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Senior Fatah Member: Adopt 1947 Borders


Abbas Zaki, a member of the Fatah central committee, called on the Palestinian Authority Sunday to adopt United Nations Resolution 181, which recognizes Israel as a Jewish state under the 1947 borders, and called Israel's demand to be recognized as a Jewish state with the 1967 borders as invalid.

Zaki stressed that Fatah firmly opposes Israel as a Jewish state because it will lead to a religious war in the area and negation of the Arab claims that those who left when the modern Jewish state was established in 1948 have a right to return. In addition, he claimed that there was no chance of reaching a solution with the Israeli government which trampled on all the agreements.

NIF-Linked Group Blames Israel for Leukemia in Gaza


An international organization closely linked to the New Israel Fund (NIF) has blamed Israel for causing an increased incidence of leukemia in Gaza, while claiming that Hamas suffers from unfair discrimination and has the right to "self defense." The organization also characterized Israel as "bleating" about anti-Semitism and accused its soldiers of "merrily" shooting innocents.

The organization is the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), a 95-year old pacifist group that has a United Nations office and national sections in 37 countries, including Israel and "Palestine."

The Israel section of WILPF is a member of the NIF-sponsored umbrella group Women's Coalition for Peace. It has condemned Israel's Cast Lead operation and the Gaza flotilla raid, while stopping short of openly praising Hamas. However, a perusal of statements by other WILPF committees and sections shows them lavishing compliments on the genocidal terror group and attacking Israel in an especially crude way.

In its 2010 "Statement on Palestine," WILPF's Middle East Committee blames Cast Lead and the IDF closure of Gaza for terrible health problems: "Because of the war and the siege, Gaza has suffered health epidemics, including greatly increased birth defects and leukemia," it says. There is no reference to a study or any other source that backs up these claims.

In unabashed advocacy for Hamas, the report further states that "the U.S. unjustly calls Hamas 'terrorist' and thus requires the Palestinian Authority Police to arrest or otherwise persecute Hamas affiliates... Hamas is being badly discriminated against by the U.S. and Israel because of its religious beliefs."

"The problem is that the United States quite unjustly has kept Hamas on the terrorist list even though Hamas is very good at keeping the peace," the committee states. Elsewhere it says that "Hamas renounced terrorism in 2004, and is very good about renouncing violence in action not just in words through ceasefires, both unilateral and bilateral, as long as Israel does not violate them. However, it retains the right of self-defense."

The statements issued by the "Palestine" section of WILPF read like anti-Semitic screeds. In a June 3 statement following the Gaza flotilla events, the organization stated: "For over 50 years successive Israeli governments have been slaughtering Palestinians, confiscating their land, denying their identity, turning Palestinian lives into a patchwork quilt of raw struggle, and merrily adopting a policy and practice of 'shoot to kill' on sight."

Another statement by the "Palestine" section of WILPF is titled "Zion: Beyond the Pale." It accuses Israel of "the extra-judicial killings of men, women and children and the trauma of witnessing such acts as an Israeli soldier in full battle gear crouched on one knee his target a child, whose brains are scattered on a local rubbish heap."

Providing no sources for its accusations, it continues: "The shooting of infants, and young children, the abuse of them when used as human shield could happen on no other place on earth. This is Gaza: a population of 1.5 million people kept in formaldehyde," it states.

Israel Builds World's Largest Underground Hospital


A critical phase began last week in the construction of a massive underground hospital at the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa. The underground facility, built to withstand rocket attacks, will be the world's largest.

No concrete was poured in central or northern Israel for two days anywhere but at the construction site, due to the fact that all available equipment and workers had been hired to pour the roughly 7,000 cubic meters of concrete needed to make the hospital's base.

The hospital will serve as both a medical facility and a parking lot. At most times, the facility will provide space for 1,500 employees and visitors to park their cars. However, in case of emergency, the facility will quickly become a 2,000-bed hospital protected from both conventional rocket attacks and chemical or biological warfare.

The hospital will be able to generate its own power, and will store enough oxygen, water and medical equipment to get by for at least three days. Due to its location, the facility is not only underground, but is eight meters below sea level in a beachfront city. Special pumps have worked around the clock to move underground saltwater back to the sea, allowing builders to keep working.

Interview: 'A Citizenship Law for Jews Around the World'


A change in the citizenship law is welcome, if only because it makes clear – both to Jews and others – that Israel is a Jewish state, says Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed, Chief Rabbi of Beit El. But if the Knesset is changing laws, Melamed has what he says is a much better idea for legislation – a statute that would confer Israeli citizenship on Jews all around the world.

"Of course, such citizenship would require some action on the part of those accepting it – and it would be limited," Melamed told Israel National News. "Those accepting the citizenship would not necessarily have to live here, but they should visit Israel on a regular basis and work for the country when they return to their homes. And, they would not be able to receive all the benefits and rights Israeli citizens have, since they do not have the responsibilities of living in Israel."

Nevertheless, he said, granting such citizenship would be a positive thing, both for Jewish communities around the world and for Israel. "It would increase the connection between Jews and the State of Israel, and make clear to everyone that this is a Jewish state.

Customer Slits Teller's Throat in Be'er Sheva Bank


A bank teller at Mizrahi-Tefahot branch in Be'er Sheva was severely injured on Sunday after a costumer slit his throat with a box cutter. The attacker was arrested. The injured bank employee was transferred to Soroka hospital in Be'er Sheva in critical condition.

Be'er Sheva police reported that around 11:30 on Sunday, a 52-year-old man entered the bank. After a short while the man, a known customer at the bank, approached the teller and slit his throat with a box cutter. The attacker is held in custody and might be sent to psychiatric evaluation.

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