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UK, France Threaten to Withdraw Support for Israel
Unusual Activity at Syrian Chemical Weapons Sites Amid Rumors Assad is Dead or Fled
Abbas 'Victory Speech': Jerusalem 'Eternal Capital of Palestine'
Pollard Hospitalized After Collapsing in Prison
ABC News `Anti-Israel' Journalist Chosen to Anchor Program on Israel's Roots newsletter: 12fx1204.txt
US, Israel, Turkey, Jordan Primed to Strike if Assad Activates Chemical Weapons
Judge: Anti-Islam Film to Stay on YouTube
Turkish TV Fines 'The Simpsons' for Mocking God
School for Prophets Opens in Tel Aviv newsletter: 12fx1205.txt
Merkel to Warn Netanyahu: Promote Peace Process or Face World Seclusion
Report: Safety Fears at Bushehr Prompt US to Increase Spy Efforts
Rabbis Say Observant Jews Can Eat in Secular Homes
Stevie Wonder Against IDF? Pulls Out of Concert for Soldiers
Israeli Company SodaStream to Advertise in Super Bowl newsletter: 12fx1206.txt
For Israel, Double Trouble in Syrian WMDs, Jihadis on Border
USS Eisenhower Aircraft Carrier Arrives Off Syrian Shore
Doomsday for Iran? US Tests EMP Bomb
PA Radio Song Praises Suicide Bombings Against Israelis
Swedish Artist Uses Ashes of Holocaust Victims in Picture newsletter: 12fx1207.txt
US: Sarin Bombs Ready for Assad's `Go' Order
Kedar: Israel 'Knows How to Deal With Syrian Chemical Threat'
Chabad Student Center to Spin Dreidels for Guinness Record newsletter: 12fx1210.txt
'Israeli Special Forces Tracking Chemical Weapons Inside Syria'
TV 'Hitlerland' Series Expected to Grip Audiences
Israeli Researchers: Fish Oil Helps Heal Bedsores newsletter: 12fx1211.txt
U.S. Intelligence Report: Palestinian State to Exist by 2030, But Not Peace with Israel
Concern That Assad May Have Passed Some Chemical Weapons to Hizbullah
UK Newspaper: Israel Behind Leaks Regarding Iranian Nukes
Inside Look at Muslim Brotherhood's Torture Chambers newsletter: 12fx1212.txt
On Israel's Election Day, Obama to Send F-16 Fighter Jets to Muslim Brotherhood's Egypt
Israel had a dark premonition of what was coming. Obama began laying the background for his strong alignment with Islamist Egypt last month with the dramatic announcement of a ceasefire in Cairo on November 20 that was delivered jointly by Morsi and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
'Israel Using Eritrean Bases to Spy on Iran'
Cyber Terrorists Threaten New Wave of Attacks Against US Banks
New 'Weapon' for Missionaries: 'Christian Prayer Shawl'
Tel Aviv's Boutique Public Toilet newsletter: 12fx1213.txt
Jordan Warns Israelis Not to Visit Wearing `Jew Clothes'
Vultures, Sharks, and Sex with the Enemy: the Bizarre Accusations Against Israel
Gaza Kids Simulate Rocket Launch
Tel Aviv Kindergarten Visit Marred by Racism
The Hebrew Hammer will Strike Again newsletter: 12fx1214.txt
Obama May Nominate Anti-Israel Hagel as Defense Chief
After Five-Year Ban, Hamas Holds Rally in West Bank
New Fatah Logo Eliminates Israel
Denmark: Jews Warned Not to Wear Religious Symbols
Waze Starts to Tap into Location-Based Ads newsletter: 12fx1217.txt
US Pulls War Fleet from Syrian Waters. Ahmadinejad Cancels Turkey Visit
'First We Take Damascus, then Tel Aviv'
Netanyahu: `The Western Wall and the State of Israel will Be Ours Forever'
Israel Grieves with the US
CIA: Pollard Wasn't Asked to Transfer Information on US
'Samurai Jew: The Eighth Night' newsletter: 12fx1218.txt
Azerbaijan Nabs Iranians Setting Trap for Israel-Made Drone
88% of Palestinians Believe Armed Struggle is the Best Way to Achieve Independence
Israeli Embassy in Ireland's Latest Facebook Post: If Jesus Were Alive, He'd be Lynched by Palestinians
Woman Strips in Heart of Mea Shearim
Synagogue Attendance Linked to Better Health, Study Shows newsletter: 12fx1219.txt
Russian Warships Sail for Syria, Large Anti-Submarine Ship for Waters Near Iran
Defected Syrian General: Assad's Chemical Stockpile `Has Reached Similar Levels to Israel's Nuclear Weapons'
Iran Facing Fresh Threat from Newly Unleashed Malware
Iran: Newtown Massacre was Israeli Conspiracy
Iran's Supreme Leader 'Likes' Facebook newsletter: 12fx1220.txt
Assad's Deadly Agenda: First, Chemicals, Next, Iskander 9K720
Israeli Arab Teenager `Blew Up Tel Aviv Bus, Then Went Back to Work' at McDonald's
Jerusalem Official Complains of Temple Mount Discrimination
Government Seeks to Salvage the Altalena
New Anne Frank Film Planned newsletter: 12fx1221.txt
Ross is Sure that if Diplomacy Fails, US will Attack Iran
Tunisian Imam Sued for Call to `Sterilize the Wombs of Jewish Women'
$500 Million in Checks Left in Jerusalem's Western Wall newsletter: 12fx1224.txt
Netanyahu: On Jerusalem, I Don't Care What the UN Says
Israel Backs Russia's Avowal that Syrian Chemical Arms are Secure `For Now'
Businessman: Europe is Preparing Holocaust for Muslims
Rabbinate: New Year's Eve Parties 'Not Kosher'
Thousands of Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments Go Online newsletter: 12fx1225.txt
Turkey Resumes NATO Ties with Israel
Catholic Patriarch: Christmas Marks 'Birth of Palestine State'
Haifa Mayor Launches War on English Words
America's '911' Deep Secret Bunker in Tel Aviv to Have Mezuzahs
Iran Issues US Travel Warning, Citing 'Iranophobia' newsletter: 12fx1226.txt
Iran, Hizbullah Setting Up Terror Squads to Perpetuate Syrian War Post Assad
Syria Converts Combat Aircraft to WMD-Armed Drones
Israel High Court Ends Free College for Terrorists newsletter: 12fx1227.txt
Barghouti Predicts He'll Be President of Palestine, Says Right of Return is `Sacred'
Netanyahu visited Jordan with Plans to Destroy Syrian Chemical Weapons
Where are Obama and Netanyahu's Nuclear Clocks?
IRS Seizes Massachusetts Synagogue, Day School Building
Tel Aviv, the City that Never Goes Offline newsletter: 12fx1228.txt
Jordanian-Palestinian Confederation Aired by Netanyahu, Abdullah
Suha Arafat Admits 2000 War of Terror was Premeditated
Hitler Statue Unveiled at Site of Warsaw Ghetto
The Auschwitz Boxer – A Surviving Holocaust Story newsletter: 12fx1231.txt
Obama Touts Anti-Israel Hagel as Possible Defense Secretary
Iran to Move Airport After Oil Found Under Runway
Former Muslims
French Weekly to Publish Life of Mohammed Comics
Arab Soldier Hides IDF Service from Neighbors
French Book Unravels Nazi Propagandist's Cryptic Last Words About Purim
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