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Palestinians Plan Diplomatic Steps to Put Israel Under `International Siege'
Israeli Politicians Decry Ultra-Orthodox Protesters' Use of Holocaust Imagery
Desalination Plant Could Make Israel Water Exporter
Singer Yaffa Yarkoni Dies at 86 newsletter: 12fx0103.txt
Nuclear Activity at Dimona Reactor to Desist if Missiles Attack Israel
Barak: Assad 'Only Has Weeks'
If Civil War Engulfs Syria, Assad will Fight from New Mountain Fortress
Shut My Mouth Like Hell newsletter: 12fx0104.txt
Report: Al Qaeda Operating in Jerusalem
Ahmadinejad: Israel's Attempts to 'Judaize' Jerusalem will Bring About its End
Community Stands Up to Missionary Mailings
Hamas Goes after Naked Mannequins and Fortune-Tellers newsletter: 12fx0105.txt newsletter: 12fx0106.txt
Israel, U.S. to Hold Major Missile Defense Exercise
Will a U.S. Attack on Iran Become Obama's `October Surprise'? newsletter: 12fx0109.txt
Israel Navy Promises Missile Boats will Secure Offshore Drilling Platforms
Iran Issues New Threat to Close Strait of Hormuz
Saudi Banks Fear Israeli Cyber Attack newsletter: 12fx0110.txt
Ahmadinejad, Chavez rebuff U.S., Joke About Having Nuclear Bomb
PA TV Marks Fatah Founding, Praises Coastal Road Massacre
Warning: Hizbullah Wants to be your `Friend'
`I Won Lottery Because I Donated to Synagogue' newsletter: 12fx0111.txt
Israel 'Resigned to a Nuclear Iran'
IDF: No Plans to Absorb Syrian Refugees
Amid Israel Policy Debate, Ron Paul Runs into Anti-Zionist Rabbi newsletter: 12fx0112.txt
IDF Spokesman: No Tears for Assassinated Iranian Scientist
PLO Slammed by Jordanian Islamists
Israeli Hackers Publish Saudi Credit Card Details
Israel's High Court Rejects Petitions Against `Citizenship Law' newsletter: 12fx0113.txt
Report: Obama Told Netanyahu to Explain Iran Hit
Yemen's Romeo and Juliet
Holocaust Drawings by Unknown Artists newsletter: 12fx0116.txt
US Pressure? Israel Postpones Massive Joint Drill
PA Religious Official Publicly Calls for Genocide of Jews
Dutch Government: No Apology for Holocaust Wrongdoing newsletter: 12fx0120.txt
Dempsey Visit Will Not Alter Israel's Refusal to Notify US of an Iran Strike
Lebanese Army Warns Hizbullah: Disarm Before Assad Falls
The Badly Kept Secret of Israel's Trade Throughout the Muslim World
U.S. Start-up Accelerator Launches Program for Israeli Entrepreneurs
Rabbi: Don't Open Tap on Shabbat
Israel to Deport Japanese Researcher Over Fear He will `Settle Down' After Studies
Did Pope Save the Jews?
New Evidence Unearths Mass Graves at Treblinka newsletter: 12fx0123.txt
Netanyahu: Israel Must prevent Elimination of the Jewish People
Knesset Preparing 'Corrective Discrimination' of Ethiopians
PA Mufti Denies He Called to Kill Jews
Ahmadinejad: We'll Confront Anyone who Threatens Us newsletter: 12fx0124.txt
Obama Assassination Column Publisher Resigns
Report: 20% of Germans Still Anti-Semitic
'Nearly Half of Israelis Won't Receive Gas Masks' newsletter: 12fx0125.txt
Minister: Iran Has a 'Destroy Israel Program'
Former US Officials Assess Mideast Peace Prospects
Iranians in Azerbaijan Plotted to Kill Chabad Rabbis
Israel to UN: Tomorrow Will Be Too Late For Action Against Iran
Israeli Consulate in Boston Evacuated over Anthrax Scare
Israeli Comedy Show Parodies the Birthright Experience newsletter: 12fx0126.txt
Missile Threat to Israel Exaggerated, Expert Says
Israel-PLO Talks End in Amman, Jordan Mulls Sanctions?
Former Israeli Envoy to US: Replace Obama newsletter: 12fx0127.txt
Peres to Iranians: Rise Up Against Ahmadinejad
Israeli Hacker Counterstrike on Arab Sites
Former IDF Chief: Israel Must Prepare for Possible Attack on Iran
Terrorist Punished for Interview
Survey: Record Number of Israeli Jews Believe in God
Baby Bites Off Snake's Head newsletter: 12fx0130.txt
US Ambassador: 'US Won't Be Complicit in Second Holocaust'
PA TV: Mother of Fogels' Murderer Sends her Love\
Israel's Space Budget Lifts Off: From NIS 10M to 165M
Chinese Women Fight for Anti-Terror Training in Israel
El Al Removing Toilet from Boeing 737
Online Jewish School: The Best of Both Worlds newsletter: 12fx0131.txt
Netanyahu 'Ready to Go to Ramallah'
Chabad Fears Worldwide Attacks
Time to Arm the Rebbe's Army: Black Frocks Need Glocks
Austrian Fascists Danced on Holocaust Remembrance Day
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