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Barak Warns Israel Ready to Go It Alone on Iran


Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned that Jerusalem is "committed to doing everything it can in order to stop Iran from going nuclear." I am "fully aware of the difficulties and complexities involved in preventing Iran from attaining nuclear weapons," Barak told graduates of the IDF National Security College. Israel is facing "difficult and fateful decisions" in weighing methods to stop Iran's controversial uranium enrichment program, he said.

Iranian officials contend that their program has only peaceful goals, but officials in Jerusalem, the West, and Gulf Arab states say Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.

Barak said "having to deal with the challenge" of an Iran possessing nuclear bombs "would be many times more complex, dangerous and costly, both in terms of human life and in terms of resources, than a preemptive strike. But a look at the facts leads us not only to avoid reconsidering our calculations, but to move on our intended path with greater confidence."

Barak added: "the Iranians are determined to continue deceiving the entire world, in order to achieve nuclear weapons. Whoever wants proof just needs to look at the talks over the last few months, including the most recent talks in Moscow." He termed Iran's nuclear program "a unique challenge" to Israel "with the potential to develop into an existential threat."

Barak said Israel would remain responsible for its own security, rather than depending on other states, such as the United States.

The remarks by Israel's top military official come on the heels of recent statements by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that "There are currently 11,000 centrifuges active in enrichment facilities." The number is 1,000 higher than the May estimate of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which has gone on record saying that it suspects Iran is seeking nuclear weapons related technology.

US Air Force: Bunker Buster Ready for Use


According to The Air Force Times, Air Force Secretary Michael Donley said that after years of development, the 30,000-pound behemoth bunker buster is ready to be used if needed. The Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) is designed to destroy deeply buried bunkers that protect chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

"If it needed to go today, we would be ready to do that," he was quoted as saying. "We continue to do testing on the bomb to refine its capabilities, and that is ongoing. We also have the capability to go with existing configuration today," Donley added. Military experts have repeatedly mentioned the need for bunker busters in any attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

According to reports, the bomb weighs some 30,000 pounds and is capable of penetrating up to 200 feet underground before exploding. The bomb is 20.5 feet long and can carry over 5300 pounds of explosive material. Russian news agency RT reported that the Pentagon has spent $330 million to develop and deliver more than 20 of the precision-guided bunker-buster bombs.

RT said US military chiefs openly admitted the weapon was built to strike the fortified nuclear facilities of "rogue states" such as Iran and North Korea. Although the Pentagon insists that it is not aimed at a specific threat, RT reported, unnamed officials have repeatedly claimed the bomb is being tailor-made to disable Iranian nuclear facilities at Fordo, or at least to intimidate Tehran.

Last year it was reported in the US that President Barack Obama authorized the transfer of dozens of GBU-28 bunker buster bombs to Israel. Israel asked Washington for the bombs as early as 2005, but its request was denied by former President George W. Bush's administration. In 2010 Bush informed then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that he will order the transfer of the bombs to Israel in 2009 or 2010.

Israel Burns, No One Dares Name the Arsonists


Israel is on fire: every other week this summer sees at least one major fire, and small ones occur daily. It is general knowledge, though rarely admitted by authorities or most news sources, that Israeli Arabs are the ones lighting most of the fires out of nationalist motives.

Today (Thursday) the fire has been burning on the southern slopes of the Carmel Mountain, not far from Neveh Sha'anan. Twenty fire trucks and two fire fighting planes took part in the efforts to bring the flames under control. There were reports the fire was spreading from multiple foci, in a telltale sign of coordinated arson.

Eleven days ago, six firefighting aircraft and at least 21 crews of firefighters were needed to control a wildfire that began near the Ein Hemed national park outside of Jerusalem and quickly spread in the sweltering heat. At least two people were treated for light injuries from smoke inhalation, and one firefighter was hurt when he fell from a ladder. Two roads were closed off to traffic.

Four weeks ago, a major fire near the western entrance to Jerusalem at Motza closed down the Jerusalem Tel Aviv highway for several hours. Multiple foci were reported.

Maj. Gen. Niso Shaham, the (now suspended) Commander of the Jerusalem Police, said that day that he "would not fall off [his] chair" if the fire turned out to be a case of arson. In response to a Channel 2 reporter's question, Shaham affirmed that there is currently a plethora of arson attacks in the environs of Jerusalem. The reporter said that fire fighters told him that there were several incidents of arson every day in the Jerusalem area, and Shaham did not deny this.

The huge Carmel Forest fire in 2010 claimed the lives of 44 people – most of whom were Prisons Service cadets whose bus was caught in the flames. That fire was supposedly set by mistake by two Druze youths from the village of Daliat el Karmel. The police case against them was eventually closed.

However, Israelis are experienced at government and media cover-ups of subjects that might create rage against the Arab populace, and many believe that that fire, too, was intentionally set. In any case, it is known that there were numerous secondary fires lit as the blaze raged, in an attempt to intensify the damage.

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