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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 10fx1201.txt
Navy Chief Hints: Secret Ops Against Iran-Led 'Axis of Evil'
WikiLeaks: Arabs Admit Iranian Threat Not Linked to PA Demands
Kahane was Right? Most Jews Think It's OK to Prod Arabs to Go newsletter: 10fx1202.txt
Cartoon Explains Obama's Israeli Policy
WikiLeaks: Israel Cautioned U.S. Not to Arm Arabs Against Iran
WikiLeaks: Pakistan Tipped Off Israel on Terror Threats in India
Knesset to Decide on Allowing Israelis Abroad to Vote newsletter: 10fx1203.txt
40 Confirmed Dead in Fire, Most Were on Prisons Service Bus, 15,000 Evacuated from Haifa Area newsletter: 10fx1206.txt
Maccabeats Rock Chanukah with New Music Video
Israel Foresees End to Deadly Forest Fire; Press Low-Key on Wave of Arson by Israel's Arabs
Who Was Irena Sendler?
Chanukah. . . Hannuka. . . Hahfuhgedit! newsletter: 10fx1207.txt
Dicaprio May Convert to Judaism
Argentina, Uruguay Recognize PA as a State
Boy, 14, Admits to Accidentally Starting Massive Wildfire
WikiLeaks: Israel Weapons Manufacturer Listed on Site as Vital to U.S. Interests
Pollard's Ex-Wife Brought to Israel in Grave Physical Condition
Bias in the Media
Global Interest in Eilat Rail Project
Egyptian Official Blames Mossad for Sinai Shark Attacks newsletter: 10fx1208.txt
U.S. Ends Push to Renew Israeli Freeze on Settlements
A Dangerous Silence
Report: Hizbullah Missiles Can Reach Tel Aviv
Israeli Flags to be Made in Israel newsletter: 10fx1209.txt
Hamas Video Calls for Allah to 'Kill Christians & Jews'
Washington Settlements Decision a Sign of Hope for Israelis, Despair for Palestinians
PA Jails Atheist 'For His Own Good' newsletter: 10fx1210.txt
Negev Official: Media Not Reporting Gaza Attacks
Abbas Lays Groundwork for Unilateral Declaration of PA State
Abbas: No Direct Peace Talks with Israel Until Settlement Construction Stops
Poll: Half of Israeli Jews Hold Negative View of Obama newsletter: 10fx1213.txt
Heavy Air Pollution Worry Following Dust Storm
Clinton Policy Speech Not Well Received in Middle East
WikiLeaks: Italy PM said 'Not Even Obama Can Stop Israeli Attack on Iran'
WikiLeaks: Syria Told Iran 'We're Too Weak' to Help You Fight Israel
Ahmadinejad Invites Jordan's King to Visit Iran
Nixon-Kissinger Tapes: `So What if Soviets Gas Jews'
Mormon/Jewish Controversy: The Problem That Won't Go Away newsletter: 10fx1214.txt
WikiLeaks: Australia Against Israeli Strike on Iran Nukes
Netanyahu to Mitchell: I'm Ready to Discuss All Essential Mideast Issues
150 Sudanese Voluntarily Leave Israel to Go Home
Hamas Reiterates 'All of Palestine' Claim
Ahmadinejad Accuses Israel of Genocide
Poll: 85% of Israeli Seculars Cheat on Partners newsletter: 10fx1215.txt
Efforts to Bring Iran's `Wealthy Jewish Hostages' to Israel
EU Affirms Readiness to Recognize a Palestinian State
US Envoy Meets Palestinian President
Hamas Rally Celebrates 23rd Anniversary
Russia Decides to Search for Sodom and Gomorrah-in Jordan newsletter: 10fx1216.txt
Israeli Flag Flies at Dubai Sports Complex
Israeli Arabs: No Compromise on 'Right of Return'
Arab Traffickers Raping Africans in Sinai
Austria: Judge Rules That Yodeling Offends Muslims
Holocaust Video Game Deemed `Horrific'
Revenge on the Nazis newsletter: 10fx1217.txt
Nasrallah: Throw the Jews Out
Israel Shoots Down 'Suspicious Flying Object' Near Dimona Nuclear Reactor
Fayyad: PA Won't Declare State Unilaterally
ADL Director: Nixon Was a Bigot, But a Practical Supporter of Israel newsletter: 10fx1220.txt
Fayyad: 'PA State on Track for August 2011'
American Tourist Found Fatally Stabbed in Israel
Israeli Device to Detect Terrorists, Even Unarmed
YouTube Bans PA-Watchdog Group, Cites 'Hate Speech'
Bolton Eyes White House in 2012
Anti-Israel Ads to Appear on Seattle Buses newsletter: 10fx1221.txt
Groom Who Got Cold Feet to Pay NIS 18,000
WikiLeaks: Netanyahu's Patience with Abbas has 'Run Out'
Netanyahu Wants 24 Hours to Decide on Public Pollard Plea
Public Pressure Works: YouTube Allows PA Watchdog newsletter: 10fx1222.txt
Missionary Victim of Arab Terror to be Buried in US
Netanyahu to Press Obama to Free Pollard
Islamic Society of North America 'Recommends' Gaza Youth visit Holocaust Museum
Yad VaShem: Two-Thirds of Holocaust Victims Identified newsletter: 10fx1223.txt
Al-Qaeda in Gaza Complains That Hamas Doesn't Let Them Fire Rockets
PA: Hamas Plans 'Civil War' in Judea, Samaria
Israel, Palestinians Gear Up for Christmas in Bethlehem
Al Jazeera Interviewee: Jews Used Witchcraft on Him newsletter: 10fx1224.txt
Pollard Request to be Sent Next Week
WikiLeaks to Release Israel Cables
Plan to Use Christmas, New Year to Bring the Messiah newsletter: 10fx1227.txt
Kissinger Apologizes for 'Gas Chambers' Remark
Israel Refuses to Apologize for Attack on Turkish Ship
Jewish Groups Call Durban III Boycott; Israel Won't Attend
Hamas Threatens to Escalate Attacks Against Israel
Palestinians Send Christmas Greetings to Christian Community
PA Claims Jesus was First Shaheed (Martyr), Mary a Palestinian newsletter: 10fx1228.txt
PA Lightens Ban on Working in Settlements
Gazans Hold Protests on 2nd Anniversary of Israeli Offensive
Little to Cheer in First Two Years of Obama's Middle East Policy
Noahide Archaeologist Vendyl Jones Dies
Schindler's Original List to be Sold newsletter: 10fx1229.txt
Gangsta-Rapper Now Represents the Jewish People
Iran Hangs One of Seven Suspected Spies for Israel
WikiLeaks: U.S. Declined to Cooperate in Dubai Probe of Mabhouh Killing,
'Kill a Jew - Live Like a King' in an Israeli Prison
70,000 Fake Viagra Pills Uncovered by Israeli Customs newsletter: 10fx1230.txt
PA Drafting Statehood Declaration for United Nations
Israel: Iran Three Years Away From Nuclear Bomb
New Natural Gas Reserve Discovered in Israel
Creeping Sharia newsletter: 10fx1231.txt
2010 Israeli Population is 7,695,000
1980 UK Cable: Israel Ready to Use Nuke
Accused Egyptian Spy Says Israel Paid Syrian Agent for Nuclear Plan Details
Former Israeli President Convicted of Rape
Iran: 'Harry Potter a Zionist Plot to Promote Devil Worship'
The iKotel: Bringing the Western Wall to the iPhone
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