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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 10fx1101.txt
UNESCO: Rachel's Tomb is a Mosque
Israel Warns of Escalating Terror After Mail-Bomb Plot
Police Arrest Baraks' Illegal Worker
Israel to Simulate Plane Crash
Jesus Lives on in Jerusalem newsletter: 10fx1102.txt
Israel: Selling S-300 to Venezuela = Selling to Iran
New PA Libel: Alleged Israeli `Torture Treatment'
Obama 'To Turn on Israel after Midterm Elections'
US Proposal: Israel to Lease Jordan Valley from PA
Wide Support for Banning `Made in China' Israeli Flags
Late Kabbalist, Jewish Organization Team Up To Promote Aliyah newsletter: 10fx1103.txt
Ramallah Gets Five-Star Luxury Hotel
Palestinian PM Stakes Claim for East Jerusalem
Four of Five Jews: Arabs Would Destroy Israel if They Could
Olmert: Terror's Origin is Islam
Israelis Bring Video Chat to Facebook newsletter: 10fx1104.txt
TA University Prof. Develops Explosives Sensor
Al-Qaida Threatens Christians in Middle East
Former Iranian Revolutionary Guard: Iran Will Bomb Israel
Israelis, Palestinians Assess US Election Impact
PA Angered by Israeli Keffiyeh newsletter: 10fx1105.txt
Negev Missionary Leader Convicted of Attacking Jew
Netanyahu to Meet with Clinton
Hamas: Peace Talks with Israel are Dividing the Palestinian People
New Book Claims 'Pianist' Collaborated with Nazis newsletter: 10fx1108.txt
German-Jewish WWI Soldiers Remembered
Netanyahu Tells Biden: Only Military Threat Can Stop Iran
PA Threatens to Derail Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Train Route
Arab Knesset Member Counsels PA on Taking Advantage of Israel
Arabs Stone Israel Ambulances Trying to Save Arab Boy
Latma Satire: Rachel's Tomb - and Congress - are Mosques
New Mall Planned for Gaza newsletter: 10fx1109.txt
Kristallnacht Anniversary to be Observed at Yad Vashem
Netanyahu: Nuclear-Armed Iran is Greatest Danger Facing Israel
US Swerves from Backing Israel's Call to Target Iran
Report: Failed Al Qaeda Plot Involving Sewing Bombs Inside Dogs newsletter: 10fx1110.txt
Is Israel Entering a Real Estate Bubble?
Netanyahu: Jerusalem is Not a Settlement
Guardian: Bush Ordered Pentagon to 'Study' for Attack on Iran
Web 2.0 for the Nationalist Camp newsletter: 10fx1111.txt
Comatose Sharon Goes Home
US Announces Additional Palestinian Aid
IAF Pilot, Navigator Feared Dead After F-16 Crashes in Negev
Nasrallah Provokes Iran: No Such Thing as Persian Civilization
Military Rabbinate Presents a Shabbat-Adapted Touch Screen
Poll: PA Arabs Want Palestine to Replace Israel newsletter: 10fx1112.txt
Lieberman: Golan Won't be Given Up
Clinton, Netanyahu Meet Amid Settlement Tensions
Hamas: 96-Year-Old Jews May Live in Gaza
Rabbi Eliyahu: Islam is 'Zionist,' It Promises Israel to Jews
Yesha Council Cartoon Tells Obama: Don't Play God
Kabala Gathering Transcends Religious Boundaries newsletter: 10fx1115.txt
YouTube to Take Action on Terrorist Videos
Iran Ends Athlete's Career for Standing Next to Israeli
Israeli Cabinet Considers Extension of Settlement Moratorium
8,000 Ethiopians Will Immigrate to Israel
Jewish Surgeon Walks Out on Nazi Patient
Peres: Some Land Must be Ceded
Report: CIA Created 'Safe Haven' for Nazis Following WWII newsletter: 10fx1116.txt
Turkish President: 'Jews Pray for Me'
IDF Chief: Hizbullah May be Planning Lebanon Coup d'Etat
Hamas Admires Obama
Palin: Jerusalem is Israel's Capital – Not a Settlement newsletter: 10fx1117.txt
3 Million Visit Israel in 2010
Israel Demands Written US Guarantees Before Freeze
IDF's Combat Soldiers to Carry Cameras, Not Just Guns newsletter: 10fx1118.txt
Hamas Newspaper Says Shalit Celebrated Muslim Holiday
Top US, Israeli Military Leaders Meet Amid Iran Controversy
Hate Crimes
Google Chooses Israel for YouTube Marketing Trial newsletter: 10fx1119.txt
Poll: Only 40% Support New Freeze
US State Dept: Israel Similar to Iran, Iraq and Sudan
In a Hebrew Message, Al Qaida-Linked Group Threatens Revenge on Israel newsletter: 10fx1122.txt
Fear, Mistrust in Gaza as Hamas Hunts 'Collaborators'
Opposition Mounts to US Plan for Israeli Settlement Freeze
IDF Soldiers Demoted After Being Convicted of Gaza War Misconduct
Majority of PA Arabs See Two States as 'Temporary Solution'
Outgoing Military Intelligence Chief: In Next War, Tel Aviv is Front Line newsletter: 10fx1123.txt
Arab Princess to Undergo Heart Surgery in Israel
Knesset Passes Bill Conditioning Land Concessions with Popular Referendums
British Muslim Schools Teach Saudi Hatred of Jews and Israelis
PA Declares Western Wall Was Not Jewish' until 16th Century CE
Jewish Leaders Dismayed by Benedict's Defense of Nazi-Era Pope
Poll: Israeli Jews Still Don't Forgive Germany for the Holocaust newsletter: 10fx1124.txt
Arabs Throw Firebomb at IDF Soldiers
Palestinians, Syria Criticize Israeli Land Bill
Expert: Behavioral Profiling Could Help US Travelers
`US-Trained Armed Forces Turning PA into Police State' newsletter: 10fx1125.txt
Report: Clinton and Obama Pulled 'Bait and Switch' on Netanyahu
Ground Zero Mosque Developer Seeks US Government Funds
Israel Backs Off Iran, Temporarily
Israel Sends Aid to Cholera-Stricken Haiti newsletter: 10fx1129.txt
WikiLeaks: Mubarak Says Netanyahu is 'Charming'
WikiLeaks: Israel Tried to Coordinate Gaza War with Abbas
WikiLeaks: U.S. Diplomatic Files Compare Ahmadinejad to Hitler
Netanyahu Angered by Palestinian Report on Western Wall
Multiple Death Threats Target Chabad Rabbi in Arad
Israeli Firms See a Global Market for Their Anti-Terrorism Knowledge
G-dcast Website Brings Chanukah to Life newsletter: 10fx1130.txt
Bolton May Run for President
WikiLeaks: Documents Show Livni Doubted Fatah as Peace Partner
Iran Blames Israel, US in Death of Nuclear Scientist
Secular Tel Aviv's Very Own 'Messiah'
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