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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 12fx0702.txt
Iranian Commander: Israel will be Destroyed if it Attacks
Report: Al-Qaida Planning to Crash U.S. Airline During London Olympics newsletter: 12fx0703.txt
Former Israeli PM Yitzhak Shamir Laid to Rest
Romney to Visit Israel, Meet Netanyahu
Officials: Iranians Planned to Attack US, Israeli Targets in Kenya
Poll: Israelis Divided on US Role in Mideast Peace
Jewish Hospital in Berlin Suspends Circumcisions newsletter: 12fx0704.txt
Iran Claims it Successfully Test Fired Missile That Could Reach Israel
Tests Suggest Arafat was Poisoned
Netanyahu on U.S. Independence Day: There's Reason for Hope
U.S. Presbyterian Church Committee Votes in Favor of Israel Divestment Resolution newsletter: 12fx0705.txt
Iran: We Can Destroy US Bases 'In Minutes'
Palestinian Authority Agrees to Exhume Arafat's Body
Israeli Company Unveils New Medical Smartphone newsletter: 12fx0706.txt
Passengers Describe Nightmare on El Al Flight 318
Former CIA Chief: Pretend Pollard Isn't Jewish, and Free Him
Should Islam Take Over: Female Suppression in the U.S. and West?
Obama Approves Anti-Israel 'Briefing' at UN
Neo Nazi Hungarian Leader Challenges Chabad Rabbi to Debate newsletter: 12fx0709.txt
Obama Invites Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi to Officially Visit U.S.
Entebbe Pilot Reveals Plane Barely Took Off
PA: Abbas is Not Paying Friendly Visit to Iran
Report: Hitler Ordered Reprieve to Jewish Man newsletter: 12fx0710.txt
Israel Plans for Naval Buildup
Nazi-Era Rape, Murder Case Reopens Old Polish Wounds
New Jersey Man Unwittingly Buys Hitler's Car newsletter: 12fx0711.txt
Russia Sends Warships to Mediterranean
Pentagon: Iran Improving Missiles to Target Vessels
Peres Under Fire for Anti-Settlement Comments
US Ignores Israeli Terror Victims at Global Conference
Saudi Organization Launches Overseas Marriage Initiative newsletter: 12fx0712.txt
Israel Aiding Syria Refugees on Turkish, Jordan Borders
Israel Accused of Killing Arafat newsletter: 12fx0717.txt
Clinton, Israeli Leaders Discuss Iran, Syria, Egypt, Palestinians
Constant Security Checks Dropped at Jerusalem Bus Station
Christians Flood Knesset with `New Judaism' newsletter: 12fx0718.txt
Are US-Israel Relations Heading for a Change?
An Inside Look in Eastern Jerusalem: Daily Arab Attacks on Jews
Adelsons Infuse Cash into Birthright Program
Gaza Church Claims Christians Kidnapped, Forced to Convert
German Guide: How to Identify Neo-Nazis newsletter: 12fx0719.txt
Seven Killed in Terror Attack on Israeli Tourists in Bulgaria
New 'Mahdi' Cyber Campaign Targeting Iran
Knesset Member Rips Up New Testament
Israel Heat Wave Reaches High of 116°F
Foreign Ministry Introduces 'Traveler App' newsletter: 12fx0720.txt
Netanyahu Blames Hizbullah, Iran for Bulgaria Bombing
Approved: 1,341 Housing Units for Senior Citizen Olim newsletter: 12fx0723.txt
Netanyahu: Israel Prepared to Deal with Syrian Chemical Weapons
Israel: Syrian Forces Crossed into Our Territory
Terrorists Fire on IDF Bus from Egypt; No Injuries
Hamas May Declare Gaza Independent Country
Warsaw Marks Nazis' 1942 Jewish Ghetto Deportation newsletter: 12fx0724.txt
Israel Will Protect Itself from Syria's Chemical Weapons
Der Spiegel: Germany was Warned One Month Before Munich Massacre
Swiss Hospitals Ban Circumcision
Video: Egyptian Actor Turns Violent on Candid Camera Show newsletter: 12fx0725.txt
`Foreign Minister Lieberman warns. `Israel Will Go to War if Hizbullah Gets Chemical Weapons'
`Gas Masks Remain in High Demand
Austrian Governor Bans Religious Circumcision
Baby-Eating Zionist Lizard on 'Peace Partner' TV
Iran Denies Athletes will Compete Against Israelis newsletter: 12fx0726.txt
Ahmadinejad Says 11,000 Centrifuges in Iran Enriching Uranium
Most American Voters Say US Should Help Israel in Attack on Iran
Lieberman: Assad Knows Israel Will Attack, If Necessary newsletter: 12fx0727.txt
Barak Warns Israel Ready to Go It Alone on Iran
US Air Force: Bunker Buster Ready for Use
Israel Burns, No One Dares Name the Arsonists newsletter: 12fx0730.txt
Romney: 'Unacceptable' for Iran to Get Nuclear Weapon
U.S. 'Convinced' Israel Set to Pounce on Iran
Sinai Terrorists Planned Mass Slaughter
U.S. Defense Law to Equip Israel with Refueling Jets newsletter: 12fx0731.txt
Olympic Committee Defends 'Nazi Salute' of German Official
Romney Raises $1 Million at Jerusalem Fundraiser
Arabs Protest Israel's Participation in Olympics
Beersheva Woman: Bus Driver Called Me 'Stinking Ethiopian'
Tourism Helps Israeli Town Situated by a Natural Crater
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