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Polish Jews, Christians Protest Anti-Semitic Vandalism


Polish Jews and Christians prayed together and marched silently to oppose last week's desecration of a memorial to Polish Jews burned to death in World War Two. As many as 100 people protested the crime in the town of Jedwabne near the eastern city of Bialystok.

Vandals spray painted a swastika and the words "they were flammable" on the stone monument where Polish citizens, urged on by the Nazis, locked hundreds of Jews in a barn and burned them alive in 1941. Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski condemned it as stupid and immature.

Israel Expresses Regret After Turkey Expels Ambassador

By Robert Berger (VOA-Jerusalem)

Ties between Israel and its former Muslim ally, Turkey, have plummeted in the wake of a United Nations report on a deadly Israeli raid off the coast of the Gaza Strip more than a year ago.

Israel has expressed regret over Turkey's decision on Friday to expel the Israeli ambassador and suspend military ties between the two countries. Turkey is furious after a United Nations report charged that Israel used excessive force in a commando raid on a Gaza aid flotilla last year in which nine Turkish activists were killed.

In a statement by the Prime Minister's Office on Saturday, Israel said it "cherishes the significant ties, past and present, between the Turkish and Jewish peoples" and therefore it had sought to settle the dispute peacefully. But Israel said it could not meet Turkey's demand to apologize for the flotilla raid because Israeli troops acted in legitimate self-defense.

While describing Israeli actions as unacceptable, the U.N. report also said that Turkey did not do enough to prevent a violent confrontation, and that some Turkish activists were armed with iron rods and knives used to attack Israeli commandos.

Israel expressed regret over the loss of life but that was not enough for Turkey, which has been highly critical of the Jewish state since Israel's bloody invasion of the Palestinian-ruled Gaza Strip in early 2009. Israeli analyst Ra'anan Gissin, a former government spokesman, says Turkey's Islamist government is not interested in improving ties with Israel.

"Actually, what we are facing here is a new form of diplomatic warfare, not diplomacy as a substitute for confrontation, but as an element of continuing the confrontation but in a different manner," said Gissin.

Israel's military ties with Turkey were seen as an important strategic asset in a hostile region, but now the Jewish state faces growing isolation. "Turkey, willingly so, is taking the lead. Turkey is ready to lead the campaign of divestment, boycott and sanctions against Israel," said the analyst.

The United Nations report vindicated Israel on a key point: It said the Israeli blockade on Gaza is a legal security measure aimed at preventing weapons from reaching Palestinian terrorists in Gaza. Turkey says the blockade is illegal and immoral, and it described the U.N. report as "null and void."

New Israel Fund: Demise of Jewish State 'No Tragedy'


A senior New Israel Fund officer told a U.S. official in 2010 that the disappearance of the Jewish state would not be a tragedy, according to a document that was leaked by Wikileaks. The officer is Hedva Radovanitz, who was at the time (February 2010) NIF Associate Director in Israel, according to the document. n American diplomatic officer interviewed Radovanitz and heard her bemoaning the state of Israel's Left:

Radovanitz, who manages grants to 350 NGOs totaling about $18 million annually, told PolOff [presumably an abbreviation for "political office" or "political officer" – Ed.] on February 23 `that she believed that in 100 years Israel would be majority Arab and that the disappearance of a Jewish state would not be the tragedy that Israelis fear since it would become more democratic.

'Golda Meir Sought Bombing of Auschwitz'


Researchers have found evidence that Golda Meir, the future prime minister of Israel, tried to persuade the United States government to bomb the Auschwitz death camp.

On September 3, 1941, the Nazis gassed to death 850 prisoners in Auschwitz. During the next three years, an estimated 1.75-million prisoners, most of them Jews, were murdered in the gas chambers there.

A number of Jewish leaders asked the Roosevelt administration to bomb the camp, or the railways leading to it, in 1944. What was not known until now is that one of those who sought the bombing was a young Zionist leader in Palestine who would later become Israel's most renowned prime minister: Golda Meir.

Researchers from The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, based in Washington, D.C., recently discovered documents in American and Israeli archives revealing the role of Meir in the bombing controversy

In the 1940s, Meir, known as Goldie Myerson, was a senior official of the Histadrut, the powerful Jewish labor federation in British Mandatory Palestine. She and her colleagues received many harrowing messages from their Labor Zionist colleagues in Europe about Nazi atrocities.

The authors of one such message located by the Wyman Institute described themselves as "separated from you by a sea of blood and continents heaped with corpses."

In an exchange of correspondence uncovered by the Wyman Institute, Meir forwarded one of the European messages to the Histadrut's US representative, Israel Mereminski, in July 1944 together with an appeal to ask US officials to undertake "the bombing of Oswienzim* (Auschwitz) and railway transporting Jews" to the death camp. Meir's appeal was cosigned by another Histadrut official, Heschel Frumkin.

Mereminski replied that he contacted the US government's War Refugee Board, which in turn submitted "to competent authorities" the Meir-Frumkin request for "destruction of gas chambers, crematories, and so forth."

Jewish leaders who requested the bombing of Auschwitz invariably received a stock reply from Assistant Secretary of War John McCloy, claiming it was "impracticable" because it would require "diversion of considerable air support essential to the success of our forces now engaged in decisive operations."

Research by Prof. David S. Wyman later revealed that, in fact, US planes in 1944 repeatedly bombed German oil targets adjacent to Auschwitz--some of them less than five miles from the gas chambers--so it would not have been a "diversion" to have them strike the mass murder facilities.

Jewish Group Wants a 'Defeated' Hitler Wax Doll


Not satisfied with the current wax figure of Adolf Hitler, in a story that seems to be more "Believe it or Not!" than Madame Tussauds, Britain's UK Zionist Federation has asked the world-renowned wax museum to change the Fuhrer's wax figure to make it look "more defeated."

According to the Evening Standard, the UK Zionist Federation feels that making the wax Hitler stand so upright, might prevent museum visitors from posing with the figure while making the "Sieg Heil" salute.

"I have no problem with Adolf Hitler being displayed," said the Federation's director of public affairs, Stefan Kerner. "However, we want to display him in a more vulnerable position or situation. Or he could be placed in a way that people can't take photographs beside him."

Additional security guards were brought in to guard "Hitler" following several complaints from Israeli tourists.

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