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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 11fx0601.txt
Egypt: General Admits 'Virginity Tests'
Turkey, Israel Set for New Clash Over Second Gaza Aid Flotilla
Netanyahu on Jerusalem Day: We'll Continue to Build Jerusalem
Ganz Warns of Expanded Threats: from Knife to Nuke
Israel-Iran Trade Ties Thriving
Palestinians Ready a Sunday March on Israel's Borders newsletter: 11fx0602.txt
IDF Launches Facebook-Friendly Website
Ahmadinejad Beckons Egypt to the Dark Side
Dagan: Iran Strike - Only as Last Resort newsletter: 11fx0603.txt
Iron Dome Deployed Near Sderot
Palestinian Official: Israel, Hamas Close to Reaching Shalit Deal
Netanyahu: Israel Will Protect Its Borders
Afghan Merchants Open Up Shop In Kabul's Only Synagogue
70 Years After Iraqi Kristallnacht newsletter: 11fx0606.txt
The One-State Solution for Middle East Peace
Israeli Troops Fire at Protesters at Golan Heights Border
Bolton: US Can Stop PA Initiative by Halting Funds for UN
Fogel Baby-Stabber `Proud of What I Did'
Officer: Saying 'Stinking Jew' Not a Terrible Thing newsletter: 11fx0607.txt
Holiday of the Torah Begins Tuesday Night
Israel Accuses Syria of Inciting Golan Violence
IDF on High Alert for 'Al-Quds Day'
Civil War Threatens Heavily-Armed Sinai Area South of Israel
Is Obama Toying With American Jewry Over Pollard?
The Pope Could Have Saved Many Jews newsletter: 11fx0608.txt
Naksa Events 'Just the Beginning'
Iran Says Its Submarines are in the Red Sea
77% of Jews Oppose Obama `Peace' Formula
Israel to UN: Syria Border Provocation has Potential for Serious Escalation newsletter: 11fx0609.txt
Iran Pushing Forward on Nukes
Flotilla Photos Vindicate Israel
Iran: Israel, U.S. Trying to Provoke a Regional War
Oregon State University Starts Online Hebrew Courses newsletter: 11fx0610.txt
Iran Wants `Islamic Soccer'
Fake IRS Form Scam Targets Americans Living in Israel
Kosher Phones to be Cracked – by Rabbis and IDF
Mr. Spock Calls for Jerusalem's Division newsletter: 11fx0613.txt
Egypt Detains Israeli Man Suspected of Spying
Dispute Jeopardizes Palestinian Unity Deal
Second Temple Mount Rock Attack
Department of Justice & Sharia Law
PA: `If I Forget Thee, Oh Jerusalem' First Said by Crusader
Kuwaiti Teacher Fired for Praising Jews newsletter: 11fx0614.txt
Golan: Next War will be Completely Different
Study: Cinnamon Inhibits Alzheimer's Disease
U.S. Law Student Arrested as 'Spy' in Egypt
Second Jewish Temple Just 'Waiting to be Unearthed' newsletter: 11fx0615.txt
Eritrean Ash Reaches Israel
Palestinians to Unveil New Hamas-Fatah Unity Government Next Week
Police Training to Stop Mass Invasion of Arab Protesters
Myth of Indefensible Borders
Schocken Sells 20% of Ha'aretz; Media Agog newsletter: 11fx0616.txt
Iran Launches Second Satellite Into Orbit
US Envoys Meet with Israelis, Palestinians
Terrorists in 'Country Club Prisons' Use Internet, Facebook newsletter: 11fx0617.txt
More Gas Masks Expected to be Distributed
Three Killed, Dozens Hurt in Netanya Blast
Peres: Peace Possible Before September
Circumcision Ban Fight Turns Ugly with Anti-Semitic Comics
Dog Sentenced to Death by Stoning newsletter: 11fx0620.txt
US Jerusalem Consulate Bars PA Anti-Semitic Cartoons
Israel Launches 5-Day Civil Defense Drill
Protest: Let Pollard Attend His Father's Funeral
Why Obama is Opposed to Israel
A Come-to-Moses Moment at Hand newsletter: 11fx0621.txt
WWII Nazi War Criminal Milivoj Asner Dies Free in Austria
Israel's UN Ambassador: Prepare for September Vote on Palestinian State
Obama Forbids Pollard from Attending Dad's Funeral
Barak: Iron Dome Over All of Israel, Soon
California Evangelicals Oppose Circumcision Ban newsletter: 11fx0622.txt
Israeli Pre-Teens Win Thinking Games World Championship
Israel Authorizes New Gaza Housing Project
Are US Jews Helping to Save Pro-Hamas Flotilla?
Apple Asked to Remove Anti-Israel App
The YouTube Video That the PA Does Not Want You to See newsletter: 11fx0623.txt
Vandals Target Greek Holocaust Memorial
Hizbullah May Attack Israel to Take Spotlight off Syria
Dagan: Iran is a Challenge to Everyone
Israel Chief Rabbi to Say Kaddish for Jonathan Pollard's Father
US Takes on Illegal Israeli Kiosk Workers newsletter: 11fx0624.txt
Delta adopts Saudi 'no-Jew' fly policy
Palestinians Mull Options in Asking UN General Assembly for Recognition
PA Will "Tolerate" Limited Israeli Construction
Ahmadinejad: Iran Not Afraid to Build Nuclear Weapons
New 'Stress Detector' Can Find Who is Sweating
37 Cruise Ships to Arrive in June newsletter: 11fx0627.txt
Iranian Missile Shoot Monday
Israel Begins Dismantling Section of West Bank Barrier
Jew Beaten by Arab Mob in Jerusalem
Hamas Hunger Strike in Israeli Prison
Saudi Arabia Denies Discriminating Against Jewish Delta Passengers
'We Wanted a Souvenir from Auschwitz'
Tourism Minister Has Plan to Keep Dead Sea from Dying newsletter: 11fx0628.txt
PA: We'll Drop Shekel for Dollars
IDF: Flotilla Bringing Chemical Weapons
Iran Unveils New Underground Missile Silo
Arab Attacker Injures 2 in Be'er Sheva newsletter: 11fx0630.txt
Ahmadinejad: Iran Not Afraid to Build Nuclear Weapons
New 'Stress Detector' Can Find Who is Sweating
Palestinian Statehood: What is the UN's Role?
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