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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 11fx0901.txt
Invented: Anti-Cancer Virus
High Alert for Terror Continues in Southern Israel
Tekoa Rabbi Supports PA's Statehood Bid
Iron Dome Hits 85% of its Targets
Female Soldiers: Religious Men Pushing Us Out
Miracle in Itamar: Ark Falls on Baby; Baby Survives newsletter: 11fx0902.txt
Jordanian Group Threatens Suit over Baptism Site
Report Upholds Gaza Blockade, Faults Flotilla Raid
Mini-St. Louis? Yemenite Jewish Refugees in Cairo Face Deportation newsletter: 11fx0905.txt
Polish Jews, Christians Protest Anti-Semitic Vandalism
Israel Expresses Regret After Turkey Expels Ambassador
New Israel Fund: Demise of Jewish State 'No Tragedy'
'Golda Meir Sought Bombing of Auschwitz'
Jewish Group Wants a 'Defeated' Hitler Wax Doll newsletter: 11fx0906.txt
Netanyahu Goof 'Kills' Sharon
Turkey Expels Senior Israeli Diplomats
Top General Expects 'Islamic Winter'
PA Starts a Global Media Blitz newsletter: 11fx0907.txt
'FBI Wiretapped Israeli Embassy in DC'
`IDF Foils Terror Attack Near Kissufim
Barak: Enemies 'Wouldn't Dare' Use Chemical Weapons
Israeli Rockets to Protect South Korea
Warning of Rocket Attacks on Passenger Planes newsletter: 11fx0908.txt
Report: Israel Offers PA to Postpone UN Bid for Negotiations
Ya'alon: Israel Not on Brink of War
Viagra Reaches Royal Pinnacle newsletter: 11fx0909.txt
Hizbullah Flag Flies in Toronto
US Confirms Palestinian Statehood Veto Threat
Palestinians March for Statehood Recognition
Turkey: Warships to Escort Gaza-Bound Aid Vessels newsletter: 11fx0912.txt
Israel Plans Mass Relocation of Bedouin
Israel Conciliatory after Embassy Attack in Cairo
Arab Knesset Member: Israel Faces Extinction in Mideast
'Purity of Arms' Shackles IDF as Gaza Snipers Attack
French JDL Recruiting Jews with Military Experience to 'Defend' Israeli Settlements
Video Satire: Erdogan the Dumbbell
Can a Dip in the Dead Sea Help Cure Diabetes? newsletter: 11fx0913.txt
Neo-Nazi Vandals Deface Poland's Bialystok Cemetery
Cheney: Israel will Bomb Iran Reactor if Need Be
Turkey Dispatches 3 Warships to Eastern Mediterranean
Hamas Distances Itself from PA's UN Statehood Bid
Israeli Man to Give Birth newsletter: 11fx0914.txt
PLO: No Jews Allowed in 'Palestine'
US Moves to Avert Showdown Over Palestinian Statehood
ESPN Dumps Online Game Leagues with Anti-Semitic Names
Chabad Youth Check Mezuzah, Find Cross
Enjoying Sex Toys, the 'Kosher' Way newsletter: 11fx0915.txt
Israel Plans to Place Bus in Front of UN Building
Minister Edelstein: PA Wants Apartheid
Ahmadinejad Rails at `Zionist Medicine'; Claims Jews Started WWI and WW2
NYC Subways to Carry Anti-Israel Ads newsletter: 11fx0916.txt
Rice: U.S. Not Involved in Negotiations over Palestinian UN Text
Netanyahu: Israel will Agree to Upgrade of Palestinian Status, Not Statehood
Egypt PM: Peace Treaty with Israel `Not Sacred'
A State Free of Jews—Why Does This Sound Familiar? newsletter: 11fx0919.txt
Obama, Netanyahu to Meet at U.N.
Israel Says Palestinian Statehood Bid at UN will Fail
Reservists Called Up, Instructions Unclear
New `Kosher' Facebook Website Hacked
New YouTube Video Pokes Fun at Palestinian Statehood Bid newsletter: 11fx0920.txt
PA Terrorists Resume Rocket Attacks on Southern Israel
Netanyahu to Abbas: Let's Talk in New York. Abbas Says OK
The Famous State of Palestine
Former FBI Agent: Pollard Tried to Spy for Australia
1,000 Strip for Dead Sea Nude Shoot newsletter: 11fx0921.txt
'Iron Dome' Can Also Intercept Planes
Perry: PA Bid is All Obama's Fault
IDF's `Skunk' to Go Aerial to Prevent Violence
'Jewish al-Jazeera' Takes to the Air newsletter: 11fx0922.txt
IDF Developing Cannon with 25-Mile Range
Obama: 'No Shortcut' to Israel-Palestinian Peace
In UN, PA Maps Erase All of Israel
PA U.N. Statehood Bid: Broadway Theater
Ahmadinejad: PA Was a Country Before UN Was Formed
Judaism to be Official Religion in Montenegro?
Apple Cuts 'Jew or Not?' App in France newsletter: 11fx0923.txt
Preps for 'Palestine Friday' in Judea and Samaria
Palestinians Demonstrate in Support of UN Membership Bid
Ahmadinejad: Zionism Sacred to West
Doomsday Weapon: Israel's Submarines newsletter: 11fx0926.txt
Erdogan Hints at Joint Military Operation with Iran
Israelis, Palestinians Argue Their Case
Brutality By Ed Ziegler (Commentary)
Jew, 76, Arrested on Temple Mount for Blessing God newsletter: 11fx0927.txt
Western Wall Plaza Prepared for 1.5 Million Visitors
Erdogan: Israel Killed Thousands of Palestinians
Survey: Obama Support Among U.S. Jews Hits All-Time Low
Dead Sea Scrolls Go Online
Job Stimulus: Dine with Ahmadinejad, Earn $1,500 newsletter: 11fx0928.txt
'Arab Spring' May Win Nobel Peace Prize
Israel Plans 1,000+ New Homes in East Jerusalem
Turkey Helps Israel Keep Illegal Aliens Out
Iran Says Navy Can Be Deployed Near US East Coast
Rabbi: This Year, We Need Special Prayers newsletter: 11fx0929.txt
Video: One Day - Latma's Rosh Hashanah Greeting
Israel Observes Rosh Hashanah in Uncertain Times
Report: Iranian Navy Gets New Cruise Missiles
Virtual 'Shana Tova' Brings Jews Together
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