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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 11fx0103.txt
Hamas Planned Rocket Attack on Jerusalem Soccer Game
WikiLeaks Quotes IDF Chief: Iran Could Hit Israel Within 12 Minutes
Netanyahu Offers Non-Stop Peace Talks
U.S. Homeland Security Secretary to be Briefed on Israeli Security Procedures
Ashkelon Rally Targets Arabs That 'Seduce Girls' newsletter: 11fx0104.txt
Egyptian Lawyers Accuse Israel of Attack on Christians
Israel Extends Ban on PA Attempts to `Marry into Israel'
Israel's Shame, Israel's Pride
Tower of Babel's Ruins Waiting for Archaeologists newsletter: 11fx0105.txt
Vendyl Jones Buried in Israel
Iran Vows to Boost Missile Arsenal
Netanyahu Asks Obama to Pardon Pollard
Muslim School in Jerusalem Teaches Children to Seek Death
Superman (Created by Jews) to Join Muslim Superhero Crew
Vulture in Saudi Custody Suspected as Being a Mossad Agent newsletter: 11fx0106.txt
U.S.Pollard Prosecutor: Netanyahu's Request is a Joke
WikiLeaks: Israeli Blockade Aimed to Weaken Gaza Economy
Israel Asks U.S. to Ban Turkish Charity Behind Gaza Flotilla
Chabad in Israel: New Branding, Same Mission
UK's Thatcher Found Begin 'Difficult' newsletter: 11fx0107.txt
WikiLeaks: 'Bribes' Demanded of US Companies at Karni
Iran Accuses Israel of Killing Nuclear Scientists
Israeli Court Approves Gender Segregated Buses
Religious Professor Unfazed By Teeth Said To Be 400,000 Years Old
When the Messiah Comes… newsletter: 11fx0110.txt
Germany Knew Eichmann's Whereabouts Since 1952
Iranian Threats of Revenge for Mordechai's 'Purim Massacre'
Cyber Victory in Iran newsletter: 11fx0111.txt
Iran Universities Adopt Islamic Dress Code
Netanyahu Defends East Jerusalem Settlement
Alleged Spy Confesses: Iran Penetrates the Mossad
UN Will Help Set Israel-Lebanon Sea Borders
Netanyahu Nets $50K, Barely
US-Wide "Call for Clemency" Pollard Campaign Launched newsletter: 11fx0112.txt
Israeli Strike Kills Top Gaza Terrorist
Netanyahu: Only 'Credible' Military Threat Led by U.S. Can Stop Nuclear Iran
Melanie Phillips: Israeli Public Diplomacy is a Joke
1 Plus 1 On 1/11/11 newsletter: 11fx0113.txt
Huckabee Leads in First GOP State Nominations for President
Drama in Lebanon: Hizbullah Leaves Coalition, Topples Government
IDF: 'Hundreds of Civilian Deaths in Next War'
Rabbi: 'Gentile Sperm Leads to Barbaric Offspring'
Saudis Discover Captive Vulture is Not a Mossad Spy newsletter: 11fx0114.txt
Nasrallah: There Will Be No Civil War
Israel Warns Hizbullah Against Any Spillover of Violence from Lebanese Crisis
Author Advocates US-Iranian Alliance
Arab Symphony Boots IDF Soldiers in Haifa newsletter: 11fx0117.txt
Iran Promised an Atom Bomb to Hizbullah
Report: Israel Tested Iran-Bound Stuxnet Worm in Dimona Nuclear Plant
WikiLeaks: Iran Developing Nuclear Bomb with Help of 30+ Nations
Report: Israel Tried to Abduct Eichmann 11 Years Before His Capture
21 Israelis Rescued, Tunisia's Jews Safe in Djerba
Israeli Navy Readies for its New Submarines newsletter: 11fx0118.txt
Pollard's Father Hopes to Be Alive for Son's Release
Israeli Defense Minister Barak Quits Labor Party
Weird Logic
Job Offer: Subversive
LatmaTV: Suicide Terrorists Join Human Rights Movement newsletter: 11fx0119.txt
Tel Aviv Mayor's Bike Stolen
PLO Raises Flag over Washington
Future of Tunisian Jews in Doubt
Society of Journalists Retire Helen Thomas Award
Jerusalem in the Future newsletter: 11fx0120.txt
Yad Vashem Launching YouTube Channel for Iranians
WikiLeaks: U.S. Told Diplomats to Gather Intelligence on Israel, PA
Hamas Denies Presence of al-Qaida Activists in Gaza
Neo-Nazi Group Posts Italian 'Influential Jews' List on Website
PA TV: 'The Rifle is Our Brother' newsletter: 11fx0121.txt
Yad Vashem Opens Facebook Wall of Holocaust Victims
Iran: Military Strike Would Not Stop our Nuclear Program
First Lady Sonia Peres Passes Away
Israelis are Warned to Prepare for Earthquake newsletter: 11fx0124.txt
Poll: Religious Sector Thinks Knesset Not Jewish Enough
Two Decades of Secret Israeli-Palestinian Accords Leaked to Media
Israeli Inquiry Clears Military in Raid on Gaza-bound Aid Flotilla
Iran: Warships to Sail to Mediterranean
U.S. Think Tank: 'The Impossible is Achievable' in Negotiations
Man Charged for Trying to Kill Terrorist who Stabbed his Wife
Fatah Gov't Charges Reporter for Insulting Abbas on Facebook newsletter: 11fx0125.txt
Palestinian Leaders Dispute Leaked Papers
IAF: Samson will Replace the Rhino newsletter: 11fx0126.txt
Tel Aviv Residents Protest Outside Barak's Home
Al Jazeera Leaks More 'Palestine Papers'
IDF Military Intelligence Chief: Iran Could Have Nukes Within Two Years
Nazi 'Butcher of Lyon' was German Agent in 1960s newsletter: 11fx0127.txt
Report: Mubarak's Wife, Son Flee to London amid Protests
Analysis: Western Naval Fleets Heading to Lebanon
Four Palestinians Arrested for Murder of US Tourist
Hitler's Last Bodyguard Gives Up on Fan Mail at 93
Are You Seeking Holocaust Documentation? Google It
Experience the Warsaw Ghetto newsletter: 11fx0128.txt
Rand Paul: End Aid to Israel
U.S. Proposed Resettling 'Palestinians' in South America
Abbas Grants $2,000 to Family of Dead Terrorist
Israel Remembers Holocaust Victims
Israel Conducts Massive Controlled Blast
One Quarter of Israel's Population to be Muslim by 2030 newsletter: 11fx0131.txt
Iran 'Satisfied' With Events in Egypt
Israel Fears Egyptian Unrest Could Jeopardize Peace Treaty
Bedouin Man Shoots Sister over Facebook Pictures
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