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Israel Plans Mass Relocation of Bedouin


The government is planning to compensate and relocate up to 30,000 Bedouin living in the Negev as part of a plan to end land grabs and restructure the Negev.

The cabinet voted Sunday to approve the project, which is to include major investment in the Bedouin community. Many Bedouin feel the land is rightfully theirs, while Israel has sought to settle Bedouin in recognized towns.

Israel Conciliatory after Embassy Attack in Cairo

By Robert Berger (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israel is seeking to limit the damage to relations with Egypt following an attack Friday on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told his Cabinet the Egyptian mob that ransacked the Israeli Embassy in Cairo is not interested in peace. But he said the Egyptian government wants to promote peace and maintain it. Netanyahu said Israel and Egypt are discussing the return of the Israeli ambassador to Cairo when security permits.

The ambassador and about 80 other embassy staff and family members were evacuated from Cairo following the attack and flown back to Israel.

Banner headlines in Israeli newspapers described the storming of the embassy as an attack on the 32-year-old peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. But Netanyahu says Israel remains committed to the agreement. "The peace treaty is in the interest of both countries," he said.

While a strong Egyptian government is in Israel's interest, it fears Egypt's military rulers have lost control of the streets, with negative repercussions on regional stability.

Israel has seen two strategic partnerships suddenly deteriorate. Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador 10 days ago, after Israel refused to apologize for a commando raid on a Gaza aid flotilla last year, in which nine Turkish activists were killed. And now the Cairo attack, leaving the Jewish state with a growing sense of isolation.

However, on Saturday, Netanyahu called the attack on the Cairo Embassy a blatant violation of international norms that severely harms peaceful relations with Israel. However, his aides say he also thanked Egypt for its commandos' rescue of six Israelis trapped inside the embassy during the attack.

Netanyahu has expressed relief that no Israelis were killed and that two Israeli air force planes brought the ambassador and about 80 embassy staff and families members safely back to Israel.

Arab Knesset Member: Israel Faces Extinction in Mideast


An Arab MK said that Israel in effect will cease to exist if it does not see the break-in at the embassy in Cairo and sanctions by Turkey as "only the beginning" of a reaction its "crimes."

Ibrahim Sarsur, of the Ra'am-Ta'al party, charged that Israel's reactions to the break-in at the Cairo embassy Friday and Turkey's recent sanctions against Israel "are a death blow to peaceful relations."

The Israeli legislator from the Israeli Arab community accused Israel of behavior that "damages the Arab people and their national honor" by what he called the "criminal acts" against Turkey that resulted in the "murder of nine Turkish citizens on a peaceful mission.", referring to last year's flotilla clash when Turkish terror activists attacked Navy commandos trying to stop the Mavi Marmara boat from breaking the maritime embargo n Hamas-controlled Gaza. A recent United Nations report concluded that Israel's blockade of Gaza is legal.

Sarsur also stated that Israel's "murder of five Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai" during last month's terrorist attacks north of Eilat which initiated in Egyptian territory, along with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's refusal to apologize to Turkey for the flotilla clash, are the reasons for what he said are "natural reactions" of Egypt and Turkey.

He added, "The reactions are "the tip of the iceberg, and Israel can expect further such developments from other friendly nations so long as it and its American ally do not learn their lessons and do not change their policies.

"The Jewish-Zionist ideology sees only itself and does not recognize the rights of an independent Palestinian Authority on their ancestral land. Anything is possible, including a Middle East without Israel. The first thing Israel and the United States must do is understand that "the future of Israel depends on good relations with the Palestinian people and the Arab world," according to the Arab MK.

"There is no hope for stability in Israel in the region if the aims of nationhood for the Palestinian Authority are not fulfilled," he added. Sarsur also took direct aim at President Barack Obama, and called on the United States to "force Israel to obey international law to save itself from a black future." He warned that if the "rights of the Palestinian people are not restored," the break-in at the embassy in Cairo and the Turkish sanctions agonist Israel are "only the beginning."

He stated that, although the break-in at Israeli embassy in Cairo may have been a violation of international law, Israel deserves far worse blame for the "occupation of Al Quds (Jerusalem)."

'Purity of Arms' Shackles IDF as Gaza Snipers Attack


Gaza terrorists have found a new way to terrorize residents of southern Israel – by hiding among civilians in residential buildings in Gaza near the security barrier and firing on Israeli homes. Previously terrorists used sniper fire to attack farmers at work near the barrier.

Arutz Sheva spoke to Ashkelon Coast regional chairman Yair Farjun about the latest attacks, which began Friday morning with sniper fire on homes in the farming community of Netiv Haasarah.

The new attacks are particularly frightening because they cannot be predicted and therefore there is no warning, Farjun said. Mortar shell and rocket attacks are often preceded by a Color Red rocket alert, which usually gives a 15-second interval to seek shelter.

In addition, he said, bullets make almost no noise when they hit their target – meaning first response crews are unaware of the attack, which could mean a critical delay in assisting the wounded.

Friday's terrorist attacks ended in direct hits on two homes and a small local store. In two cases, bullets bounced around an occupied room, changing direction multiple times, but miraculously, did not cause injury. Previously, a terrorist sniper attack killed a Thai citizen as he worked in fields outside Gaza.

"Purity of arms" is defined as follows in the IDF's official list of ethics: Critics of the approach contend that excessive attempts to avoid killing civilians on the enemy side, especially when terrorists use civilians as human shields, shooting from residential areas and hiding in hospitals, wind up costing the lives of Israeli soldiers and civilians.

French JDL Recruiting Jews with Military Experience to 'Defend' Israeli Settlements

By Ha'aretz

An extreme right-wing Jewish group in France is recruiting Jews with military experience for a solidarity mission to Israel in order to help "defend" Jewish settlements in the West Bank from Palestinian protesters who are expected to march toward some of them on or around September 20.

The organization that put out the call for militant Jews is the French branch of the Jewish Defense League, or Kach, an organization established by Meir Kahane in the late 1960s and banned in the United States and Israel, but tolerated in France.

According to a spokesman for La Ligue de Defense Juive, the mission will take place between the 19th and 25th of September and will be made up of five groups of 11 people each, who will take "positions" in five different West Bank settlements. All expenses for the participants have been paid for by French donors that the group declined to identify.

The participants, French men and women between the ages of 23 and 34, all have military training, which was a prerequisite for joining the mission, says Amnon Cohen, a spokesman for the group, who himself was a soldier in the French Foreign Legion for 15 years. The plan says Cohen, is not to "provoke the Arabs," but rather to "be on hand in case the settlements need our help with defense if the Arabs attack… at this precarious time."

In the U.S., the JDL is considered to be a violent, racist and extremist organization, and is on the FBI's list of terrorist groups. Similarly, in Israel, the JDL's sister movement Kach, as well as its offshoot Kahane Lives – whose stated goals included the violent expulsion of Arabs from the country-- were both outlawed in 1994, on the grounds that they were terror organizations, and as such, a threat to state security.

Video Satire: Erdogan the Dumbbell


Israel's "Latma" satire productions, which produced "We Con the World" after the Turkish flotilla clash, now calls Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan a "dumbbell." (

The latest satire spoofs Erdogan's rants and threats following the United Nations report on the May 2010 flotilla clash, noting that the IDF maritime blockade on Hamas-controlled Gaza is legal, according to the UN Palmer Report.

"He wanted to be a hero and make all the rules. One day thanks to dumb luck, he became a leader and began to cluck," singer and musician Noam Jacobson wails in the video dumbbell.

The lyrics continue, "Dumbbell sitting on his throne, he took the reins, a man with an army but without the brains."

With a picture of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the background, Jacobson sings, "The European Union spurned his dreams. He'd show them he was out of his mind. He chose some brainless, mad and very strange friends.

The lyrics predict that Erdogan's "balloon will pop" and he will "fall off his high horse" – but still will remain a dumbbell.

Can a Dip in the Dead Sea Help Cure Diabetes?

By Ha'aretz

A short dip in the Dead Sea facilitates a drop in blood glucose levels and could improve the medical conditions of diabetics, according to an initial study conducted by researchers from the health sciences faculty of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva.

The study involved an initial sample group of 14 individuals between the ages of 18 and 65 who have suffered from Type 2 diabetes for less than 20 years.

The study took place in a covered pool filled with Dead Sea water at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. Following a 20-minute, one-time dip in the Dead Sea water, the study subjects showed a significant 13.5% drop in blood glucose levels, from an average of 163 mg/dl to a value of 151 mg/dl immediately after the dip.

The subjects' blood glucose levels dropped even further, to an average of 141.4 mg/dl, an hour after the dip in the Dead Sea water.

A controlled test in which the subjects underwent a 20-minute dip in regular water did not show any distinct drop in blood glucose levels with regard to the measurements taken immediately before and after the time spent in the pool. There was, however, a difference between the blood glucose levels measured immediately after the dip and an hour later.

Another control group involving six healthy individuals did not produce any significant differences between the measurements taken after their dips in both the Dead Sea water and the regular pool water.

The researchers also found the dip in the Dead Sea water did not adversely affect the subjects' other blood values, including their levels of insulin and cortisone hormones, and also their c-peptide levels, which are an indication of the ability to produce insulin in the pancreas.

The findings of the study appeared in the August edition of the Israel Medical Association's "Ha'refua" journal.

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