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Erdogan Hints at Joint Military Operation with Iran


Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan hinted on Sunday that his country and Iran may jointly strike Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq. Erdogan clarified that Turkey and Iran work together, and added that such action "may have a price," likely referring to possible Turkish casualties.

Erdogan also derided what he called Israel's "obsession" with the Holocaust, accusing it of using the events of World War II to paint Israel as a victim.

Israelis, Palestinians Argue Their Case

By VOA News

On the eve of a U.N. Security Council meeting expected to consider a Palestinian petition for statehood, Israeli and Palestinian officials remain deadlocked over whether and under what terms negotiations should resume.

Israelis and Palestinians took their arguments to the American people on Sunday in a bid to explain their respective positions. At a minimum, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' actions at the United Nations last week dramatically refocused the world's attention on the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict, seizing the spotlight at the General Assembly meeting and sparking a flurry of activity among the Middle East Quartet, comprising the U.S., U.N., European Union, and Russia.

Returning to the West Bank from New York, Abbas told jubilant crowds that a "Palestinian Spring" has begun with the bid for statehood. The United States has threatened to use its veto power in the Security Council to block the Palestinian request for U.N. membership.

Appearing on U.S. television, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu continued to blast the Palestinians' U.N. bid. "The Palestinians want a state, but they have to give peace in return," he said. "What they are trying to do in the United Nations is to get a state without giving Israel peace and security, and I think that is wrong. That should not succeed." Netanyahu repeated to Meet the Press his call for immediate peace talks.

Palestinians say negotiations are futile. Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi appeared on ABC's This Week. "For the last 20 years, we have been negotiating, ad nauseam, with a process that has no relationship to reality. adding Palestinians will not negotiate while Israel continues to build Jewish settlements and refuses to honor borders that existed before Israel gained control of Palestinian territories in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

But Netanyahu insists fruitful negotiations are possible. "It is possible that you insist on the things that make life possible for the Jewish state, and make peace possible," he said. "The core of the conflict is the persistent Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel in any boundary. A peace that is based on lies will crash. I am responsible for the fate of the one and only Jewish state. And I am not going to recklessly feed more territory to the insatiable crocodile of militant Islam.

Ashrawi said it is Israeli intransigence that has long stood in the way of peace. "Israel has placed so many pre-conditions. It wants to annex Jerusalem. It wants to remove the [Palestinian] refugees from the agenda. It wants to keep its troops in the Jordan valley. It wants everything, and then says `Let's talk'. No, these are unacceptable pre-conditions. Either you negotiate in good faith and act accordingly in order to achieve the two-state solution, or this option will no longer be available, particularly given the Arab Spring. This is a new phase, a new ballgame."

Brutality By Ed Ziegler (Commentary)

It is difficult for an American to realize that a very large number of Muslims adhere to laws and customs we consider barbaric. What makes it more unnerving is that these Islamic fanatics want to force their beliefs, customs and religious laws on every man , woman and child in the world.

To help Americans appreciate how brutal the Islamists can be, I am providing a few examples of actual events.

There are levels of brutality. Yet a little brutality is still brutality such as an incident that CNN reported. In Kandahar, Afghanistan, after casting their ballots, the fingers of Afghan voters are stained with ink to prevent them from voting multiple times. Making good on a threat of Election Day violence and their attitude on women rights, the Taliban sliced off the index fingers of at least two women who voted.

I do not want to imagine the pain of losing one's child. Worst yet I can't imagine a parent killing their child to satisfy the honor killing custom. Yet, even worse, is her family burying 16-year-old Medine Memi, since the autopsy revealed that she was alive and conscious when buried. What a horrible way to die. In 2003 the Jordanian Parliament voted down, on Islamic grounds, a provision designed to stiffen penalties for honor killings.

The classic manual of Islamic law states "The penalty for theft is the person's right hand shall be amputated. While if a highwayman steals the equivalent of 1.058 grams of gold…, both his right hand and left foot are amputated. If the highwayman robs and kills, he is killed and then left crucified for three days."

It is stated in the Qur'an 5:45 : "We ordained therein for them: 'Life for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth, and wounds equal for equal." Although the Torah has a similar quote, as Jews became more civilized and recognized that these laws had no place in modern society. In today's Islam, Iran's supreme court has upheld a sentence of blinding with acid a man that blinded his lover's husband.

Brutality comes in different forms. Many are physical, some are mental and then the one I feel is the worst is that of intentionally teaching children to hate. Somalia's al Shabaab rebels have banned English from schools in the southern port city of Kismayu that they control and demanded teachers switch the curriculum to include Arabic and Islamic studies.

In 2010 the BBC identified a network of more than 40 weekend Islamic schools that were teaching more than 5,000 children, some as young as six, to hate according to Islam and Sharia Law. The seeds of hate are planted when teachers ask the student simply to list the 'reprehensible' qualities of Jews.

The investigation showed a book being used to teach Sharia and punishments to the children. One passage says: "The specified punishment of thief is hacking off a hand at the wrist. For a second theft a foot is taken." The book compassionately explains the wound is to be cauterized to prevent the thief from bleeding to death.

What makes these teachings totally sickening is there are diagrams showing children where cuts must be made. The children are also told that for acts of sodomy, the penalty is death. It is interesting that there are options of how to kill the guilty person. Execution can be by stoning, burning with fire, or throwing individual(s) over a cliff.

I hope the above information provides you with a basis of learning about the fanatic Islamists whose goal it is to make Islam a one world religion, by force if necessary, by force. To retain our freedom and way of life we must stop being complacent: Stay informed and speak out.

Jew, 76, Arrested on Temple Mount for Blessing God


Temple Mount Police arrested a 76-year-old Jewish man Sunday after he recited a blessing before drinking some water. Yosef Hacohen felt ill during a tour of the Temple Mount and wanted to take a sip from a water bottle. As another member of the group he was a part of supported him, he recited the "shehakol" blessing that precedes drinking of beverages.

This aroused the ire of three Muslim Wakf men who had been following the 30-member group of which Hacohen was a participant. In response to the Muslims' demands, the two policemen who also followed the group took Hacohen out of the group. This led to a small fracas. A higher ranking police officer arrived on the scene and decided to arrest Hacohen "on suspicion of reciting the Priestly blessing." He was detained for questioning.

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