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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 12fx0201.txt
Senator Leaks Secret Mossad Meetings on TV
Propaganda: A Powerful Weapon
Moving to Israel at 97 newsletter: 12fx0202.txt
Abbas: Willing to Resume Negotiations, But...
Chief of Staff: Next War will be Short and Harsh
Iran Wants to Choke Israel Through Muslim Brotherhood Alliance newsletter: 12fx0203.txt
U.S. Worries Israel is About to Strike Iran
Israel: Iran's Destroyed Missiles Could have Reached the U.S.
Gaza Protesters Pelt UN Chief's Convoy with Shoes
Iran Mulls Samsung Boycott over Israeli Ad newsletter: 12fx0206.txt
Obama: I Don't Think Israel Has Made a Decision on Iran
Missing Jewish Teen Located in Arab Village
Cabinet Approves Construction of High-Speed Train Line Between Tel Aviv and Eilat newsletter: 12fx0207.txt
Obama Tries to Stop Israeli Iran Strike
Iran: Genocide a Moral Obligation newsletter: 12fx0208.txt
Embassies in Israel Preparing for Iran Strike?
Netanyahu: Stop 'Blabbing' About Iran
Fatah, Hamas Agree to Form Unity Government
'We Came Into This World to Change Nature'
India to Deport Chabad Couple for `Suspicious Activities' newsletter: 12fx0209.txt
Iranian Official: Better Not Consider Attacking Iran
Pipes: `The Public is Receiving Much Disinformation'
Report: Israel Considering Placing IAF Aircraft in Cyprus
Do You Want To Be an IDF Commando? newsletter: 12fx0210.txt
Report: Syrian Armored Forces Move Nearer to Israel
Israel Debates Possible Fallout From Attack on Iran
Israeli Fans Beg Netanyahu to Hold Off Iran Attack Until After Madonna Concert
Will America Sacrifice Israel?
Jesus Lives On In Jerusalem newsletter: 12fx0213.txt
Abbas: We Won't Recognize Israel as a Jewish State
U.S. Admiral Says Forces Prepared to Confront Iran
IDF: Relinquish Dual Citizenship
Egyptian TV: Jeans Made in Israel Cause Infertility newsletter: 12fx0214.txt
Israel Blames Iran for Attacks in India, Georgia
IDF: Israel's Second Airport Can't be in Negev
Kotel Rabbi to eBay: Stop Selling Kotel Stones newsletter: 12fx0215.txt
Thai Police Arrest Second Iranian After Bangkok Blasts
Israel Raises State of Alert Following Attacks on Diplomats
Chabad Tells Men: Marry at 20 newsletter: 12fx0216.txt
Netanyahu: Bombing Attacks Unmask Iran
IDF Retaliates After Rocket Barrage Hits Southern Israel
PA Actively Defying Israel in Jerusalem
Israeli Video Game Turns Bureaucratic Hurdles into Quest
Oprah Winfrey Talks Sex with Hasidic Women newsletter: 12fx0217.txt
Times of India: Mossad Chief Visited New Delhi Days Before Attack
Israel Calls for Additional Sanctions on Iran
U.S. Intelligence Chief: Iran Not Close to Dropping Nuclear Plan
Is New Bill Designed to Press Obama on Iran Strike?
Spoof Nazi Sci-Fi Film Hits Berlin newsletter: 12fx0220.txt
U.S. Envoy Visits Israel to Discuss Iran Tensions
Rocket Protection System to be Deployed in Tel Aviv Area
Iran Threatens `Crushing Response' If Attacked
Haredi Man Takes 2nd Wife, Stirring Row newsletter: 12fx0221.txt
Israel to U.S.: Disagreement Over Attack on Nuclear Sites Serves Iranian Interests
`Israel Needs 100 Planes to Attack Iran'
Iranian Warships Dock at Syrian Port After Crossing Suez Canal newsletter: 12fx0222.txt
Iran Threatens Pre-Emptive Attack on Israel
IDF Says Ground Invasion in Gaza `Matter of Time'
Pentagon: Iranian Warships Didn't Dock in Syria
EL AL Israel Airlines Announces National Hamantaschen Eating Championship newsletter: 12fx0223.txt
Navy's New Super-Sub Revealed
Iran Moves Warplanes to Protect Nuclear Sites
Russia Warns Israel Not to Attack Iran
Iranian Scientist 'Sought Israel's Annihilation,' Says Widow
Israel Builds Fence Along Sinai Border
Adelson Tells Forbes: I Might Give Gingrich $100 million
EL AL Israel Airlines Announces National Hamantaschen Eating Championship
Haredim Declare War on Smartphones newsletter: 12fx0224.txt
Peres on Iran: When We Say 'All Options,' We Mean It
Obama Administration Refuses to Grant Visa to Israeli Knesset Member
'March to Jerusalem' Wants To Bring 1 Million Arabs to Border newsletter: 12fx0227.txt
Israel: Iran to Top Agenda at White House Summit
Expert: There will be No Choice, Other than to Attack Iran
Abbas' Speech – Irresponsible Incitement
Lebanese Columnist: Judaism is a "Fairytale"
Russian El Al Leaflet Presents Israeli Map –Minus W. Bank, Golan newsletter: 12fx0228.txt
PA Arabs Riot, Hurl Firebombs at Israelis
McCain Charges White House with Israel Leaks
WikiLeaks: Israel Destroyed Iranian Nuke Infrastructure'
Senators Meet Castro, Discuss Alan Gross' Release newsletter: 12fx0229.txt
Top US General Grilled on Iran Strike
Top Iran Official: Enemies will Face 'Rainy Day' Weapons in Case of Attack
WikiLeaks: Russia Gave Israel Iranian System's Codes
Texas Schools Tell Jews to Play on Sabbath or Forfeit
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