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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 12fx0601.txt
Terrorist's Family Sues Israel, Receives Pension
Saudi Scholar Puts Out Hit on Assad
Satmar Rebbe – It's Me or Your Smartphones
Yishai: Israeli Women Afraid to Report Rape by African Migrants Due to AIDS Stigma newsletter: 12fx0604.txt
Der Spiegel: Israel's German Submarines Carry Nukes
Former Israeli Security Adviser: Don't Talk About Iran in Public
Death Threats to Author Questioning Origins of Islam
Israeli Firm Develops Non-Intoxicating Marijuana
Five Things You Should Know About Ancient Jerusalem newsletter: 12fx0605.txt
Israel to Unveil World's Smallest Missile
Israel's Foreign Ministry Condemns Violence Against African Migrants
Dershowitz: Israel Should Propose Settlement Freeze to Restart Peace Talks
'Jew,' the New Taunt of the Euro 2012 Championships newsletter: 12fx0606.txt
Obama Orders Embassy to Remain in Tel Aviv
Arab Father: I Don't Want This Baby; He's Jewish
2,000-Year-Old Treasure Found in Kiryat Gat
Song 'I Love Israel' is the Latest Craze in Egypt
Arab Translation of Talmud Includes Anti-Israeli Messages newsletter: 12fx0607.txt
Barak Acknowledges Israel's Cyber Offensive
68% of Arab-Israelis Prefer to Live in Israel newsletter: 12fx0608.txt
Was UFO a Russian ballistic missile?
Help Wanted: AQAP Recruiting Suicide Bombers
Screenwriter Claims Death Threats from Mel Gibson Supporters newsletter: 12fx0611.txt
US Ousts Israel from Counterterrorism Forum
Israel Condemns Violence in Syria
Israel's Mass Evacuation Plan
Violence is Their Solution
Herpes Disease Raises Fears of Circumcision Method
Terrorists' Bounty for Obama and Clinton: Camels and Chickens newsletter: 12fx0612.txt
Israeli Authorities Detain Dozens of African Migrants
Peres Will Ask Obama for Humanitarian Pardon for Pollard
Netanyahu, Peres Condemn Yad Vashem Anti-Zionist Graffiti
With New Cameras, IAF Could Peek into the Ground newsletter: 12fx0613.txt
Missile Attack on Tel Aviv Might Force Evacuation
Iranian Media: Islamic World Needs Nuclear Weapons
Israel in Secret Pact with Vatican
Israeli Robot Performs Brain Surgery newsletter: 12fx0614.txt
Obama Says No to Reduction of Pollard's Sentence but Awards Peres U.S. Medal of Freedom
What Happened to Israel's Reputation? newsletter: 12fx0615.txt
Poll: Israelis Trust the U.S., But Not Obama
Israeli Prefers to Live in PA but Arabs Don't Want Him
Begin: Tel Aviv is Not a Jewish City newsletter: 12fx0618.txt
IAF Strikes Terror Targets in Gaza
Coming Soon: Iron Dome 2.0
Ahmadinejad to Quit Politics in 2013
Sheftel: 'Obama's Attitude Towards Pollard Proves His Anti-Semitism'
Contaminated Instrument Puts 150 Israelis at Risk of Contracting HIV
Ben Gurion University Students Develop Autonomous Drone newsletter: 12fx0619.txt
IAF Hits Terrorists in Central Gaza
Barak: Attack Shows Egypt Losing Control of Sinai
Russian Commandos 'to Escort Assad Out of Syria'
Tourists Venture to West Bank to 'Shoot Terrorists'
Israeli B-Cure Laser Cures Your Pain Right at Home
Worldwide Study: Tel Aviv More Expensive Than New York newsletter: 12fx0620.txt
Report: Iran, Russia, China, Syria Plan Massive War Games
Rockets Pound South; 4 Border Guards Injured
General Warns: Terror to Move East
Netanyahu Doodles for Google newsletter: 12fx0621.txt
U.S. `Green Light' for Israeli Attack on Iran Depends on `Whether It Can Get the Job Done'
Israelis, Palestinians Closely Watch Egypt Turmoil
Report: Flame Part of US-Israeli Cyberattack Campaign Against Iran
Eilat Residents Fear for their Safety in Wake of Terror
North Carolina Democrats Consider Anti-Israel Resolution newsletter: 12fx0622.txt
Cease-Fire? Three Rockets Fired At Ashkelon
Syria Said to Possess Vast Quantities of Chemical Weapons
Co-Chairman of Bipartisan Policy Center to Congress: Israel Needs Bombs, Refueling Tankers for a Strike on Iran
Hebrew Lessons are the Latest Hit in Poland newsletter: 12fx0625.txt
Netanyahu: Israel Expects Cooperation with Mursi
Iranian General: Any Attack will Cause End of Israel
Turkish Prime Minister: Jews Are Under My Protection newsletter: 12fx0626.txt
Putin to Peres: It's Our Interest to Ensure Peace in Israel
Israel Deporting 144 Illegal Migrants to South Sudan
The Strangers Among Us by Naomi Ragen (Commentary)
Egypt Denies Morsi's Interview with Iranian Agency newsletter: 12fx0627.txt
Terrorists Fire Four Grad Missiles at Netivot
Iranian VP Blames 'Zionists,' Talmud for Inciting Drug Trade
War on Circumcision Spreads to Germany, Norway
Sesame Street's Elmo Creates Anti-Semitic Disturbance in NYC newsletter: 12fx0628.txt
Practical Concerns, Not Ideology, May Keep Egypt-Israel Peace
Egypt to Block Jewish Pilgrims from Holy Site
Senior Hamas Official Murdered in Damascus
Syria May Have Mistaken Turkish Jet for Israeli One
Shekel Sinks, Now Worth 25 Cents newsletter: 12fx0629.txt
Senior IDF Officer: 'We are Preparing for Possibility of War'
Arab Rage: Putin Recognizes Jerusalem's Jewish Past
European Jews and Muslims Outraged Over German Circumcision Ruling
Netanyahu: New National Service Law will Apply to All - Including Arabs, Haredim
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