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Hamas 'Planning Suicide Attacks from Judea and Samaria'


According to websites associated with the Fatah movement, Hamas is planning to carry out suicide attacks against Israel from Judea and Samaria, in order to bring down the wrath of the IDF on the Arabs in that region and topple the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority there.

The websites have published a document summarizing the contents of a meeting allegedly held early this year by top Hamas officials, in which the plan is finalized. There has been no independent verification of the document's authenticity. According to the document, the meeting was attended by top Hamas officials Halil al-Haya and Mahmoud Zahar, as well as the commanders of the Izzedine al-Kassam "military wing" of Hamas.

It was decided that weapons would be sent into Judea and Samaria through Sinai in order to carry out deadly attacks against Israel, with the cooperation of other terror groups. The purpose of the attacks would be to weaken the PA and bring about its fall, when Israel responds militarily to the attacks. In addition, according to the unconfirmed document, preparations were begun to dig a tunnel for abduction of an IDF soldier, supposedly to be carried out if Israel attacks Gaza.

Sharansky Can Also Help Jews in Diaspora to Come Home

By David Lev (Commentary)

On behalf of Aliyah Magazine I applaud Nathan Sharansky's initiation of an emergency fund to assist seriously threatened communities living in the Jewish Diaspora. Nathan himself is no stranger to dire straights living in a foreign land, and is well placed to make such a venture succeed.

However, current events are becoming increasingly reminiscent of the plight of European Jewry prior to WW2, whereby limitations were placed upon the extent of practical assistance Jews living in pre state Israel were able to render to those living in the Diaspora.

It appears that everyday more shocking news is heard concerning anti-Semitic events overseas. To my mind, the question arises as to why such a fund is required in the first place? Shouldn't local authorities be the first port of call when the safety of its citizens comes into play?

In launching this fund, it would appear that the answer to that simple question is a resounding no! Israel as part of a global Jewish community is obviously only too aware of the fragile existence of many Jews living beyond its own borders and accordingly far from protection by its own defense forces.

With the above concerns in mind, it would seem plausible to connect funding for Jewish protection in the Diaspora, with a concerted push towards attracting these threatened Jews to make Aliyah in haste. Indeed, there is no question of making 'political' gain in undertaking such a mission of critical importance. The horrific murders in Toulouse serve to remind us that Jews face an existential threat, which requires drastic action. Hence, the mention of a likeness to WW2. Only this time we have the benefit of hindsight, to motivate us to work against the clock to bring all Jews within the umbrella of Jewish defense, and that means here in Israel.

Aliyah Magazine supports the concept of an Aliyah Community even for Jews living in the Diaspora. They should always see themselves as being ready to make that special step in moving to Israel at any time. Nathan Sharansky is ringing alarm bells, and this is no fire drill. While the assembly place is in the Diaspora, there should be no question as to where the evacuation place will be.

Accordingly, I look forward to hearing Nathan Sharansky expand upon his excellent proposal to include helping Jews in the Diaspora to come safely home.

Eight-Year-Old Boy Donates Money to Hizbullah


Judd Hashisho, an eight-year-old Lebanese boy from Sidon, has recently risen to stardom in Lebanon, becoming a favorite among Hizbullah-affiliated media outlets.

Hashisho reportedly delivered a note to Hizbullah Secretary-General Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, in which he enclosed money he has been saving since last year's anniversary of the IDF's retreat from south Lebanon.

According to Lebanese news agencies, Hashisho donated the money to help Hizbullah purchase a new drone, resembling the Iranian drone that was launched at Israel last month.In his letter, the boy identified himself as a supporter of the Popular Democratic Party in Sidon, adding "I want to give this money to the resistance so it can buy weapons to fight Israel the b**ch.

"When I grow up, I will be a communist resistance warrior with Hizbullah, fighting the United States and Israel, I will tear them to pieces and drive them out of Lebanon, the Golan and Palestine, which I love very dearly."

Lebanese Al-Manar television station aired a special item about the boy. According to the report, the boy handed his letter and a plastic box containing the money to the person in charge of the Hizbullah memorial site in south Lebanon. A few days later, his father was informed that his son would be given the original letter back, along with Nasrallah's response and signature.

Nasrallah's response read: "My dear Judd. I thank you for your love of the resistance and Hizbullah and for your contribution. I wish for the great Allah to help you thrive so that you grow to be a resistance fighter against the occupation and the protector of justice, if Allah so wishes. With love and respect."

The framed letter has already been reverently placed in the boy's family living room, alongside a photo of the Al-Aqsa Mosque captioned "Palestine." In Hashisho's room, the Al-Manar reporter found a piece of paper, on which the boy wrote that he would avenge the death of Hizbullah senior officer Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated in Damascus in 2008.

Kabbalists Beseech the Heavens: Let Romney Win

By Reuters

As Americans go to the polls, Kabbalists in Jerusalem are doing their part to help Mitt Romney pull through and win the presidency. Rabbis and students at Yeshivat Hatzot in Jerusalem were reading psalms and conducting special prayers to influence the election, and "turn the hearts of voters to Romney," one student present at the prayer session told reporters.

Along with the prayers, participants were asked to give charity to the poor, and the Holy Ark in the yeshiva was opened, emphasizing the importance of the prayers, the student said.

Why Romney? "The current President, Barack H. Obama, has proven that he is not a friend of Israel," the student said. A rabbi responsible for organizing the prayer session said that the yeshiva had been contacted "by people from abroad asking us to pray for Romney's victory."

Several weeks ago, Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, Rav of the town of Har Bracha and the Rosh Yeshiva of the Har Bracha Yeshiva, called on American olim (immigrants) and visitors with the right to vote in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections to cast their votes for the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.

"All American citizens who believe in G-d and his prophets should vote for Romney," not incumbent President Barack H. Obama, "who is one of the most hostile presidents ever to Israel," he wrote. "Instead of helping the Nation of Israel to build the Land of Israel, Obama pressures us to stop building in Judea and Samaria and in Jerusalem. It is worthy for American citizens who believe in G-d and his prophets to vote for Mitt Romney for president," he added.

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