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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 11fx0301.txt
Edelstein: Investigation of Left Would Hurt Image
Iran: We Have the Right to be in the Mediterranean
Hamas Opens Second Flank with Media War
Iran: London 2012 Logo 'Racist'
Film About Israeli School Wins Oscar newsletter: 11fx0302.txt
Official: US Developing Response to ME Tension
New Israeli Rocket System Knocks Out Palestinian Missile
Iran Adopts Bill Clinton's 'New Middle East' Phrase newsletter: 11fx0303.txt
Israeli Study: Coffee Good for the Heart
Pope Exonerates Jews for Death of Jesus
Hamas Bans Holocaust Studies in UNRWA Human Rights Curriculum
Rabbi Rules that Samaritans Do Not Perform Idolatry
'Qaddafi is Jewish and I'm His Cousin' newsletter: 11fx0304.txt
Shalit Negotiations to be Discussed in Hamas Talks in Damascus
Netanyahu to Unveil Israeli Pace Plan: Says Binational State would be Disaster
Memoir of Hamas Leader's Son who Spied for Israel Goes Online newsletter: 11fx0307.txt
Iran: Bill to Ban Pet Dogs
Palin Says 'No!' on Cutting US Aid to Israel
The Muslim Brotherhood
Charlie Sheen: I'm Jewish newsletter: 11fx0308.txt
Kissinger: Time to Free Pollard
Egypt's New Foreign Minister Would Open Border with Gaza
US Jews Oppose Circumcision Ban newsletter: 11fx0309.txt
Arab Students Demonstrate At Haifa U Against Qaddafi
Netanyahu: Israel Wants Partial West Bank Control in Peace Deal
WND Exclusive: Hizbullah Preparing Plans to Invade Israel
Syrian Pilots Flying Libyan Warplanes, Rebels Charge newsletter: 11fx0310.txt
PA Rejects Compromise on Jordan Valley Sovereignty
British TV Mini-Series `Demonizes Israel'
PA TV: Jews Aren't Hook-Nosed Cowards, But...
Israel sends Dana International back to Eurovision newsletter: 11fx0311.txt
McCain: Release Pollard
Israel Looks to Surrender Control of Strategic Land
Poll: Jews Want to Keep the Jordan Valley newsletter: 11fx0314.txt
Three Year Old Stabbed in the Heart, Baby's Throat Slashed
Jewish Federation Opens Emergency Relief Fund for Japan Victims
Facebook Page Calls for 3rd Intifada newsletter: 11fx0315.txt
Shabbat Elevator Law Passes
Itamar Massacre Fails to Change Obama's Anti-Settlement Policy
Israel and Tsunamis: 13 in 2,500 Years newsletter: 11fx0316.txt
Saudi Suicide Rate Soars
Thousands of Palestinians Rally for Political Unity
Israel Seizes Arms-Smuggling Ship newsletter: 11fx0317.txt
Glenn Beck on Itamar Butchery
IDF, Settlers Save Arab Baby
Israeli Warplanes Hit Gaza Security Compound
Jewish Community Rushes Aid to Japan
Melman: Time to Replace Dimona Reactor
Jihadi Cosmo to Give Beauty Tips, Bombing Advice newsletter: 11fx0318.txt
Missing Soldier's Mother Dies, Still Not Knowing
Netanyahu Reconsidering Nuclear Power Plans
Public Megillah Reading at UN Iranian Mission
U.S. Airline Apologizes for Alerting Security Over Jews Using Tefillin on Flight
Einstein's Archive to go Online newsletter: 11fx0321.txt
Holocaust Surviving Megillah at Yad Vashem
Israel Strikes Gaza after Massive Mortar Barrage on South
Israel Celebrates Purim 5771
Helen Thomas: A Modern-Day Haman? newsletter: 11fx0322.txt
Court Orders Hadassah to Pay Terror Victim NIS 2.5M
Hamas Offers 'Ceasefire' After Death Threat and Air Strike
Netanyahu: We Can't Have Another Iran in the Middle East
Israel Handing Over Jerusalem Compound to Russia newsletter: 11fx0323.txt
'Iranians Use Israeli IDs'
Grad Rocket Explodes Near Ashdod
Iran Ordered Purim Attack on Israeli Civilians
Former President Moshe Katsav Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Rape.
IDF to Track Foreign Anti-Israel Groups newsletter: 11fx0324.txt
Islamic Jihad, Hizbullah Praise Attack in Jerusalem
Israel Under Attack: Bus Bomb, Rockets and Mortars Target Israel Civilians newsletter: 11fx0325.txt
Putin Identifies with Israel
Israel Strikes Gaza Targets Following Palestinian Rocket Fire
Space-Age Domes Could Protect Cities from Missiles -and Fallout
Demjanjuk's Prosecutors Seek 6-Year Sentence
E.T. in a Pita? newsletter: 11fx0328.txt
Facebook: `Intifada Nonviolent'
Israel Deploys Anti-Rocket System Near Gaza
Qatar Seizes Iranian Boats Carrying Weapons newsletter: 11fx0329.txt
IDF Clinic in Japan Commences Work
Earthquake Report Designed to Scare; Is It Working?
Knesset Debates: Bill to End `Five-Star' Hotel for Terrorists
Bank Leumi to Pay NIS 130 Million to Heirs of Holocaust Victims
Book: Ghandi Left His Wife for Jewish Bodybuilder newsletter: 11fx0330.txt
A Small Miracle: 'British Muslims for Israel'
Israel, PA Discuss Man-Made Gaza Island for Air and Seaports
Declare a Second Jewish State
Israelis Visit Iraq; Terror Bureau Warns Them Not To
Knesset Passes Law Stripping Traitors of Citizenship
Protests Force Facebook to Pull Down Inciting `Intifada' Page newsletter: 11fx0331.txt
IDF Team Treats Homeless Baby Japanese Girl
Israel Considering Annexing West Bank Settlements
IAF Kills Rocket Terrorist after Kassam Launch
Assad: Israel, Foreign Media to Blame for Unrest
Israel Releases Map Detailing Hundreds of Hizbullah Sites in Lebanon
Huckabee: Natalie Portman Totally Deserved Her Oscar
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