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Lenin's Maternal Grandfather was Jewish


The Moscow State History Museum has put on display letters written by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin's eldest sister, Anna Ulyanova, revealing that Lenin's maternal grandfather was a Ukrainian Jew named Blank. He converted to Christianity to escape the territorial restrictions imposed on Jews in Tzarist times and gain access to higher education.

This information came in a letter that Ulyanova wrote Lenin's successor, Joseph Stalin. "Vladimir Ilych had always thought of Jews highly," she wrote. "I am very sorry that the fact of our origin — which I had suspected before — was not known during his lifetime."

Congress Gives Netanyahu Speech an Enthusiastic Response

By VOA News &

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has received an exuberant welcome from a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress. The Israeli leader told lawmakers his vision of how to achieve a lasting peace with the Palestinians.

He emphasized the strong bonds between Israel and the United States. "In an unstable Middle East, Israel is the one anchor of stability. In a region of shifting alliances, Israel is America's unwavering ally. Israel has always been pro-American, Israel will always be pro-American," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu's speech was interrupted at least 29 times for standing ovations, and once by a young woman protester, a left-wing Jewish CODEPINK activist, who unfurled a banner and shouted, "No more occupation, end Israeli war crimes." She was quickly removed from the House gallery. ."

Rae Abileah, in her late 20s and one of the group's national organizers, made her comment as the Prime Minister congratulated President Barack Obama for the elimination of Osama Bin Laden, adding "Good riddance."

After the incident, she said in a statement released by CODEPINK, "Prime Minister Netanyahu says that the 1967 borders are indefensible. But what is really indefensible is the occupation of land, the starvation of Gaza, the jailing of dissenters and the lack of equal rights in the alleged Israeli democracy. As a Jew and an American taxpayer, I can't be silent when these crimes are being committed in my name and with my tax money."

The Prime Minister, who has faced much worse taunts in Israel's contentious Knesset, laughed off the remark by praising the United States for being a "real democracy," unlike the "farcical" regimes of Iran and elsewhere. He suggested that Congressmen watch the Knesset in action to get a real taste of what heckling is like.

Netanyahu said the Middle East now stands at a crossroads, and commended the courageous Arab protesters who have taken to the streets in a number of countries. He pointed out that Israel has long had a robust democracy and that its citizens enjoy civil liberties denied elsewhere in the Middle East. "In a region where women are stoned, gays are hanged, Christians are persecuted, Israel stands out. It is different," he said.

The Israeli Prime Minister singled out Iran as one of the most powerful forces opposing democracy in the region, and warned of the ongoing danger he said Iran's efforts to develop nuclear weapons poses. "After six million Jews were murdered, Iran's leaders deny the Holocaust of the Jewish people, while calling for the annihilation of the Jewish state. Leaders who spew such venom should be banned from every respectable forum on the planet," he said.

In his address to Congress, Netanyahu emphasized the points of agreement with President Obama and praised him repeatedly, without giving any ground on his own position on the borders in a future peace agreement. "We will be generous about the size of the future Palestinian state, but as President Obama said, the border will be different than the one that existed on June 4, 1967," he said. "Israel will not return to the indefensible boundaries of 1967.

Netanyahu also called for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to stand before his people and declare that he will accept a Jewish state, and to tear up his unity pact with the terrorist organization Hamas. He also said Israel must continue to have a military presence in the Jordan Valley, and that Jerusalem must never be divided.

A spokesman for the Palestinian president quickly responded to the Israeli leader's speech to Congress, saying Netanyahu had put more obstacles in the way of a Middle East peace agreement by imposing impossible conditions.

The two-decade old Israeli-Palestinian peace process has been at a standstill since September due to a dispute over Jewish settlement building on land captured in the 1967 war. Palestinians say peace must be based on the 1967 boundaries and they will not accept any Israeli military presence in their future state.

Hamas and Fatah Unified against Netanyahu's Speech


Hamas and Fatah were united in their reactions to Netanyahu's speech in Congress, while Israeli reactions, with few exceptions, fell along party lines.

Saeb Erekat, a senior member of the Ramallah-Based Palestinian Authority and the senior negotiator during the period of talks with Israel, accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of distorting history. The Israeli leader told Congress that all of Judea and Samaria, including parts he would be willing to surrender for a "true peace," are part of the ancient Jewish homeland.

He also said that Israel's ancient ties to the land do not allow for charges that Jews are "occupying" Judea and Samaria.

In a recent speech by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, published and translated by Palestinian Media Watch, he claimed that Palestinian history dates back 9,000 years, making Palestinians "the owners of history."

After Netanyahu's speech, which was warmly received by Congress, Abbas' spokesman Nabil Abu Rudaineh reiterated the PA's opposition to Israel's demand for a military presence along the Jordan Valley and a de-militarized Palestinian Authority.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri stated that the speech to American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) this week by "the Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu…makes the continuation of negotiations with the Zionist entity is wrong and pointless."

Nationalist leaders in Israel chastised the Prime Minister for stating that he is willing to surrender parts of Israel that he told Congress "is the land of our forefathers." The Likud party leader also told the special session of Congress, "In Judea and Samaria, the Jewish people are not foreign occupiers. We are not the British in India. We are not the Belgians in the Congo...No distortion of history can deny the 4,000-year-old bond between the Jewish people and the Jewish land."

Nabil Abu Rudaineh said there was "nothing new" in the Israeli peace guidelines that Netanyahu presented Tuesday in a speech to a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress. He said the Israeli leader has created "more obstacles" to peace by saying Jerusalem must remain what Netanyahu called Israel's "united capital" and that final Israeli borders should include major Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli prime minister said Israel also seeks to retain a "long-term military presence" in the West Bank's Jordan Valley to prevent weapons smuggling into a future Palestine.

Abbas' government has said it wants to establish a future state in all of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, with East Jerusalem as its capital. Aides to Abbas said Tuesday his government will continue to seek international recognition of a Palestinian state at the United Nations in September.

The Hamas terrorist gang that rules Gaza said Netanyahu's speech denies the Palestinians their rights. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu-Zuhri said the Palestinians must pursue "resistance" rather than peace talks with Israel. Netanyahu has said that Israel will not negotiate with a Palestinian government backed by Hamas.

Leftist Peace Now Group Accuses Netanyahu of Being Racist Toward Obama


Extreme left wing group Peace Now accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of racist motivation for standing up to President Barack Obama in a White House press briefing last week. In an op-ed piece for Ma'ariv, Peace Now Director-General Yariv Oppenheimer called Netanyahu's behavior "unprecedented."

It was no coincidence, he explained, that the Prime Minister's "Israeli arrogance broke records," and that "sentences that are supposed to be said behind closed doors and in internal discussions were exhibited for all to see in a condescending and ugly manner."

Netanyahu's "supercilious and patronizing attitude" in "scolding" Obama stems from the fact that Obama, the first black American president, is not part of the same social milieu as former presidents like Bush, Reagan and Clinton "and the like," he went on. Netanyahu did everything he could to "humiliate and hurt" Obama, Oppenheimer told his Israeli readers. Right-wing American Jews are also guilty of the same attitude, he went on.

Obama's speech would not have earned the same amount of public condemnations and insults had Obama been "a rich white American president," concluded Oppenheimer. Netanyahu, he said, should judge Obama by his deeds, which are supportive of Israel, "rather than his ethnicity, his past and the background he grew up in."

Documents released by the White House this year showed that dark-skinned Obama earned over $1.2 million in 2010, after taxes. Fair-complexioned Netanyahu, on the other hand, earned $51,000 that year, after taxes. That means that for every dollar earned by Netanyahu, Obama made $24.

Video: Survival Map of Israel


An animated video prepared by senior IDF generals for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) graphically describes Israel's territorial needs for self-survival.

In light of a widening range of threats to Israel's security, the generals outlined the basic principles of a defense policy, rooted in a consensus spanning past and present Israeli governments and focusing on Israel's maintaining defensible borders.

Ahmadinejad: U.S. Plots to Divide Arab States in Order to Save Israel

By Ha'aretz

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Arab countries against U.S. plots to sow divisions in the region and save Israel, the state-run Press TV reported on Tuesday.

"Their scheme is to save the Zionist regime, global arrogance and U.S. interests… the main enemies of nations are the U.S., its allies and the Zionist regime," Ahmadinejad was quoted by Press TV as saying about the U.S.

The Iranian president accused Washington of supporting dictatorial regimes and said the U.S. had devised a scheme to sow divisions among Arab countries in the region in order to reach its objectives. He also accused U.S. warmongering of being the reason for all the bloodshed in the region.

Criticizing the U.S. government, he asked, "What is the difference between a country ruled by one or two [dictators] for 30-40 years and a country dominated by two parties for many years?"

Ahmadinejad vowed that a new Mideast will emerge without the existence of neither Israel nor U.S. influence. "The world of colonialism is about to fall apart and nations will see the collapse of capitalism in the near future," he was quoted as saying.

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