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PLO: No Jews Allowed in 'Palestine'


Maen Areikat, the PLO's ambassador to the United States, confirmed to reporters in Washington Tuesday that Jews would not be allowed to live in the future state of Palestine.

Areikat claimed the state would tolerate minorities but added that following the establishment of a Palestinian state, 'there would be no Jews in the West Bank or Gaza. We have to be separated, we have to work on our own national identities,' he said.

US Moves to Avert Showdown Over Palestinian Statehood

By VOA News

The Obama administration is sending two top envoys back to the Middle East in the hopes of avoiding a looming showdown over Palestinian statehood.

A senior Palestinian politician said on Tuesday that Palestinians will pursue full recognition from the United Nations with the start of next week's meetings in New York. But Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Tuesday the only route to a lasting peace runs through Jerusalem and Ramallah.

Clinton told reporters at a news conference in Washington that the U.S. wants Israel and Palestinians to resume direct negotiations. She said she is sending Special Envoy for Middle East Peace David Hale and Mideast Adviser Dennis Ross back to the region for meetings with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The U.S. has repeatedly said that Palestinian efforts to get full U.N. recognition would be counterproductive.

Earlier Tuesday, a Fatah party official, Mohammed Shtayyeh, said at a news conference in Ramallah that Palestinians will not be derailed in their pursuit of U.N. recognition. His comments come days before Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to officially outline the Palestinian strategy on Friday.

Abbas and Palestinian representatives have been meeting with officials of the Arab league this week to craft a plan to put before the U.N. Palestinians say they are seeking U.N. recognition after years of negotiations with Israel failed to deliver an independent Palestinian state.Abbas backed out of U.S.-led talks last year after Israel resumed settlement construction on land Palestinians want for a future state. Israel opposes a unilateral Palestinian move towards statehood.

It remains unclear whether Abbas will seek full recognition from the Security Council as a member state of the U.N., or instead seek "non-member status," which only requires a simple majority from the 193-member General Assembly. Palestinians currently hold observer status at the world body.

ESPN Dumps Online Game Leagues with Anti-Semitic Names


ESPN, the U.S. sports network, has removed several leagues from its online Fantasy Football websites with anti-Semitic names. The network undertook the move after complaints by the Simon Wiesenthal Center that some of the leagues on the site had names like "Jews are Immoral" and "Jews Are Terrible," with one site including banners reading "Burn Jews Wherever Possible" and, "Jews love pennies."

"They may have been Fantasy Leagues, but the hate is all too real," said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. "This is another example of bigots leveraging Internet portals to demean their 'enemies' and recruit for their causes. Unfortunately, the targeted enemy in this case was a Jewish father who was about to sign up his son to ESPN Fantasy Football."

ESPN apologized for the incident, but said that it could not control everything users did on its site. "Offensive hate speeches like the examples discussed here have no place on our site," an ESPN spokesperson said. "While we have systems in place to protect against inappropriate team and league names clearly with millions of users and deceptive ways around the safeguards, we can never completely eliminate it."

Chabad Youth Check Mezuzah, Find Cross


The Chabad Chassidic movement is helping Israelis prepare for the New Year by offering to check mezuzahs, the scrolls with select Torah passages that are traditionally attached to the doorposts of a Jewish home.

Young Chabad men told Channel 2 that they found an extreme case of a mezuzah not suitable for use this year. The scroll was found to contain the usual verse – but with Christian crosses drawn on various parts of the scroll, including on the name of God.

"You need to be `more pious than the Pope' to open a mezuzah, draw crosses on it, and return it to its place," one said. The family that owned the mezuzah was completely unaware of the issue, he explained.

Overall, the Chabad volunteers have found that just 40% of the mezuzahs they check are "kosher," suitable for use. In 11% of cases, mezuzah covers are found not to contain a scroll. Another 14% contain scrolls that have faded or become damaged with time but which volunteers are able to repair. Four percent of scrolls checked this year have been found to be fake, a decrease in comparison with previous years.

Enjoying Sex Toys, the 'Kosher' Way

By Ha'aretz

An Orthodox Jewish man has launched a new "kosher" website selling sex toys, allowing observant couples to spice up their sex lives – without exposing themselves to the pornographic images often found on similar sites, the New York Post reported on Monday. offers an array of sexual aids, including accessories, toys and lubricants. "There's nothing wrong with using a vibrator. It's just a pain in the neck for an Orthodox Jew to find one," the site's founder, Gavriel (his middle name for fear of tarnishing his reputation in the Jewish community), told the New York Post. "Even going to Amazon is tough because there are pictures we have no interest in seeing," he added.

According to the site,'s mission is "to provide married adults with products that can help enhance their intimate moments without involving crude or indecent pictures or text," and promises to send all purchases without any crude packaging or inappropriate accompanying materials.

The site stresses that it is "obviously only for married adults", and prides itself in containing no "crude or indecent pictures or text We believe that only two people belong in the bedroom – and bringing pictures of others in can only harm a marriage," the site says. claims to be the only "kosher" website for sex toys on the internet, and promises that "you will never see something on this site that will make you blush. When we need to use descriptive terms for our products, we use clinical and clean language."

Gavriel, 25, from Lakewood, New Jersey told the New York Post that he created the site after he and his wife found themselves in an uncomfortable predicament – wanting to experiment with sex aids but unwilling to visit the sites that sold them amid lurid inappropriate images and raunchy temptations. "We were thinking, `Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place we could go that would be clean and would enhance what we have between us?' " he said to the Post.

The website has been quite successful, with furry handcuffs being a bestselling item, Gavriel told the Post.

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