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Ahmadinejad's Teacher Slams His Student


The man who taught Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said over the weekend that he did not understand what his former student was up to, and that his behavior was "illogical and low."

In an interview, the man said that Ahmadinejad was turning his friends into enemies, and that if he continued on this path, he would become totally isolated.

IDF Battles Hundreds of Syrian Arabs in Golan and Lebanese Border

By & VOA News

According to unofficial reports, six Arabs were killed in clashes with Israeli forces on the Lebanese border Sunday. Four others were killed in an incident on the Syrian border, and one in Gaza, as Arabs protested the consequences of their failure to annihilate Israel in 1948.

Dozens were wounded as IDF soldiers try to beat back nearly 1,000 Syrian Arabs who called themselves "Palestinians" and invaded the Golan Heights Sunday during Nakba Day protests. Syrian troops at the border did not prevent the infiltration.

Analysts had predicted the possibility, suggesting that Damascus would allow the crossings to draw the populace's attention and participation away from the ongoing rebellion in the country and the regime's harsh crackdown on civilian protestors.

The government has not explained how and where the Syrians were able to cross the border, but they may have marched on an area that is off limits because of the presence of land mines from the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

At the same time of the massive infiltration into the Golan Heights, Syrian soldiers a shot and killed a woman and wounded five others, including a Lebanese soldier, during a protest at a Lebanese border village against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Hundreds of Syrian Arabs have crossed into Lebanon to flee the violence from Assad's security forces that already have killed nearly 800 demonstrators. The Naharanet website in Lebanese reported that an armed Syrian plainclothes officer waded across a river at the border towards a Lebanese village but was turned back by Lebanese civilians.

In Tel Aviv, an Israeli man, 29-year-old Aviv Morag, was killed in what is believed to have been a terror attack by an Arab truck driver. According to the IDF, several riots broke out in various locations over the course of the day, causing "friction" between Israeli security forces, rioters and inciters:

Along the Lebanese border, several rioters attempted to breach the border fence and to infiltrate into Israeli territory. "IDF forces responded by firing warning shots," according to the IDF Spokesman's Unit.

The IDF said that it "sees the governments of Syria and Lebanon as responsible for any violence or provocation towards Israel that emanates from their respective territories."

It was supposed to be a series of nonviolent protests, the first coordinated move by Palestinians to try to overwhelm Israeli checkpoints along the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and along Israel's boundaries with Syria and Lebanon.

At the Qalandia checkpoint between the West Bank town of Ramallah and Jerusalem, hundreds of Palestinians - mainly young people - clashed with Israeli soldiers. Some demonstrators threw rocks at soldiers who fired tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets.

Organizers have been planning the demonstrations for months. They call it the first coordinated effort by Palestinian refugees or their descendents to enter Israel. The effort comes after the main Palestinian rival factions signed a reconciliation agreement last month.

Palestinians each year mark the anniversary of what they describe as the Nakba, the event in 1948 in which hundreds of thousands voluntarily fled or were forced from their homes at the creation of the State of Israel.

Israeli military and government officials have blamed Syria and the Iranian-Hamas-Hizbullah axis for intentionally allowing hundreds of Syrian Arabs to cross into the Golan Sunday and causing a violent clash with the IDF. They called themselves "Palestinians."

The IDF explained it restrained from using force that might exacerbate the situation but had "opened fire in order to prevent the violent rioters from illegally infiltrating Israeli territory.

A second attack by a Muslim behind the wheel of a car was apparently attempted Sunday evening at Jabel Mukaber in eastern Jerusalem. The driver tried to run over two policemen who were checking vehicles and trying to arrest rioters. The policemen were lightly wounded. They received initial medical assistance on the spot and were then taken away to receive medical attention.

The driver managed to escape but security forces are looking for him.

In the morning, an Arab truck driver drove wildly down a Tel Aviv street, killing one person and wounding 17 others, in what is almost certainly an intentional terror attack.

In Hebron, an IDF officer was lightly hurt Sunday evening from a brick that an Arab threw at him. South of Bethlehem, neat Beit Umar, Arabs threw rocks at Border Police. One policeman was moderately wounded and two others suffered light wounds.

Indonesian Man Plans to Celebrate Israeli Independence


An Indonesian man plans to celebrate Israel's Independence Day in Jakarta, according to the Jakarta Post. The man, Unggun Dahana, will hold his celebration after Israeli celebrations because he has not yet received police permission.

Dahana said he hopes to get permission in one or two weeks. His plans have met with strong disapproval in the heavily anti-Israel nation. Dahana said he had previously refrained from celebrating Israeli independence out of fear, but told the paper, "I just found the courage this past month." Ten people plan to attend the event, Dahana said.

Israel and Indonesia do not have diplomatic ties. Indonesia's government has historically been critical of Israeli military actions, including the recent wars against Hizbullah in 2006 and against Hamas in 2009. However, the Indonesian Rescue and Emergency Organization have signed an agreement with Israel's first-response group, Magen David Adom.

An estimated 20 Jews live in Indonesia, which has a population of close to 240 million, most of whom are Muslims. A revival of Jewish pride was reported in the city of Manado in November.

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