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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 12fx1101.txt
PA Seeks November UN vote on Status Bid
US Jews: Ashamed of Israel, Proud to be Jewish
Syrian Group: Heroic Iranian Regime Created Sandy newsletter: 12fx1102.txt
Israel: The Iranian Drone Took No Photos. Iran: Yes It Did
New Jewish Agency Fund Created for Diaspora Jews' Security
U.S. Voters in Israel Voted Romney 6:1 newsletter: 12fx1105.txt
Israeli Warplanes Fly over Golan as Hizbullah fighters pour into Syria
Rabbi: China Going Kosher, More Products Available than Ever
Israel's Neuronix Offers New Alzheimer's Treatment newsletter: 12fx1106.txt
Israeli Forces on High Alert After Syrian Gunfire Hits Israeli Jeep on Golan
Netanyahu: I Will Attack Iran Alone if Necessary
Cardboard Wheelchair to Roll Out from Israel
Battle of Be'er Sheva: The 'Last Great Cavalry Charge' newsletter: 12fx1107.txt
Hamas 'Planning Suicide Attacks from Judea and Samaria'
Sharansky Can Also Help Jews in Diaspora to Come Home
Eight-Year-Old Boy Donates Money to Hizbullah
Kabbalists Beseech the Heavens: Let Romney Win newsletter: 12fx1108.txt
Palestinians Hope Obama will Support Their Statehood Bid
Experts: Second Term Obama will Offer Iran a 'Grand Bargain'
After Obama Victory, Political Knives Come Out in Israel
'Two Thirds of US Jews Happy, One Third is Less Happy' newsletter: 12fx1109.txt
Obama Aims to Start Nuclear Talks with Iran Next Month
Iran Report: Obama Even More Flexible than Europe
Police Probe Finds That U.S. Jew Who Shot Eilat Hotel Employee Killed Himself
Israeli Firm Develops Antibody That fights Alzheimer's Symptoms
Women Healers Offer Mystical Cures for Modern Ills newsletter: 12fx1112.txt
Israel, Hamas Ready to Escalate as Gaza Terror Mounts
For First Time Since 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel Fires at Syria
Ahmadinejad: Only Retarded Nations Have Nukes newsletter: 12fx1113.txt
Abbas Confirms UN Bid for November 29
New Way to Make Money in Israel: Informing on Tax Cheats
Netanyahu: Israel Ready to Fight for Defense of the South
To Hell with Free Speech
El Al Pilot Detained at JFK over Retractable Baton newsletter: 12fx1114.txt
Netanyahu Threatens Gaza Terrorists with Heavy Price
Oren Rebukes Israel's Jewish Critics
Poll: Anti-Semitism, Fascism Rife in Germany newsletter: 12fx1115.txt
Israel Air Strikes Continue After Death of Hamas Military Chief Ahmed Jabari
What to Wear to an Israeli Wedding newsletter: 12fx1116.txt
First Three Gaza missiles Hit Tel Aviv. Israel Drafts 30,000 Reservists
London 1940-Tel Aviv 2012. What's the Difference?
Did BBC Intentionally Fail to Warn Jews of Nazi Threat? newsletter: 12fx1119.txt
US-Egyptian Sources: An Israeli Military Messenger in Cairo
IDF Goes All Out in PR Battle Against Hamas
Gantz to Reservists: Look Backwards Once, then Look Forward
`Cyber Warfare... Israel Says it's Under Attack over Gaza. newsletter: 12fx1120.txt
US Warships Head Toward Israel for Possible Evacuation of Americans
New Iranian Arms Ship Carries Fresh, Improved Fajar Supplies for Gaza
Dozens of Gaza Targets Attacked in Sixth Day of Operation
Katyusha Missiles Aimed at Israel 'Discovered' in Lebanon
Israel Adjusts Civil Air Routes over Gaza Rocket Threat newsletter: 12fx1121.txt
Clinton Steps in as Israel-Gaza Truce Deal is Put on Hold
`Protests in Rishon L'Tzion, Be'er Sheva Against Cease-fire
For Israel, a Truce is the Worst of All Worlds
Rabbi: Bnei Brak Won't be Hit by Missiles newsletter: 12fx1122.txt
Hamas Declares Victory, Gaza Celebrates
Day 8: Terrorists Bomb Tel Aviv Bus
IDF Summarizes Operation: 1,500 Gaza Targets Hit
The Vatican on Gaza: Israel is a `Baby-Killer' newsletter: 12fx1123.txt
Shin Bet Nabs Terrorists That Attacked Bus
Arabs Target Jerusalem Light Rail
Ahmadinejad: Israel has 'Childish' Desire to Attack Iran, Tehran Can Defend Itself newsletter: 12fx1126.txt
'Israeli Satellites Spot Iranian Ships Loaded with Rockets for Gaza'
'Last Operation was Practice Run for Conflict with Iran'
Hizbullah: Tel Aviv will be Hit with Thousands of Rockets if Israel Attacks Lebanon
Magic Wand Missile Defense System Test a Success
How Adolf Eichmann Was Caught
`Matisyahu's New Chanukah Song to Benefit Sandy Victims newsletter: 12fx1127.txt
Islamic Jihad Gets Hands on IDF Documents
Three Iranian Missile Experts in Gaza after Ceasefire
Apple Recruiting More Workers in Israel newsletter: 12fx1128.txt
Report: Iran Building Powerful Nuclear Device
Experts Exhume Arafat's Remains
US at Odds with France over Palestinian Bid
Former Saudi Navy Chief: Israel is Not the Enemy
Dutch Video: Satire Casts Israel as Blood-Thirsty Villain
Video: Israeli Tech Connects Israelis to Arab Clients newsletter: 12fx1129.txt
US Makes Last-Ditch Bid to Head off Palestinian UN Vote
Nobel Peace Laureates Call for 'Military Embargo Against Israel'
World Bank Gives Hamas $6.4 Million Prize after Missile War
Sadat's Visit to Israel: Secret Files Released
The Gaza Operation: Less a War than an Anti-Iran Coup newsletter: 12fx1130.txt
UN Recognizes 'Palestine'
Netanyahu: Abbas Speech Venomous, Israel Will Respond
HIV Infection Rates on the Rise in Israel
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