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PA Arabs Riot, Hurl Firebombs at Israelis


Palestinian Authority Arabs rioted in Jerusalem and hurled firebombs at Israelis Monday in what appears to be the start of a third wave of the 'Oslo War,' or what the Arabs refer to as an "intifada."

The Arab rioters threw large, sharp-edged rocks and firebombs – Molotov cocktails – at Border Police officers in the A-Tur neighborhood. Most of the rioters were Arabs who are eligible to vote in Palestinian Authority elections, although some also carry the blue Israeli identity cards that entitle them to all the privileges of any other Israeli citizen.

Five of the rioters were arrested, and police were eventually forced to resort to using anti-riot measures in order to control the violent mob. Palestinian Authority Arabs also hurled four firebombs towards the Qalandia crossing, south of Ramallah, on Monday evening. There were no casualties or damage.

Earlier in the day, a vehicle with Israeli license plates was damaged by rocks hurled by Arabs as the driver traveled past the Gilo area, south of Jerusalem. No one was physically injured, although the experience was traumatic. IDF soldiers were dispatched to the scene of the attack.

Video footage of the repeated ambushes was filmed, and a gaggle of photographers was also seen eagerly racing to get good shots of the lethal attacks, which appeared to further encourage the attackers. No IDF soldiers or any other security forces were visible, although it is unclear why, since an Israeli "pillbox" military guard post is located right next to the site of the attack.

McCain Charges White House with Israel Leaks


Sen. John McCain on Sunday lashed out at the Obama administration's handling of rising tensions between Israel and Iran. McCain told CNN's "State of the Union" that the administration intentionally leaked to the media the reason for the US national security adviser's trip to Israel – to try to persuade the country not to attack Iran.

McCain said the leak weakened Israel's standing in its face-off with Iran, rightly angered Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and strained US-Israel relations. "The prime minister has every reason to be upset," McCain said. "I can understand why relations are in very bad shape right now."

This is the second time in as many weeks that McCain has openly criticized senior US officials for their conduct towards Israel in its standoff with Tehran Last week; McCain backed Netanyahu in a flare up with the Pentagon, saying "There should be no daylight between America and Israel in our assessment of the [Iranian] threat." "Unfortunately there clearly is some," added the Senator.

McCain added differences between Washington and Jerusalem over Iran has caused "significant tension," adding, "there is very little doubt that Iran has so far been undeterred to get nuclear weapons."

WikiLeaks: Israel Destroyed Iranian Nuke Infrastructure'


Leaked WikiLeaks emails, focusing on how a U.S. intelligence agency works reveals a cable that Israel destroyed Iranian's nuclear infrastructure. However, other leaked cables indicated contradictory and sometimes wrong information. The latest exposed documents focus on the U.S. intelligence company Stratfor and contain information that allegedly incriminates it for murky if not illegal operations.

One email dated November 7, 2011 states that Strafor thought that reports of Israel's preparing to strike Iran were a diversion tactic and that "the Israelis already destroyed all the Iranian nuclear infrastructure on the ground weeks ago." The supposed preparations to attack Iran allegedly were staged for European Union leaders trying to divert attention from the EU's economic problems.

Other leaked documents show wrong estimates, perhaps stated on purpose, concerning Iran's nuclear ability, according to the Washington Post's Greg Miller. He wrote that a leaked cable by an American diplomat, dated in the year 2005, stated that Israeli officials thought Iran's attempt to enrich uranium were near the "point of no return". "The cable notes that Israeli `assessments from 1993 predicted that Iran would possess an atomic bomb by 1998 at the latest,'" Miller reported.

The importance of WikiLeaks has been pooh-poohed by the Atlantic's international editor Max Fisher, who tweeted, "STRATFOR is a joke and so is WikiLeaks." Stratfor gathers intelligence for some of America's largest companies. The firm refused to comment on the WikiLeaks documents, saying they were stolen and that it would not be intimidated. Stratfor allegedly paid government and diplomatic sources around the world for information, using an international network of agents, including journalists.

WikiLeaks said it has more than five million emails from Stratfor, based in Texas, dating from 2004 to 2011. "The emails show Stratfor's web of informers, pay-off structure, payment-laundering techniques and psychological methods," WikiLeaks stated. Some of the documents expose alleged U.S. government and Stratfor's attempts to attack and subvert WikiLeaks and its director Julian Assange.

Senators Meet Castro, Discuss Alan Gross' Release

By Reuters

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, a Democrat from Vermont met with imprisoned American Jew Alan Gross as well as Cuban President Raul Castro to discuss the detainee's release, but said that he doesn't expect Gross to be released any time soon, MSNBC news reported this past weekend.

Leahy met with Gross on Thursday afternoon at a Havana military prison. He and Sen. Richard Shelby, a Republican from Alabama, then met with Raul Castro. These talks were the first high-level meeting between the U.S. and Cuba since former President Jimmy Carter met with Castro in April 2010.

"The 62-year-old Maryland native is serving a 15-year jail term for spiriting satellite and other communications equipment onto the island while on a USAID-funded democracy-building program. Cuba considers the programs an attempt to destabilize the government, and Gross was convicted of crimes against the state, not espionage," MSNBC stated. The Gross family says he should be released on humanitarian grounds because his mother and daughter both have cancer.

Leahy said Castro agreed that Gross "was no spy," but that Castro brought up the case of five Cuban agents sentenced to long jail sentences in the United States. Leahy said Castro "made it very clear that while we may be concerned for Gross and have humanitarian reasons to be, they are very concerned about the five (agents) and have humanitarian and family reasons too."

Leahy said Gross appeared in reasonably good spirits during the visit, but that he also indicated his two years of detention had taken a toll on his health, MSNBC reported. "He obviously wants to leave. He feels that his health has been endangered," Leahy said.

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