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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 12fx0402.txt
Report: Israel Scales Back Covert Operations Inside Iran
Bad Joke: Naval Commander's April Fools Stunt Leaves Him with Egg on Face
Barghouti Placed in Solitary Confinement in Israel Prison after Call for Popular Uprising
Jordan Arabs Attack Anti-Zionist Jews
EasyJet to Offer More Flights Between Tel Aviv, London
Packing for a Flight to Israel
Winner of Israel's Singing Competition Gives 'Voice' to Aliyah newsletter: 12fx0403.txt
IDF: Missile Attack on Israel Would Produce Less Than 300 Casualties
Ultra-Orthodox Man Wounded in Axe Attack in Central Jerusalem
'Pesach Goy' Buys Israel's Chametz
The $25,000 Matzo Ball Soup
Bring Hatikvah to YouTube newsletter: 12fx0404.txt
Israeli-US Air, Naval Forces Train for Energy War
Netanyahu: Iran Sanctions Aren't Working
Smuggling Tunnels Become a Lifeline for So-Called Impoverished Gaza
Yes, It's Holocaust Remembrance Day Again
Arab Lecturer: Moses Led Muslims out of Egypt
Palestinians Honor Columnist Helen Thomas newsletter: 12fx0405.txt
Terrorists Fire Grad Rocket at Eilat
Rav Ariel: Let Us Sacrifice on the Mount
Ex-Mossad Chief Meir Dagan's Company to Search for Uranium in Negev
Overnight Success for Israeli 'Hunger Games' App newsletter: 12fx0406.txt
IDF Chief: Israel will Reach All Terrorists Behind Overseas Attacks
Germany to Honor 3rd Reich Soldiers?
Rabbi Permitted Eating Chametz at Concentration Camp newsletter: 12fx0409.txt
Netanyahu: Iran will Use Nuclear Talks to Deceive the World
'Israeli Collaborator,' 2 Others Hanged in Gaza
Jews Brave Terror Threat to Remember Exodus in Sinai
Mike Wallace, Veteran 60 Minutes Correspondent, Dies
Coptic Christians Surge to Israel after Patriarch's Death newsletter: 12fx0410.txt
Obama Rejects Appeal for Pollard's Release
U.S.: Time for Reaching Diplomatic Solution to Iran Nuclear Standoff is Limited
Kiev: Jewish Man Brutally Beaten After Second Seder
Travelers Balk at New Money-Changing Rates at Israel's Airport newsletter: 12fx0411.txt
Report: Israel Told US 'No Attack until Early Fall'
CBS's Ben Stein Warns of Second Holocaust
Former US Official: Pollard May Yet be Released newsletter: 12fx0412.txt
`Flytilla' Activists Planning to Defy Israeli Ban
Netanyahu to Abbas: Talks Without Recognition of Israel as Jewish State
Mezuzah Ban Reversed
Israel's Military Dogs Get Kosher Food for Passover newsletter: 12fx0413.txt
Scenarios for Iran Retaliation Vary if Israel Strikes Nuclear Targets
Polish Football Club Brands Anti-Semitic T-Shirts
Mel Gibson Accused of Sabotaging Maccabee Film, 'Hating Jews' newsletter: 12fx0416.txt
USAF: Israel Aided US Effort in Iraq, Afghanistan
Israel Blocks `Fly-in' by Pro-Palestinian Activists
Pollard is Returned to Prison newsletter: 12fx0417.txt
Jordanian TV: 'Shatter Might of Israel,' Conquer Jerusalem
Seven Firebombs on Jewish Homes in Mount of Olives
Foreign Activist Draws Swastika on BG Airport Wall
Gantz: Israel Must Protect Jews Around the World
Herd of Cows Derails Train; Passengers Safe, 20 Cows Killed
Google to Launch Street View for Israel newsletter: 12fx0418.txt
Palestinian Authority Hunger Strike Latest PR Ploy
Hamas War on Israel: 1,100 Missiles a Year
Gold Rush in Israel – Near Eilat
Mel Gibson Fires Back at Anti-Semitism Claim newsletter: 12fx0419.txt
Netanyahu's Holocaust Speech Devoted to Iran Threat
Saudi Arabia Bars 'Gays and Tom-Boys' from Government Schools newsletter: 12fx0420.txt
Netanyahu: Chutzpah to Call Israel a Threat to World Peace
Obama: 'Never Again' More Than Empty Slogan
New Video Describes Why Israel is a Light to all Nations newsletter: 12fx0423.txt
Egypt 'Unilaterally Breaks Off Gas Deal'
Lieberman Warns Netanyahu Egypt More Dangerous than Iran
Congressional Report: US Stockpiling Weapons in Israel
Army Chief: IDF prepared for Iran strike
Islamic Jihad Book: Eilat 'Life or Death' for Israel
Toronto in Rage over `No God but Allah' Subway Ads
Google Officially Launches Street View in Israel newsletter: 12fx0424.txt
Lieberman: Israel Not Using Azeri Airbases
NJ Court: Non-Jew Can Sue Employers for Anti-Semitic Slurs
Celebrity Mohel Mocks Baby's Manhood
Kazakhstan Thanks Borat for Boosting Tourism newsletter: 12fx0425.txt
Peres: Israel Still Under Threat, We'll Continue to Seek Peace
PA Children's Show: Zion is a Devil with a Tail
Israel Approaches 8 Million at 64 newsletter: 12fx0426.txt
Israel Celebrates 64th Birthday
'Best Buy': Electronics and Hamas
Jewish Ire 'Could Cost Obama Florida'
'No Fear' Video Hits 2.3 Million Views in 6 Days
UK Paper 'Names' Tel Aviv as Israel's Capital newsletter: 12fx0427.txt
Peres: No Need to 'Wave Swords' When it Comes to Iran
Experts: Iran Prepares for Cyberwar Against U.S.
Egypt Plans 'Farewell Intercourse' Law newsletter: 12fx0430.txt
Arab States Hold War Games as Tensions with Iran Mount
Iran Dares Obama to Discuss Who Owns New York
Chevra Kadisha Presents Alternative Mass Burial Plan
Attempt to Abduct Israeli Girl at Disney World
Singer Noa 'Sang for Terrorists'
Think About The Little Things When Flying Internationally
For Sale Online: 'I Love Jews But Hate Israel' T-Shirts
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