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US to China: Stop Helping Iran Develop Nukes


The Washington Post reports that the United States believes that Chinese companies are helping Iran in its efforts to produce nuclear weapons and improve its missile systems.

A senior administration official told the newspaper that Washington has asked Beijing to stop helping Iran's nuclear program. The request was made by a delegation of US State Department officials visiting China.

Netanyahu Agrees to Amend Loyalty Oath


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has agreed to amend the proposed bill that would require new citizens to pledge loyalty to a "Jewish and democratic State of Israel." While the bill approved by the cabinet last week only requires non-Jews to swear loyalty upon receiving citizenship, the amended bill would require Jews who become citizens to recite the pledge, too.

The Prime Minister has asked Justice Minister Ya'akov Ne'eman to prepare a new version of the bill that would include Jews. Ne'eman had come out in favor of this change in the cabinet meeting last Sunday, but the cabinet did not immediately accept his proposal and voted in favor of the previous version, that exempted Jews from the oath.

Jewish people gain automatic citizenship in Israel, based on the Law of Return. Israel was established as a Jewish State after nearly 2,000 years in which the Jews were stateless. Therefore, citizenship of the new state was based on Jewish identity, but eligibility for the Law of Return was not limited to those who were Jewish halakhically, as established by the Jewish religion. Judaism is defined as both a religion and nationality.

Some analysts said that Netanyahu made the decision to change the bill after the original measure came under criticism within Israel and outside it. Netanyahu's bureau denied this, however, and explained that he had favored Ne'eman's proposal from the get-go.

Thousands of Arabs and leftists marched against the original bill in Tel Aviv Saturday night and called it racist. However, not just left-wingers and Arabs opposed the bill. MK Michael Ben-Ari, who is among the Knesset's most right-wing members, also opined that Jews should be required to take the oath. The march in Tel Aviv only proved this point, he said: "Today they march against the loyalty oath and tomorrow they will march against the national anthem and call it racist."

Netanyahu: Gaza Terrorists Could Fire Missiles at Airliners


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned Monday afternoon that terrorists could fire anti-aircraft missiles at airliners arriving in Israel, if their flight path came close to Gaza.

Netanyahu told Likud party members at a special meeting that he was reluctant to agree to any final status deal with the Palestinian Authority that did not include firm security arrangements. "Today we are experiencing difficulty flying close to Gaza, since [the terrorists] possess anti-aircraft missiles," the prime minister explained during the meeting.

"Imagine if there were no security arrangements, and there would be missiles that could bring down an aircraft while it is en route to Ben Gurion International Airport. We need to find a long-term solution," he said.

Netanyahu also remarked on an interview with Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, broadcast Sunday on Israel's Channel One television, and the irony of such a conversation being held in such close proximity, through the media, while it is so difficult to arrange a similar conversation between the two leaders directly.

"I would rather talk to him face to face," the prime minister commented. "The interview took place seven minutes from here. In order to reach an agreement, we must overcome artificial barriers."

One such barrier, he added, is the conflict over Jewish construction in Judea, Samaria, and the parts of Jerusalem the PA insists on claiming for the new country it hopes to create.

"The debate on construction is simply an artificial obstacle," Netanyahu said. "Even the Palestinians say the construction is not significant, and barely has any effect on a final status map. I say it has no impact at all. If the Palestinians want to continue the conflict, they can find a way. But if they want to solve it, I have solutions."

First and foremost, however, said Netanyahu, the PA must be willing to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. "Not just a statement that they are willing to recognize this at the end of the conflict, but recognition of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people," he said.

What matters is the PA's willingness to resolve the conflict, he added. "If they are willing, the conflict will be resolved... I hope the Palestinians make the right choice … because this will be good for us, and good for them."

Algerian Newspaper Claims Torah Scroll Includes Name of Mohammed


A new Muslim claim surpasses all boundaries: an Algerian paper reports that an old Torah scroll found near Temple Mount includes the name of Mohammed. However, the reporter apparently has mixed up his understanding of "scrolls" and Hebrew adjectives.

This latest claim, reported in the Algerian Al Nahar newspaper by Ahmed Ibrahem Buray, alleges that "the political circles, religious groups in Israel were shaken last week over the impact of the discovery of the largest known history of the Jews fraught with distortions in the Scriptures...and the fake people of God."

Buray wrote that the "Torah scroll" was found in a corner of the Old City near the Al Aqsa mosque, located on the Temple Mount where the Jewish Temples once stood. Buray added in Al Nahar, "The miracle of God came to frustrate their [the Jews'] opponents and their claims... The original copy of the Torah written in Hebrew - according to sources familiar with it - belongs to the second century AD, the oldest ever."

However, it turns out that Buray's supposed citing of the term "Mohammed" is not from the Torah, the Five Books of Moses, but is from the Song of Solomon, one of the five "scrolls" in the section of the Bible commonly referred to as "Writings," and is actually the corruption of a Hebrew adjective. The other four "scrolls" are the Scrolls of Esther, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes and Ruth.

Buray's claim duplicates another report he filed several weeks ago that a documentary film in Britain confirms scientific proof that Mohammed's name appears in the Hebrew adjective "makhmad," meaning "lovely" or "delightful." This adjective appears in the Song of Songs and in later Jewish poetry, and the name Mohammed may be based on it.

Undaunted by the Hebrew phrase, he explained that the "distorted" Hebrew version is from the eighth century and that it replaced the name "Mohammed" with "makhmad."

Buray also reported that the scroll was discovered in excavations, was turned over to the Chief Rabbinate and that its authenticity was verified. He stated that three unidentified "rabbis" in San Francisco translated the scroll into Arabic.

His allegations follow Muslim allegations over the last several years that the "binding of Isaac," as described in the Torah, actually refers to Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Sarah's maidservant Hagar. The Arab world has followed this up with assertions that the First and Second Holy Temples never existed. They also claim that the Western Wall, the remaining outer wall surrounding the ancient Temple courtyard, really was a hitching post for the horse of the prophet Mohammed.

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