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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 10fx1001.txt
White House Denies Letter to Netanyahu
New York Times Links Iran Worm to Bible
Obama Pressed to Weigh an Iran Strike
Being Gay in Iran newsletter: 10fx1004.txt
A Just Way to Deal with Those That Have Plans to Harm Jews
IDF: We Can Identify and Intercept Unconventional Weapons
Ahmadinejad Calls for U.S. Leaders to be 'Buried'
Coding of Virus Attacking Iran May Refer to Queen Esther
Hundreds May Have to Undergo Circumcision Corrections newsletter: 10fx1005.txt
Berlusconi Hit for Holocaust Humor
Experts: Israel's Cyber-Defense Can Stop Stuxnet Worm
Palestinians Accuse Jewish Settlers of Torching West Bank Mosque
Israel Orders Pro-Palestinian Nobel Laureate Deported
Schwarzenegger Vetoes `Holocaust' Bill
Is it Kosher to Have Sex with Israel's Enemies? newsletter: 10fx1006.txt
Arens: Israel Can Say `No' to Obama
CBS Poll: Israel Can't Count on US Public If Iran Attacks
IDF Worried by Possible 'Peace Talk' Terror Spike
Livni at Harvard: Conflict with Iran Unsolvable newsletter: 10fx1007.txt
Hamas Threatens Retaliation Against PA
Netanyahu to Introduce Amendment to Citizenship Act
'Dancing Soldier' Faces Threats, Lawsuit
Jewish Couple Booted from Cruise Ship newsletter: 10fx1008.txt
Gaza Missile Fire Reaches 19-Month High
U.S.: We Want to See Entire Mideast Support Direct Peace Talks
Jewish Repairman Escapes Near-Lynch in Jerusalem
Did Israel Ever Consider Using Nuclear Weapons? newsletter: 10fx1011.txt
Netanyahu: Don't Lecture Us on Democracy
Israeli Cabinet Approves Controversial Citizen Loyalty Oath
As Talks Failure Looms, Obama's Trip to Israel a Matter of Timing
Latma TV: 'Obama's Underwater Fantasy'
Missionary Convicted of Striking Jewish Man
Israeli Orchestra to Play Music of Wagner, Hitler's Favorite newsletter: 10fx1012.txt
Latma to Produce Pilot Program for Channel One
Palestinians Reject Israel's Offer on Settlement Freeze
PA Arabs, Jews Join Forces; Call to Obama to 'Leave Us in Peace'
Official: Arab Christians Face Political Islam Threat
Iran to `Prove' US Provides Israel with Nuclear Arms
PA TV: Prizes for Ignoring Israel
14-Year-Old Sues to be Israel's Youngest Rabbi newsletter: 10fx1013.txt
EU Urges Equality in Israel
Poll: America Supports Israel, Rejects Obama's Policies
U.S. Backs Netanyahu: Israel is Jewish State
Papal Session on Muslim Terror Starts by Blasting Israelis newsletter: 10fx1014.txt
Most US Jews Support Military Strike on Iran
Ahmadinejad Addresses Hizbullah Rally in Lebanon
Helen Thomas Blames Israel in New Interview
Polish Jews Find Their Roots newsletter: 10fx1015.txt
Nazi Collaborator Hits Nazi Hunter with Libel Charges
European Jewish Congress: 'Jews in Europe Entering a Dark Period'
IAF Adding Third 'Arrow' Missile Defense Battery
Report: Ahmadinejad Meets with Nasrallah at Iran's Beirut Embassy newsletter: 10fx1018.txt
Senior Fatah Member: Adopt 1947 Borders
NIF-Linked Group Blames Israel for Leukemia in Gaza
Israel Builds World's Largest Underground Hospital
Interview: 'A Citizenship Law for Jews Around the World'
Customer Slits Teller's Throat in Be'er Sheva Bank newsletter: 10fx1019.txt
US to China: Stop Helping Iran Develop Nukes
Netanyahu Agrees to Amend Loyalty Oath
Netanyahu: Gaza Terrorists Could Fire Missiles at Airliners
Algerian Newspaper Claims Torah Scroll Includes Name of Mohammed newsletter: 10fx1020.txt
Plane Collision Narrowly Averted
Survey Indicates Large Oil Field Buried Under Negev Sands
Oren: No One will Dictate Israel's Borders
Report: Cuban Pilots Helped 150,000 Jews Flee to Israel in 1950s
Israel Invites Chilean Miners for a 'Spiritual' Christmas
IDF to Block Facebook, Gmail to Prevent 'Gifts for Hamas'
Dead Sea Scrolls Go Public and Digital newsletter: 10fx1021.txt
Israeli Comedy Troupe `Ha Ha Fuch; Jokes About Aliyah
U.S. Announces $60b Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia
Former Arab Terrorist Poses as Tour Guide in Jerusalem's Old City
Tens of Thousands in Be'er Sheva Go Without Running Water for Hours newsletter: 10fx1022.txt
Poll: 49% of Palestinians Would Recognize Jewish State
Peres: Mideast Peace Can Help U.S. Battle Iran Threat
Clinton Reaffirms US Commitment to Middle East Solution
UAE Court: Wife-Beating OK, But Not 'Too Much' newsletter: 10fx1025.txt
Syria Threatens Israel with Destruction
IDF Rehearses for When U.S.-Trained PA Forces Turn On Israel
Tony Blair's Mishpocheh Converts to Islam After 'Holy Experience'
Catholic Cleric: Jesus Canceled Biblical `Chosen People' newsletter: 10fx1026.txt
Plans to Impose TV Tax on Computer Owners
Lieberman Orders 'Day After' Plans for Tackling Nuclear Iran
Palestinians Reject Israel's Offer on Settlement Freeze
Hamas Minister: We'll Occupy Haifa, Akko
Singing and Guitars at Shlomo Carlebach's Gravesite
MK Kara: Druze are Descended from Jews newsletter: 10fx1027.txt
Jewish Comedian Easily Beats Obama as 'Most Influential'
Netanyahu Praises Israeli Troops That Raided Gaza-Bound Flotilla
ALS (Lou Gehrig Disease) Drug Trial to Begin in Israel
ZOA Condemns Oscar to Anti-Semite Who Called Israel 'Cancer'
Shin Bet Supports Revoking Citizenship of Israelis Convicted of Terror newsletter: 10fx1028.txt
Israel to Pay African Nations to Take Illegal Aliens?
Israeli Nationalists March on Arab Town
Ancient Tzfat 'Fighting a War Against Saudi Money'
Education Ministry Dumps Program to Certify U.S. Olim Teachers newsletter: 10fx1029.txt
IsraAid Team Heads to Haiti as Cholera Outbreak Looms
Netanyahu: Settlement Building Won't Affect Final Status Peace Deal
IDF: Only 60% of Israelis Will Be Equipped with Gas Masks
Most Popular British Name: Mohammed
Netanyahu's Million Dollar Car
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