against Circumcision
A Way for Waze to Help Police at Traffic Trouble Spots newsletter: 13fx0103.txt
Netanyahu: Hamas Could Take Over Palestinian Authority
On Facebook, Fatah Incites Terror Against Israel
IAF Crew Ejects from F-16 at 180 mph, Just as Jet Touched Down
Apple Reportedly Wants To Buy Israeli Navigation App Waze
French Satirical Magazine Prints Muhammad Comics
Top of the Mormon to You newsletter: 13fx0104.txt
Netanyahu: Iran Yet to Cross Nuclear Red Line
Study Shows Hamas Defeated IDF in Virtual Warfare During Gaza Conflict
Chinese Firms Eye Israeli Technology newsletter: 13fx0107.txt
Bolstered by 16 Russian Warships, Assad Nixes Dialogue with "Western Puppets"
Morsi in 2010: Zionists are Descendants of Apes and Pigs
Top Israeli Source: Israel Not Necessarily Worried About Hagel Nomination
Israel's Southern Residents Complain of High Fees to Build Safe Rooms
15% of Israeli Teachers Still Earn Less Than Minimum Wage
Dead Sea to Get its First Mall newsletter: 13fx0108.txt
Netanyahu Says He will `Never Divide Jerusalem
Hamas Parliamentarian's Wife: Encouraging Our Children to Kill Themselves for Palestine is a Mother's Most Glorious Duty
Egyptian Who 'Invited' Jews 'Back Home' Resigns Post newsletter: 13fx0109.txt
Israel: State of Syrian Chemical Weapons Could Change in a Moment
Head of Catholic Sect Calls Jews 'Enemies of Church'
Twitter Heads to Paris Court After Flood of `Nazi' Posts
Poland Probes Artist's Use of Holocaust Victims' Ashes
German Bestseller: Hitler Fell Asleep , Wakes Up in 2011 newsletter: 13fx0110.txt
Dershowitz: Hagel Appointment is Green Light to Iran
Report: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrated Obama Administration
Shilo Find May Show It was Sacked by Philistines
Study: Dust Storms Pose Growing Health Hazard in Southern Israel newsletter: 13fx0111.txt
West Fears Iran will Try to Seize Syria's Uranium Stockpile
Hagel Think Tank Sees 'Post-Mullah' Iran as 'Natural Ally'
Rabbi: Snow is a Good Sign from God newsletter: 13fx0114.txt
Report: Iran Spying on Israel from Syria
Report: Hamas test fires improved long-range missiles
New York Court Upholds 'Metzizah' Injunction newsletter: 13fx0115.txt
Netanyahu: If Israel Withdraws, Iran will Move In
Assad 'Living on Warship'
Youngest Survivor on Schindler's List Dead at 83
60th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
A Jewish Refugee Recalls Hitler: His Neighbor from Hell newsletter: 13fx0116.txt
Iran Sends Monkeys into Space – So Can Place Nukes Anywhere on Earth
Obama Prepares Public to Accept First Iranian Nuclear Test
Israel Among Targets of `Monster Espionage 'Virus
US May Drop Visa Requirements for Israeli Tourists
On Google Play, Hitler Speaks in Arabic newsletter: 13fx0117.txt
Netanyahu Aides: Obama Meddling in Israeli Elections
Largest Anti-Muslim Ad Campaign Hits NY Subway System newsletter: 13fx0118.txt
In a Show of Force, Iran to Deploy Warships to Mediterranean
U.S. Ex-Commander: We Can't Stop Iran's Nuclear Program
Chuck Norris Endorses Netanyahu
Hebrew Univ. Stakes Claim in Space with Namesake Asteroid
Ben Gurion Airport: Be Clever, Plan Ahead
What do Herod's Tomb and Einstein's Brain Have in Common? newsletter: 13fx0121.txt
Arab League Tries to Turn Out the Arab-Israeli Vote
Netanyahu: History Won't Forgive Those That Fail to Stop Iran
PMW: PA TV Show Encourages Kids to Hijack Planes
Rare Holocaust Diary Unveiled
Lonely Planet Ranks Tel Aviv World's 7th Best Beach City newsletter: 13fx0122.txt
Gimpel Said Dome of the Rock `Doesn't Belong There,' But Not That It Must be Blown Up
Abbas Intimates that Israel Wants to Kill Him
Two Israelis Charged with Planning Be'er Sheva Terror Attacks
Iran in Uproar over Clip Showing Two Officials Kissing newsletter: 13fx0123.txt
Netanyahu: I am Proud to be Your Prime Minister
Abbas Expounds on Hitler's "Big Lie": Says Zionist Leadership Had Ties with the Nazi Movement
103-Year Sentence in Sex Abuse Case Shakes Brooklyn's Satmar Hasidic Jewish Community
Satmar: No Greater Offense than Voting newsletter: 13fx0124.txt
Prime Minister Netanyahu May Keep Defense Ministry for Himself
Want to Buy a Home in Israel? Better Get Yourself a Large Fortune newsletter: 13fx0125.txt
Israeli Research Team Discovers New Treatment for Stroke
Morsi: Jewish-Controlled Media Distorted My `Apes and Pigs' Remark
French Students Win Twitter Anti-Semitism Legal Battle
State School President Under Fire for Obama-Hitler Comparison
Israel's High Court: Woman Can File for Damages Independently of Divorce
Survey: 27% of Israeli Citizens Struggle with Hebrew newsletter: 13fx0128.txt
Netanyahu Links Holocaust Lessons to Iranian Threat
Iran Denies Rumors of Explosion at Nuclear Plant
Ahmadinejad Urges Muslim World to Unite to Destroy Zionism
Rabbi Issues Modesty Rules from Age 3 newsletter: 13fx0129.txt
Hizbullah Threat: Missile Attacks on Navy Bases, Gas Rigs
Iranian Expatriate: Tehran Suspects Mossad in Fordo Nuclear Blast
Sunday Times Owner Murdoch Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Cartoon
Sharon Shows Some Signs of Consciousness
German Chancellery Adorned with Herman Goering's Carpet newsletter: 13fx0130.txt
Egypt, Syria are Falling Apart – An Israeli Nightmare Unfolds
Report: Syria Chemical Arsenal Within Hizbullah Reach
Morsi Aide: Holocaust is a US hoax
West Bank Gets First Modeling Agency newsletter: 13fx0131.txt
Syria: Israeli Jets Strike Jamaraya Arms Depot Near Damascus
Hamas Plans More "Enemy Language" Hebrew in Gaza Schools
IDF Recruit's Petition: Crew Cut Violates My Rights
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