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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 11fx1201.txt
Germany will sell Israel a fourth Dolphin-class submarine and will finance a third of its costs, reports said Wednesday. newsletter: 11fx1202.txt
Barak: No Iran Strike – Yet
Iran: We are Prepared for War with Israel
Report: Russia Delivers Supersonic Cruise Missiles to Syria
Fatah Recognizes Israel? Not According to PA
Close-up Photos of Spencer Tunick Nude Photo Shoot Leaked Online newsletter: 11fx1205.txt
Netanyahu's History Lesson Hints at Israeli Strike on Iran
Iran Warns Blockade Means a Worldwide Recession
Technology to Reverse 'Curse of Babel?' newsletter: 11fx1206.txt
Tehran Residents Fear Imminent Strike
Former Israeli General: We'll Have to Bulldoze Gaza
Iran Lures Argentina into Trans-Atlantic Terror Axis
Bearded Rabbi Shaves US Army
German Neo-Nazi Cell Distributes Anti-Semitic Version of Monopoly
Spielberg Eyes Moses Film newsletter: 11fx1207.txt
Dubai Sheikh: If Iran Attacks, Israel will Wipe It Off the Map
Nasrallah Comes Out of Hiding, Asks to be Martyred
US Opens `Virtual Embassy' for Iran
Google Voice Search now in Hebrew, Arabic newsletter: 11fx1208.txt
PA Female Terrorist Foiled in Attack on IDF Soldier
Young Jewish Girls 'Marrying Arabs in Galilee'
Iran Blocks U.S. 'Virtual Embassy' Site newsletter: 11fx1209.txt
More Rockets Fired into Southern Israel
Israel Gives Illegal Africans $500 and Truck License
Gingrich: I'd Move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Possible Clemency for Pollard
CoolSchool - a Safe Israeli 'Facebook' for Kids newsletter: 11fx1211.txt
Gingrich broke taboos against challenging Arab double talk and "Mideast lies." Romney admits he is right – but shouldn't tell the truth.
Hamas unknowingly acts out a verse from Psalms and talks about another ceasefire while proclaiming to "remove the occupier…from Palestine."
Russia launched two satellites on Sunday, one of them carrying Israeli sophisticated communications systems.
Court rules that Ragen knowingly copied from writer Sarah Shapiro's work in her novel Sotah. newsletter: 11fx1212.txt
Israel Approves Plan to Curb Flood of African Migrants
Palestinians Slam Remarks by US Presidential Candidate
Hamas Talks Peace and Declares War newsletter: 11fx1213.txt
GCC Eyes Egypt in Drive for a Modern Caliphate
Saudi Authorities Behead Woman for 'Sorcery'
Dershowitz: Israel Has Legal Right to Attack Iran newsletter: 11fx1214.txt
Palestinian Flag Raised over UNESCO HQ
Netanyahu Slams Israelis That Attacked IDF Soldiers
Tunisian Muslims Ask Jews to Remain
Habima's 'Anti-Semitic' Play Sparks Row
Chanukah Comes Real Soon newsletter: 11fx1215.txt
Hamas Marks 24th Anniversary with Gaza Rally
Netanyahu: Jewish Extremists Not a 'Terror Group'
Report: Iran to Display Israeli, US Drones
Iran: Tehran Demolishes Dome 'Adorned' with Jewish Star newsletter: 11fx1216.txt
IDF Announces New 'Depth' Command
Expose: The Vatican Wants Jerusalem
Obama to Address Jewish Group on Israel, Mideast Peace
Peres Introduces Online Newspaper newsletter: 11fx1219.txt
Israel Releases 550 Palestinian Prisoners
Israel Narrowing Standard of Living Gap with US
Jewish Rights Group Hunting Nazi War Criminals
Israeli Woman Refuses Ultra-Orthodox Dictate to Move to Back of Bus
Israeli Researchers: Belly Dancing Good for Women's Health newsletter: 11fx1220.txt
Saudi King Calls for Arab Super State
Israel's Immigrant Volunteers
Dimona Area 'Radiation Levels Were Manipulated'
Anti-Zionist Satmar Rebbe Warns Jews Not to Oppose Obama newsletter: 11fx1221.txt
Report: Israel's Homefront Not Prepared for War
Netanyahu Hints Tel Aviv Subway May Double as Mass Shelter
Panetta: US Won't Allow Iran to Make Nuclear Bomb
UN Security Council Divided Over Israeli Settlements
Ragen: Court Authorized Exclusion of Women
Obama Issues Chanukah Greetings newsletter: 11fx1222.txt
Hamas Calls to Form Army for the Liberation of `Palestine'
Foreign Ministry: UN Should Condemn Syria, Not Israel
US General: We Can Successfully Attack Iran
Protest Shuts Down Scientology Elementary School newsletter: 11fx1223.txt
PA Officials: U.S. Isolated over Support of Israel Settlements
Iran: Naval Maneuvers Send 'Message of Peace'
U.S. Earmarks $235 Million for Israel's Defense
Netanyahu and the New (Old) Testament newsletter: 11fx1226.txt
Report: Israeli Jets, Sub Strike in Sudan
Hebrew U Professor: Tobacco Can Help Cure Malaria
Israelis Develop Cancer 'Cluster Bomb'
eBay May Launch Hebrew Website newsletter: 11fx1227.txt
Former Aide: Ron Paul is 'Most Certainly Anti-Israel'
PLO Might Renege on Recognition of Israel
Iran Defense Minister: Israeli Strike Would be a Suicide Mission
Israel Police Called 'Nazis'
EU Study: It's Tough Being Old in Israel
If Abraham Were to Come This Year, Temple Mount Would be Closed newsletter: 11fx1228.txt
Second IAF Strike in Gaza Targets Terror Cell
Chanukah Miracle' Nixes Likely Terror Attack
Planned Old City Tourist Center Likely to Anger West and PA newsletter: 11fx1229.txt
Israel, U.S. Discuss Triggers for Military Strike on Iran
Ahmadinejad: Gulf Arabs are Western Pawns
US Warns Iran Not to Close Strait of Hormuz
Israeli Female Soldier Accosted for Rebuffing Haredi Bus Segregation
Rabbis OK Therapeutic Approach to Homosexuality newsletter: 11fx1230.txt
EU Envoy: Israel has Nothing to Fear from Regional Rise of Islamists
Report: Hizbullah Laundered Drug Money in US Banks
Report: US Pushing Israel to Free Barghouti
Hareidi Man Who Called Soldier 'Harlot' Charged with Sexual Harassment
Ron Paul: 'I Am the Most Pro-Israel'
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