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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 11fx1003.txt
Hamas Calls for Increased Violence Against Israel
Israel Accepts Quartet Proposal to Resume Peace Talks
PA Maps Show `State' that Swallows Up Israel
Fatah Official: Shhh! 1949 Lines Would be Israel's Doom
Obama's Jew-Free Policy
Ahmadinejad: Mideast Conflict Can End if Immigrant Jews 'Go Home' newsletter: 11fx1004.txt
House Committee Chair Places Hold on PA Aid
Palestinians Disagree On What a `Palestinian Spring' Could Be
Attackers Carve Jewish Star into Back of Iraqi Poet in S. Louis
Ahmadinejad: Israel Killed Our Scientists newsletter: 11fx1005.txt
Report: Syrian Unrest Spilling into Lebanon
Assad Threatens Israel, US if NATO Attacks
PA Pooh-Poohs US Aid Freeze
Yad Vashem in Deal for Hidden Holocaust Files
American Sues Israeli Ministers for 'Torture' newsletter: 11fx1006.txt
Hamas Blames 'Zionist Rabbis' for Mosque Arson
Erdogan: Israel is Threat Because of Nuclear Weapons
'Abbas Advancing Israeli Plots'
Secret Operation: Bibles Rescued from Syria newsletter: 11fx1007.txt
IDF Drills 'Yom Kippur Surprise' in North
Britain Rejects War Crimes Warrant for Israeli Politician
Carter: Obama Must Back Palestinian Statehood
Iran Ready to Send 'Peacekeepers' to Crisis Spots
Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Jews Begin Atonement Ahead of Yom Kippur newsletter: 11fx1010.txt
Britain: '200 Suicide Bombers Plan Attacks'
`Gantz: Israel Must Always be War-Ready
The Vatican's Pact with Islam newsletter: 11fx1011.txt
74 Lashes for Insulting Ahmadinejad
Palestinians: US Aid Freeze for Statehood Bid Amounts to 'Blackmail'
Hizbullah Mulls Attacking Israeli Gas Interests
Pardon Pollard Petition Opens on White House Website
Experts: Efforts to Ban Infant Male Circumcision Are Unfounded, Potentially Harmful newsletter: 11fx1012.txt
Shin Bet Head: We Will Pay a Price
Israel, Hamas Agree on 1027 Prisoner Exchange for Shalit
Clinton Vows 'Strong Message' to Iran over Terror
Recalcitrant Husband to Pay NIS 680,000 ($183,000) newsletter: 11fx1013.txt
Ahmadinejad: Zionists Behind Cairo's Copt Massacre
Security Official: Shalit Deal will Spill Soldiers' Blood
Can Computers Solve Mystery of Bible's `Ghostwriters' newsletter: 11fx1014.txt
Worldwide Sukkah Directory Goes Online
Shalit to Meet Family at Air Force Base on Tuesday
Obama: Iran Must be Held Accountable newsletter: 11fx1017.txt
Raw Sewage Floods Gaza City
US on High Alert, Conducts Drill in Israel and Saudi Arabia
Israel, Hamas Prepare for Tuesday's Prisoner Swap
Arab Policemen Arrest Jews for Bowing Down on Temple Mount newsletter: 11fx1018.txt
Victim: We Won't Let Terrorists Leave the Country
Israel's High Court Rejects Bereaved Families' Petitions
Chinese Jews Feel More At Home in Israel newsletter: 11fx1019.txt
Freed Terrorists Thank Hamas
Free at Last: Shalit Returns Home, However Prisoner Exchange Could Boost Hamas
Israeli Media: Shalit Egyptian TV Interview 'Borderline Torture'
Jewish Groups Congratulate Israel on Shalit's Return
Ahmadinejad: Shalit Deal a Great Victory newsletter: 11fx1020.txt
Arab Users Tweet: Israel Cares about its Citizens
Deported Palestinians Begin Arriving in Host Countries
Freed Female Palestinian Terrorist to Gaza Kids: I Hope You will Become Martyrs
Hamas Gifts $2,000 to Each Released Palestinian Prisoner newsletter: 11fx1021.txt
Report: Security Council Vote on PA State November 11
New Virus May Herald Stuxnet-Style Attack on Iran Nuclear Program
U.S. Aid to Help Locate Libyan Missiles
'Baghdad Jewish Community in Danger' newsletter: 11fx1024.txt
IDF Officer Dismissed over Palestinian Fatality
Chinese to Build Railway to Eilat
Israel Offers Turkey `Any Help, Anywhere, Any Time' but Turkey Says No
Bielsky: Israel Not Ready for Quake
Rabbi: 'Intermarriage Plays into Nazis' Hands' newsletter: 11fx1026.txt
Soldiers-to-Be: Don't Free Terrorists for Me
Turkey Requests Quake Aid from Israel
Saudi Cleric: Kidnap Israeli Soldier - Get $100,000
Israel Approves Prisoner Swap Deal with Egypt
Iran's Assassination Plot Compels a Tough Response newsletter: 11fx1027.txt
Sbarro Terrorist: No Regret – I'd Do it Again
Terrorists Fire Grad Missile at Ashdod, Roadside Bomb Hits IDF Vehicle Near Bethlehem
IDF Prepares to Deploy 'Magic Wand'
Israel May Lose German Sub Deal
Jewish Rights to Palestine Are Guaranteed by International Law
Shalit Freed on Same Day Written on Rebbe's `Miracle Dollar' newsletter: 11fx1028.txt
Jewish Gaza Becomes Launching Pad for Terror Attacks on Israel
Israeli-American Freed in Prisoner Swap
Iranian Chessmaster Expelled, Refused to Play Israeli
Does Israeli Witchcraft Exist?
Tunick Publishes First Image of Naked Dead Sea Shoot newsletter: 11fx1031.txt
No School Monday in Many Southern Israel Cities
Proposed Law Declares Israeli Sovereignty in Judea, Samaria
IDF Targets Terrorists After Rocket Fire
Case Study: How U.S. Mainstream Media Whitewash Terror
Arab Neighborhood Planned for Central Jerusalem
U.S.-Allied Saudi Prince Ups IDF Kidnap Ante to $1 Million
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