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Terrorist's Family Sues Israel, Receives Pension


The family of a terrorist whose actions were caught on camera has won a lawsuit against the State of Israel and will receive a pension from the State.

Mohammed Khatib, a resident of Kafr Manda, an Israeli-Arab town in the Lower Galilee, was filmed by security cameras as he snatched a security guard's gun in the Old City of Jerusalem in August of 2007. He was filmed grabbing the weapon and firing on the guards before being shot to death. He managed to shoot three bullets and wound one of the guards in the shoulder before being killed.

According to the National Insurance Act, a person who commits a crime of a nationalistic nature is not eligible for a pension. However, Channel 10 News reported on Thursday, Khatib's family filed a lawsuit and was able to convince the court that Khatib's actions only looked like a terror attack.

"The behavior of the plaintiff, as recorded by the camera, does not support the conclusion that the incident was nationalistically motivated, because the plaintiff opened fire after the guard went after him and almost caught up with him," wrote Judge Maha Samir Ammar, according to Channel 10.

According to the report, the family also sought to start criminal proceedings against the security guard who shot Khatib, but the Jerusalem Magistrates Court ruled that the guards acted in self defense.

The police responded to the ruling by saying that there is no doubt that the terrorist acted for nationalistic reasons. The lawyer who represented Khatib's family rejected the police's claims and told Channel 10, "Unfortunately, the police are misleading the public about an unfortunate incident that began in an incomprehensible way."

Saudi Scholar Puts Out Hit on Assad

By Reuters

A Saudi scholar has offered a $450,000 reward for assassinating Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. "We announce a reward of $450,000 for whoever kills the assassin Bashar Al Assad, whose massacres of women and children have horrified the world," Ali Al Rabieei said on his Twitter account.

The death bounty was announced in response to the Houla massacre of at least 108 people – including 49 children and 34 women – were murdered. Some were killed by artillery and tank fire but most were killed "execution style," according to a UN report that cited witnesses who said Assad-allied Shahiba militiamen were behind the house-to-house massacre.

Shabiha thugs are known to frequently work closely with soldiers and security forces, but the regime never acknowledges their existence – allowing it to deny responsibility for their actions.

Satmar Rebbe – It's Me or Your Smartphones

By Ha'aretz

Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel in New York State, gave his followers an ultimatum on Shavuot: rid yourselves of your smart phones or get a new rebbe.

As Satmar hassidim gathered around the rebbe at the end of the holiday, he took a strong line against smartphones, telling his disciples that it is 'forbidden' for them to have a computer in one's home – as has been his position for many years.

There are exceptions regarding computers with filtered Internet access when strictly necessary for earning a livelihood, he said. He then went on the address smartphones, stating all "klei kodesh" (holy vessels) – fundraisers, Torah students, Torah teachers, educational supervisors, institutional administrators, ritual slaughterers and scribes may not have such a device – without exception.

The rebbe also called on directors of Satmar institutions worldwide to begin enforcing this within four weeks, permitting a grace period to acquire an acceptable phone. Anyone who does not comply, the rebbe said, will no longer be permitted to continue in their position with any Satmar institution. The Satmar rebbe also said that a woman may not have a smartphone under any circumstances.

Meanwhile, Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Wosner in Monsey NY ruled this week – in accordance with his grandfather's ruling – that those who possess smartphones or have unfiltered Internet access are not kosher witnesses. According to the report, Wosner's decision was made at a wedding when he learned one of the witnesses possessed a phone that was not "kosher." He ordered another witnesses be found.

Yishai: Israeli Women Afraid to Report Rape by African Migrants Due to AIDS Stigma

By Ha'aretz

In an interview with Ma'ariv, Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai said Thursday that many Israeli women have been raped by illegal African migrant workers "but do not complain out of fear of being stigmatized as having contracted AIDS."

Yishai stated that the solution to the current problem is "more prisons and migrant detention camps," and that Israel must "prepare more military bases where we can jail all of them without exception." Yishai further stated that the "infiltrators, along with the Palestinians, will bring a quick end to the Zionist dream," adding that "there is not another country that is as sensitive as Israel is to the rights of foreigners. We have enough worries with issues of health and welfare in this country, and we don't need to import more worries from Africa."

Yishai also told Ma'ariv that "south Tel Aviv has turned into the garbage can of the country" and implored all those who speak out against him to "take the infiltrators and put them in their neighborhoods so that they see them every day, so that their children will try and play in the same pre-schools."

In response to Yishai, the head of the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel, Michal Rozin, said that reports reveal that 87% of the referrals they receive report that the rape was committed by someone close to them, rather than by a stranger.

According to Rozin, most of the women that are sexually abused do not report it nor ask for help, adding that the reasons usually have to do with "feelings of guilt, shame, loneliness and fear, rather than the worry of contraction AIDS. Politicians must not cynically use rape in order to express their positions on refugees and asylum seekers."

Reut Michaeli, the head of the Hotline for Migrant Workers also responded to Yishai's comments, stating that the Interior Minister has "found the magic formula for making it to the headlines every other day without any parliamentary achievements."

Yishai's comments came a day after dozens of protesters gathered near the central bus station in south Tel Aviv demanding the deportation of African migrants from Israel.

The protesters were calling "leftists are traitors" and holding up signs saying "south Tel Aviv, not South Sudan." The right-winged activist Baruch Marzel said that they hope to hold demonstrations on a daily basis, adding that they will not stay quiet "until the Prime Minister and the Foreign and Interior Ministers will start to act, rather than talk."

At one point of the demonstration, the protesters attacked Hananya Vanda, an Israeli citizen of Ethiopian origin who they mistakenly identified as an immigrant. After they realized Vanda is Jewish, the protesters said that they did not mean to attack him.

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