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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 11fx0401.txt
Israeli Doctors Assist Circumcision in Africa
Contrary to UN Resolution: Hizbullah Building Army
Yemenite Jews Refuse to Leave
Rumsfeld: No to Pollard Clemency newsletter: 11fx0404.txt
Airstrike Kills 3 Terrorists in Car Near Gaza City
Israel Calls on UN to Retract Gaza War Crimes Report
'Israel to Become a Religious State in 19 Years'
Expanding Sharia
Israel, Iran Work Together in Japan newsletter: 11fx0405.txt
Ahmadinejad: Oil Barrel at $150
Israel Indicts Palestinian Engineer as Hamas Rocket Designer
Online Youths Join Maccabean Army
MI5 Believed Jewish Underground Wanted to Assassinate Churchill'
Facebook Intifada Campaign Exploits Fallen Soldiers' Site
Bible Codes: The Messiah in 2012? newsletter: 11fx0406.txt
Report: Portrait of Jesus May Have Been Found in Jordan
Obama: Israeli-Palestinian Solution 'More Urgent than Ever'
The Anti-Israel Jews
Rabbi Calls for Passover Sacrifice on Temple Mount
Palestinian Police Officer: 'Nothing for Jews Here'
Austrian Pastry Maker May Face Charges for Baking Nazi Cakes newsletter: 11fx0407.txt
Tsunami or Not, Chabad Arranges for Seder in Japan
Former Israeli Defense Chiefs Push New Peace Plan
Israeli Official: We Struck in Sudan
Goldstone Stops Halfway, Will Not Retract Report newsletter: 11fx0408.txt
Netanyahu: Missile Defense System Shoots Down 2 Rockets
Hamas Plans to Kidnap Israeli Civilians In Israel
Wikileaks: Bahrain King Boasted of Intelligence Ties with Israel
Kotel Gets Cleaned for Passover, All Notes Taken Out newsletter: 11fx0411.txt
Chabad Seder on `Mt. Sinai'
Kassam Attacks, Air Force Retaliation Explode `Ceasefire' Report
WikiLeaks: 'We're Doomed if Hamas Takes Power'
Holland Likely to Pass Ban on Kosher Ritual Slaughter
Yad Vashem Final Memento Project Underway
DIY Seder Innovates the Customized Haggadah newsletter: 11fx0412.txt
Billion-Dollar Lawsuit Over Facebook 'Intifada Page'
Soldier, 92, Breaks Silence over Auschwitz Heroics newsletter: 11fx0414.txt
Jerusalem Judge Prohibits Temple Mount Prayer
Israeli Foreign Minister Faces Corruption Probe
Israel's New Christian Settlers
Religious School Expels Beauty Queen
Video: A Musical Passover Seder newsletter: 11fx0415.txt
Iran's Backing of Hamas Has Introduced Shi'ite Islam to Gaza
Report: Israel Might Just Let Second Flotilla Pass Through
Knesset's Zoabi Faces New Call For Her Ouster Over Call For Intifada
Judge Won't Suspend Demjanjuk Plea over FBI File newsletter: 11fx0418.txt
Israel Arrests Two Palestinians in Settler Murders
Securing the State of Israel for Passover
Teen Victim Of Bus Attack Dies
America: Anti-Israel Left Rallies Behind Anti-Semitic Thomas newsletter: 11fx0421.txt
New Hiking Trail for Christians
Abbas Rejects Third Intifada
WikiLeaks: Netanyahu Urged Olmert to Initiate Israeli Attack on Iran
Iranian General: Attacking Us Would be Suicidal
Two Arrested in Corfu Synagogue Arson
Happy 3,323rd Birthday to the People of Israel newsletter: 11fx0422.txt
Leftists Visit, Hug Mother of Fogel Murderer
Warning: Hizbullah Plans Terror Attack Abroad
France Considers Recognizing Palestinian State
Book: 'Eichmann Craved Post-War Recognition' newsletter: 11fx0425.txt
Vienna to Honor WWII Deserters
Livnat 'Stunned' by Nephew's Murder
Report: Obama's Diplomatic Plan - PA State, No 'Return'
Report: Hamas Seeks to Kidnap More IDF Soldiers
Christians Celebrate Easter in Jerusalem newsletter: 11fx0426.txt
Israel Celebrates Mimouna
Abbas: Obama Led Me On
Iranian Nuclear Program Hit by Second `Cyber Missile' Virus
Jewish Song Contest Tryouts Underway newsletter: 11fx0427.txt
WikiLeaks: Al-Qaeda Watched Twin Towers Fall
PA Carries out Ahmadinejad's Threat and Wipes Israel from Map
Iran Joins Assad's Accusations against Israel, US
Lior: Encourage Bedouins to Leave Israel
Scientists Abuzz Over Controversial Rumor that God Particle Has Been Detected newsletter: 11fx0428.txt
Moroccan Jews Eligible for Holocaust Compensation
Hamas, Fatah Reach Reconciliation Deal
Israel Prepares to Stop Planned Gaza Flotilla newsletter: 11fx0429.txt
Peres Asked to Cancel J-Street Meeting
US: 61% Support Defending Israel
Some Palestinians Skeptical About New Reconciliation Agreement
Report: Abbas' Holocaust-Denial Dissertation is Widely-Taught in PA
San Francisco May Vote to Ban Circumcisions
Spain, Morocco to Build Tunnel Under Mediterranean Sea
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